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January 2014

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With the Uranus-Pluto square still in full force, 2014 looks to be a challenging year on many levels. What of North Korea and the ambitions of its young leader? Read Victor Olliver's profile of Kim Jong-un. Closer to home, will the Scots vote for independence? Anna Estaroth offers her take on this question. Click on the links below to see these and other articles.

You can also click here and listen free to Signs of the Times, a panel discussion explaining mundane astrology and looking to the future. Featuring Nicholas Campion, Wendy Stacey, Claire Chandler, Darby Costello, Meira Epstein, Hakan Kirkoglu, Jamie MacPhail and Richard Tarnas, it was recorded at the 2013 Astrological Association Annual Conference (Format: MP3; Length: 48m52s)

This month's articles

Some Thoughts On Prediction - Anne Whitaker

The Scottish Independence Debate - Anna Estaroth

Can North Korea's "Dear Leader" dodge calamity in 2014? - Victor Olliver

Nelson Mandela - his Draconic Chart - Patricia Godden

Draconic Astrology: what drew me to it and how I studied it - Patricia Godden

Purging the Professions

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