The Astrologer's Diary

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MAY 2019

Thursday 2nd

Relationships and astrological charts Chris Burgoyne looks at the main tool astrology uses to interpret relationships between individuals, with some great example charts. The basic techniques help us to look at what may be going on between individuals, or between an individual and anything that has an astrological chart. 7.30 to 9.30pm at 2 Wolseley Terrace Oriel Rd Cheltenham. Cost: £7/non-members, £5/members, £3/students. Aquarius Severn Astrology Group

Saturday 4th

NEW MOON 22:55 GMT 14°11 Taurus

Astrology and Tarot An all-day workshop with Sue Farebrother. Venue: Streetly Toby Carvery, Chester Road North, Sutton Coldfield,Birmingham B73 6SP. Time: 10.30am to start at 11.00am to 5.00pm. Cost: £35. For more information contact Gill on or visit our website Birmingham Astrology Group

Saturday 11th

William Lilly, astrologer, born OTD 1609(OS 1st May)

Wednesday 15th

Venus enters Taurus 09:46 GMT

15th - 22nd: Greek Island Summer School: Astrology and Magic With Elisabeth Brooke. Elizabeth is returning to Greece for the second year running. She is a Herbalist and Astrologer with forty years of experience in both fields, has taught classes and workshops worldwide and has a private practice in London. She has written the best selling A Woman's Book of Herbs (The Women's Press, 1992) and five other books, including her new work Traditional Herbal Western Medicine (January 2019), and A Woman's Book of Shadows which is all about magic and which is being reissued in April. Places still available. Greek Island Summer School Or email: Joanna Watters

Thursday 16th

Mars enters Cancer 03:09 GMT

Saturday 18th

FULL MOON 21:11 GMT 27°39 Scorpio

Tuesday 21st

Sun enters Gemini 07:59 GMT

Mercury enters Gemini 10:52

Wednesday 22nd

Lois Rodden, astrologer, data collector and founder of Astro-DataBank, born OTD 1922

Thursday 23rd

23rd - 27th: 35th Annual NORWAC Seattle, USA.

JUNE 2019

Saturday 1st

Magickal Women Conference South Kensington, London SW7.

Monday 3rd

NEW MOON 10:02 GMT 12°34 Gemini

Tuesday 4th

Mercury enters Cancer 20:04 GMT

Wednesday 5th

5th - 12th: Greek Island Summer School: Discovering Astrology This course is based on my book Be Your Own Astrologer and is suitable for beginners and refreshers. We cover a lot of material, starting with Sun signs and ending with first steps in predictive work. Learn how to bring any horoscope to life, spelling out destiny as well as character with traditional natal interpretation and timing techniques. Enjoy the company of like-minded people, and blend study with a relaxing holiday on the idyllic island of Lefkada. Greek Island Summer School Or email: Joanna Watters

Sunday 9th

Venus enters Gemini 01:37 GMT

Thursday 13th

the 51st annual conference of the Astrological Association.
Information and booking here.

Saturday 15th

John Addey, astrologer and co-founder of the Astrological Association, born OTD 1920

Sunday 16th

Jupiter square Neptune at 18°43 Sagittarius / Pisces

Monday 17th

FULL MOON 08:31 GMT 25°53 Sagittarius

Friday 21st

SUMMER SOLSTICE Sun enters Cancer 15:54 GMT

Neptune stations (retrograde until 27th November) at 18°43 Pisces

21st - 23rd: The Harmony of the World Join us in St Petersburg, Russia, for a unique event - a gathering of scholars to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Johannes' Kepler's Harmonices Mundi (The Harmony of the World). Kepler was one of the greatest minds of the 17th century, and he made an extraordinary contribution to astronomy, astrology, geometry and cosmology. At a time of historic transformation in Europe he asked how the cosmos operates - and how we can live in harmony with it. Our line-up of distinguished academic speakers will consider and debate the origins, importance and significance of Kepler's remarkable work. The conference takes place during the 'White Nights' when days are at their longest, and we will enjoy St Petersburg at its most glorious. Our first day will take place on the summer solstice itself and we plan to celebrate in the evening with a special organ concert. We will visit the Kepler archive and have a chance to view Kepler's own manuscripts and on Sunday we will enjoy the conference dinner on a river cruise.
For further details, and booking, go to

Thursday 27th

27th - 1st July: Great Lakes Astrology Conference Ann Arbour, USA.

JULY 2019

Monday 1st

Mars enters Leo 23:19 GMT

Tuesday 2nd

NEW MOON 19:16 GMT 10°38 Cancer

Wednesday 3rd

Venus enters Cancer 15:18 GMT

Saturday 13th

Dark and Light: The role of sunlight and shadow in culture The 17th Annual Sophia Centre Conference, at the Faculty of Humanities and the Performing Arts, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Lampeter. Information and booking:

Tuesday 16th

FULL MOON 21:38 GMT 24°04 Capricorn

Tuesday 23rd

Sun enters Leo 02:50 GMT

Sunday 28th

Venus enters Leo 11:31 GMT


Thursday 1st

NEW MOON 03:12 GMT 08°37 Leo

Mercury stations at 24°01 Cancer (goes direct)

Friday 7th

Alan Leo, astrologer, born OTD 1860

Sunday 11th

Mercury enters Leo 14:46 GMT

Jupiter stations at 14°30 Sagittarius (goes direct)

Monday 12th

Uranus stations at 06°37 Taurus (goes retrograde until 10th Jan 2020)

Thursday 15th

FULL MOON 12:29 GMT 22°24 Aquarius

Friday 16th

Roy Firebrace, sidereal astrologer & co-founder of the Astrological Association, born OTD 1889

Wednesday 21st

Venus enters Virgo 09:06 GMT

Friday 23rd

Sun enters Virgo 10:02 GMT

Thursday 29th

Mercury enters Virgo 07:48 GMT

29th - 3rd September: NCGR Conference Baltimore,USA.

Friday 30th

NEW MOON 10:37 GMT 06°47 Virgo


Saturday 14th

FULL MOON 04:33 GMT 21°05 Pisces

Mercury enters Libra at 07:14 GMT

Venus enters Libra at 13:43 GMT

Wednesday 18th

Saturn stationary at 13°55 Capricorn (turning direct)

Saturday 21st

Jupiter squares Neptune at 17°00 Sagittarius/Pisces

Monday 23rd

AUTUMN EQUINOX Sun enters Libra 07:50 GMT

Saturday 28th

NEW MOON 18:26 GMT 05°20 Libra


Thursday 3rd

Pluto goes direct (at 20°38 Capricorn)

Mercury enters Scorpio 08:14 GMT

Friday 4th

Mars enters Libra 04:22 GMT

Tuesday 8th

Venus enters Scorpio 17:06 GMT

Sunday 13th

FULL MOON 21:08 GMT 20°14 Aries

Wednesday 23rd

Sun enters Scorpio 17:20 GMT

Monday 28th

NEW MOON 03:38 GMT 04°25 Scorpio