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November 2014

This month's editor is Trudie Charles

Given the imminent entry of Saturn into Sagittarius, the fact that Jupiter is presently applying to square up to Saturn combined with my Sagittarian Sun, it felt relevant to chose them as the focus of this edition. Nicholas de Vore in his Encyclopaedia of Astrology defines Saturn and Jupiter as "Chronocrators, Markers of Time", whose cycles and contacts were of historic and prophetic importance to ancient civilisations. Their Grand Climactic conjunction in Sagittarius every 800 to 960 years marked supreme epochs in history of mankind. For us I have selected some articles from the Association's archives, which demonstrate their effect in the charts of today explored from a variety of astrological perspectives and disciplines. Both book and periodical library archives provide much more for those of you who want to explore further.

Trudie Charles, Librarian

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This month's articles

Mundane Advice How do you interpret the transits for 2014? What would you recommend to policy makers? Visit the the AA's blog and have your say.

The Astrological Association Reference Library For many years in storage, this amazing resource comprising over 10,000 books and periodicals is now once again available to members and joiners. Located in South East Cornwall, the library can be visited by appointment with our librarian Trudie Charles - or on an open day. For those unable to visit, or to find out when the next Open Day is, enquiries may be made by email or telephone: 01752 852193.

Conference Recordings From 1983 to the present day, the Association has built up a library of over 850 recordings of talks and workshops,, given by leading astrologers of the day, including many great minds no longer with us. To browse and order from our easy access listings, go here.