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March 2014

Welcome to our March edition of In the Loop. This month we have an interesting article about using astrology to enhance the global sport of football. Astrologer Alan Ayre has been researching these Geo-Cosmic connections for many years and shares some of his insights. Even if you don't have any interest in football, the team dynamics are fascinating. German astrologer and author Heidi Treier shares her lifelong passion of astrology and tells us what she is doing at her astrology school in Cologne, Germany and with the DAV (The German Astrological Association) There is also news from some local astrology groups in the UK. Spring is in the air and the Equinox beckons .... Happy reading!

Christine Chalkin

Each issue of In The Loop comes with a freebie. This month we are including two free downloads, which you can access via the links below. This month we pay tribute to two great astrologers, Mavis Klein and Christina Rose who sadly passed away earlier this year. They will be greatly missed but their spirit lives on.

This month's articles

Winning Football : The Astro-Logical Perspective by Alan Ayre

Interview with Heidi Treier

Local Astrology Groups

This month's Free Downloads

Listen to Mavis Klein's The Human Life Cycle from Childhood to Old Age and Christina Rose's A Close Look at Counselling

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The editor of this month's In The Loop is Christine Chalkin.

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