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June 2014

This month's editor is Roy Gillett

Dear Colleague

Blame the Mercury retrograde for the lateness of this month's In the Loop - also that not Wendy, but I am editing this June edition!

To enhance our insights and actions through what promises to be a challenging few weeks, I have selected from the Association's archives some fascinating ways of understanding what will be bugging us - Mercury retrograde.

The late Frances McEvoy was a crucial servant of astrology for many years, with regular meetings at her grand colonial-style house in Boston, Massachusetts. She wrote The Powerful Yod & Quincunx (1998). She also gave great Conference talks. Click the link to listen to her charmingly informative Understanding Retrograde Planets talk she gave at the Association's 2002 Annual Conference.

In 1986, Maggie Hyde wrote for the Journal a fascinating study of Sigmund Freud that demonstrated how his progressed Mercury retrograde pattern seemed to be crucially associated with the development of his ideas on psychoanalysis (The Talking Cure). Read it in full below.

Just before that infamous 2000 US Presidential election, San Diego astrologer, Jim Shawvan used the contemporary Mercury retrograde transit to predict pretty well exactly, not only the result, but the nature of the comings and goings surrounding the count. [Astrology Wins in the Presidential Election]

Lastly, included are some ideas I offered on the various stages of the Mercury retrograde process for the first Working with the Planets, published in the Journal March 2002.

Focussing upon extracts from our archives is timely. We already have most Conference sessions from 1983 to 2013 available as MP3 files for you to download or have several on a CD. Now progress with enhancing our website has reached a more advanced stage. Later in the year, we hope that PDFs of most archive copies of The Astrological Journal will be included as a benefit of membership on the Association's web site, Then you will be able to dip in, immerse yourself and wonder at the wealthy pearls of wisdom our forebears have left for us.

Take a break, read and listen. I am sure you will agree.

Very best wishes Roy Gillett - President

Do email with any comments.

This month's articles

Making the Most of Mercury Retrogrades by Roy Gillett

Astrology Wins: Mercury Retrograde & the 2000 US Election by Jim Sharwan

Freud's Progressed Mercury & the 'Talking Cure' by Maggie Hyde

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Listen to the late Frances McEvoy, the much loved and admired Boston astrologer illuminating the importance of Understanding Retrograde Planets from the 2002 AA Conference.

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