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February 2014

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Welcome to the February issue of In The Loop. This month we pay tribute to Charles Harvey (22 June 1940 - 22 Feb 2000) who was President of the Astrological Association for 27 years. Charles contributions as both a servant of astrology and his original and insightful writings are highlighted in this issue. Our main article is an extract by Charles, from Mundane Astrology, called 'The Ten Major Planetary Cycles'. We also have a few words by Richard Llewellyn, a recipient of the Charles Harvey award and a recollection of Charles by his friend and colleague Mike Harding.

Each issue of In The Loop, comes with a freebie. This month we are including a free download of Charles's talk from a past AA Conference, entitled, Astrology and Eternity. You can access this recording by clicking on this link.

We would like to end this editorial with a few words from Charles. The following is an extract from 'The Ideal Astrology' by Charles Harvey, published in The Future of Astrology, editor Tad Mann, pub. Unwin Hyman 1987.

" .. .I believe that our future art-science will be ... one in which the quantitative and qualitative aspects of all things are studied as complementary expressions of the same work with increased confidence will be threefold. Firstly, because of the growth of interest in astrological education... secondly, because as the result of greatly improved systematic observation and experiment, the astrologer will know and understand much more fully and rigorously the laws by which the archetypal Ideas of Creation manifest themselves. Thirdly, because of a major cultural shift in outlook, brought about in great part by the proven realities of astrology, which will place consciousness, rather than matter, at the centre of our daily life.

... We must be prepared to investigate our tradition with rigour and imagination, and we must begin to develop and work with the far deeper and more disciplined understanding of the human Soul and its relation to the Cosmos and the Creator...such an astrology is worthy of the deepest dedication, for it contains not only the future of astrology, but much of the hope for the future of mankind."

A Few Words by Richard Llewellyn:

I was lucky enough to get to know Charles quite well, mainly because when I was Membership Secretary of the AA we would often find ourselves on the same train travelling from the Southwest to Council Meetings in London. It was a privilege to have known Charles and I had great respect for him as an astrologer and researcher as well as for his many ideas and initiatives which, with his infectious enthusiasm, contributed so much to astrology and to the AA. I especially admired his openness to anything astrological and the fact that he was able to accept other people's astrological concepts even when they didn't accord with his own ideas and beliefs.

For me it seems appropriate that the AA should have created an award which annually honours Charles's memory. At the same time it honours a member of the Astrological Association who, in their own way, has been able to contribute something which is, or has been of benefit to astrology and to the Association. It was an honour, and a surprise, to find myself as the recipient of the Charles Harvey Award and I accepted it as a recognition of the small contribution which I hope I have made to astrology and the AA over a period of over thirty years!

This month's articles

The Ten Major Planetary Cycles - Synods of the five outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - Charles Harvey

Recollections of Charles - Mike Harding

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