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May 2014

This month's editor is Frances Clyne

Welcome to the May issue of In The Loop. This month's editor is Frances Clyne

The theme of this month's issue is the night sky. While we as astrologers are continually considering the sky, more and more we do so through a computer screen or in the form of a printed chart.

This month's contributors are lovers of the night sky as viewed outdoors and want to share that with the rest of us. Our leading article is an interview with Darrelyn Gunzburg, who is only a small bit of administration on the part of Bristol University away from being Dr. Gunzburg. For the last six years Darrelyn has been researching the role of astrology in medieval art and investigating the astrology in the beautiful frescos of the Salone of the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua; when you read this interview, I'm sure you'll agree that her findings are both exciting and important for astrology.

From one doc to another. In the first issue of In The Loop Bernadette Brady talked about her experiences as an academic astrologer and how she feels it impacts her astrology. The interview proved so popular that like Oliver Twist, we have asked for more. This month she is writing on another of her passions - visual astrology and the fixed stars.

Keeping with our theme of the sky, we are delighted to have German astrologer Christian Koenig as a contributor to In The Loop. Christian has written, very convincingly, on his belief in the importance of observation in astrology.

As usual there is an MP3 to download. So, of course it has to involve celestial observation. This month's MP3 is the opening talk from last year's conference - Bernadette Brady on 'Stars and Pyramids'.

We are grateful to The Astrological Lodge of London who are sponsoring this issue.

I hope you enjoy this edition of In the Loop. Do email with any comments.

This month's articles

Frances Clyne Interviews Darrelyn Gunzburg

Reaching For the Stars: Christian Koenig

A Word About Visual Astrology: Bernadette Brady

This month's Free Download

Listen to Bernadette Brady's Stars and Pyramids from the 2013 AA Conference.

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