In The Loop

April 2014

Welcome to the April edition of In the Loop. I am Sue Farebrother and this is my first edition as editor; I've tried to include a varied selection of subjects.

For this issue I have conducted two interviews with astrologers for In the Loop, one of which was recorded at last year's AA Conference 2013 at Wyboston Lakes, with its theme of 'The Magic of Astrology'. I have always been interested in the process people go through in learning a new subject, or in planning their activities. Reading this interview with Jean Elliott may bring back your own memories of starting with astrology - we all discovered astrology in different circumstances, and have developed our knowledge and our approach in individual ways. The process she went through in preparing to give a talk is also covered.

The other interview, as seen below, is with our new editor of the Astrological Journal, Carole Taylor, now she has got her feet a bit more under the desk! She is currently putting the final touches to her third Journal as editor, which members will receive shortly.

Added in is some interesting news from the Astrological Lodge of London, which prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2015 - many plans are afoot covering the whole year, and in other towns in Britain as well as in London. Plus another local astrology club is featured, Bedford Astrology Club, with comments from four of the Club's members.

The AA, as you will have seen from Directions, is holding its annual Event Day in London on 1st June. The well-known Richard Swatton will lead a day workshop entitled The Astrology of Change and Transformation. This is likely to be very popular, so do enrol now if you are interested. (You can book tickets here.)

Mid-April brings the much-speculated about Grand Cross, involving the 5 th Uranus-Pluto square (of seven over three years), which is joined by Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. All four planets are exact between 21st and 23rd April at 13 degrees of the four Cardinal signs, forming a Cross in the heavens, which continues in orb for another week or so, and is bounded on both sides by the lunar eclipse of 15th April and the solar eclipse of 29th April. Mundane astrologers can see that this configuration has the potential to herald more revolutionary events or natural disasters - yet within the seeds of huge challenges also lies the potential for much needed change and greater understanding in the world. Members who live within travelling distance of London may like to attend the first talk after the Easter break, on 28 April at 7pm, at the Astrological Lodge, which will be on the Grand Cross.

I hope you enjoy this edition of In the Loop. Do email with any comments.

This month's articles

The Astrological Lodge of London's Centenary 2015

Interview with Jean Elliott

Interview with the Astrological Journal editor: Carole Taylor

Bedford Local Astrology Club

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Listen to Howard Sasportas' Friend or Foe? The Nature of Mars in the Birthchart from the 1985 Conference.

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