Astrology & Crystals Part 3 : The Outer Planets

by Patricia Godden

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Uranus in Aries  — ♅ in ♈

Uranus finds happy outlet in the fiery, outgoing sign of Aries. Originality is a keynote and inspiration can be expressed unhindered. This can lead to initiative and new ventures that incorporate wonderful ideas and concepts. Lateral thinking can prompt brilliant endeavours or speculation. A person with this placement naturally acts in spontaneous ways that can be so different from the norm that he or she is considered to be radical, but there is no fear about other people's reactions. The courage and bravery of Aries shine through and can be used in unusual ways or situations. Everything is considered possible and nothing is too outrageous. There is no doubt, only positive dynamic action.

The energy of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, incites motivation to get projects started. There is a lot of power and force at this initial stage. However, the person may not be interested in maintaining interest or effort when a project is established and running smoothly. It is beneficial to choose work or activities that need a high level of innovative action in order to avoid boredom and the frustration of routine.

The presence of Uranus indicates a strong desire for unusual things, situations and experiences, and the more unconventional, the better. This is enhanced by the attraction of newness and enterprise associated with Aries. Similarly, the energy of Aries to initiate new projects can be excited by unusual activities associated with Uranus. Planet and sign work well together. It is well for the person with this placement to recognise a need for these factors and ensure that these needs are adequately satisfied. One way of doing this can be through troubleshooting the causes of problems and finding extraordinary solutions. This is an ideal use of the energy of this placement as it combines initiative, inspiration and inventiveness. There is no repeated pattern that could be tedious. It is helpful for this person to avoid becoming too extreme, excessively radical or recklessly impulsive, as this could be counterproductive.

Actions may be erratic and unpredictable, with lack of discipline or self-control, which relates to the energy of Uranus. When this is superimposed on the impatience associated with Aries, although it appears to give freedom to act, it can lead to hasty, ill thought out actions. This can be confusing or disturbing for others. A person with this placement can benefit tremendously by considering the effects that his or her words and actions have on other people, although such advice may not be listened to or heeded.

Uranus, the bringer of truth and light, supports and reinforces motivation of the spirit as indicated by the Sun, which is exalted in Aries. The person looks to inner truth and there is a strong desire to be able to see the light of the higher self, the pure intentions of spirit. This accompanies a soul urge towards self-enlightenment. The person becomes more aware of divine love through learning about self, duality and what it means to be apparently separated from the Creator. Expression of truth is open and free because he or she is unaffected by convention. There is something electric and exciting about this.

Uranus in Aries is a placement where the purity of a fine, high energy can find an outlet in a human being. Circumstances in life assist in recognising this potential. The more developed a person is, the greater is the awareness of this energy and the need to be true to it.


Heliodor crystalHeliodor crystal

Heliodor is a form of beryl, beryllium aluminium silicate. It is a ring silicate of the hexagonal crystal system and made by primary formation. The yellow to yellowish green colour is due to the presence of iron. Heliodor is transparent. The pale yellowish green colour of the piece of heliodor used in this section brings a feeling of sunlight, the light of the sun on a bright day.

There is a selfless feeling to heliodor that goes beyond the personality. This crystal has an altruistic energy that helps a person to look outward from self rather than inward to the personality of the human being. This can be helpful for a person working with the energy of Aries who can be more concerned with individuality and self rather than other people or levels of Creation. Holding heliodor helps this person to appreciate the wider perspective of life and consequently develop unselfish motives.

There is a simplicity to heliodor that resonates with the simple approach of Uranus in Aries; the person knows the course of action to pursue and goes for it, regardless of how unusual or bizarre the action may appear to others. Unconventional or radical ways of doing things are nothing out of the ordinary as far as this person is concerned. By holding heliodor, contact with the underlying principles of right action is established. This crystal can help a person have the courage to take groundbreaking action if that will get to the goal of spirit. There are no deviations or time wasted on pleasantries along the route, just one-pointed action. This is in line with the initiative and motivation of Aries ruled by Mars and reinforced by the energy of Uranus.

Part of the simplicity of heliodor is a feeling of oneness that leads to a sense of steadiness and stability. This is a fine and subtle vibration. It brings awareness that an action considered out of the ordinary is acceptable if it is following inner truth that maintains integrity with the whole of life. These attributes of heliodor are helpful for a person with Uranus in Aries who may appear to act erratically or unpredictably. Working with this crystal confirms and strengthens the intention of the spirit and the person finds it easier to follow these aspirations.

The pale golden colour of heliodor brings a feeling of the purity of truth, of absolutely knowing the key and core of Creation. This is a profound revelation that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. It resonates well with the vibration of Uranus in Aries where the soul has chosen to use whatever means necessary to understand the truth of spirit and be able to manifest the aspirations of the higher self. By holding heliodor, a person can begin to feel the profundity of such an experience and know there is more to life than the selfish desires of the personality. Through physical actions a soul attempts to demonstrate individuality until it appreciates that the individual is part of the whole. The soul then appreciates the truth of spirit and his or her personal wishes include consideration of the needs of all life. The fine vibration of heliodor helps a person to connect with the essence of Uranus in Aries and be able to manifest the energy in the best possible way for that stage of his or her development.

Neptune in Pisces  — ♆ in ♓

Neptune is in dignity in Pisces, so it can show all of its best features most easily. Neptune moved into this sign in 2011. This planet moves through the whole zodiac in a 164-year cycle, so it has been in Pisces many times. When in this sign, it dissolves barriers and known boundaries. This manifests in different ways during each cycle through the zodiac, depending on what needs to be broken down at that time. Consequently, it allows for expansion in different directions that are determined by the prevailing conditions.

A person born with Neptune in Pisces is sensitive to the emotions of other people and aware of what is going on in their subtle energy fields, their auras. He or she may identify so much with what is being felt that it is as if the emotions are being experienced personally. It can lead to feeling vulnerable as the individual may be unsure which feelings are personal and need to be dealt with personally, and which feelings are coming from others and may need to be dealt with in a different way. Experiencing what others feel so acutely brings considerable empathy, compassion and great understanding of the suffering of others. The natural response to this is to want to help both individuals and groups, perhaps through charity work or being involved with humanitarian organisations.

This placement is not just about having a deep connection with others by feeling what they feel but it also extends to feeling what is happening in the subtle realms of Creation. The person is likely to communicate with nature spirits and the angelic kingdom and consider this to be as natural as talking to other people. The boundaries between the visible world and the invisible worlds become transparent so that there can be free communication between the various planes of existence and different dimensions. This leads to the wisdom of knowing that all life is one. The ultimate wisdom is living this oneness and being aware of oneness with the Creator.

As the person transcends boundaries on the path of evolution, barriers that encompass each step begin to break down and dissolve. There may be feelings of loss or insecurity, because achieving unity means loss of duality. It can involve sacrificing something that was once held dear but has become a limitation to development. The freedom to move on and the progress that can be made far outweigh the loss of what is sacrificed. This can feel vague and nebulous while it is happening. Experiences can be shrouded in muddle and confusion as the person moves into unknown territory and is unsure of the new ground rules. In fact, there may not be any ground rules or guidelines, other than the love in the heart and knowledge of the brotherhood of all life.

It is helpful for the person to be aware of gullibility and to learn to discriminate between the truth of a higher, wiser source and the sensations in the lower levels of life. When everything may feel so tenuous and unformulated, it is challenging to know what is right and the right thing to do. As this person develops greater trust in his or her intuition and inner guidance, existence becomes less nebulous. He or she can move more easily between different worlds and be aware of the precision in each one and how they relate perfectly to each other. Neptune in Pisces is about learning the peace that can come through the wisdom of understanding the oneness of life.


Prehnite crystalPrehnite crystal

Prehnite is in the rhombic crystal system and made by primary formation. It is a group silicate containing calcium, aluminium and hydroxide. Prehnite can be colourless, white, yellowish-green or grey. The specimen used in this section contains all these colours. Prehnite can be transparent to translucent and has a vitreous or pearly lustre.

The watery feeling of prehnite evokes a feeling of fluidity, similar to feelings that arise with the water element of Pisces. This is accompanied by a sense of slow but continuous change, that nothing stays the same but is constantly growing and evolving. These sensations resonate with the mutable quality of Pisces. On first working with prehnite, there is a feeling of apprehension and uncertainty, just as there is at the start of a period of change when a person does not know quite what is happening. This can lead to a sense of vulnerability. On holding prehnite for longer, acceptance of change occurs together with trust in being held safe by a much higher order that governs life. A sense of peace begins to emerge. This relates to the wisdom of co-ruler Jupiter working with Neptune in Pisces. Prehnite can help a person to learn the soul lesson of this sign, which is peace through wisdom.

The cloudiness seen when looking into prehnite gives the impression of haziness and vagueness, that things are not clear and may not be what they seem to be. This can be unsettling and can lead to muddle or confusion. These traits are characteristic of the challenges of Neptune in Pisces for a soul that is assimilating information from many levels of existence. Part of the lesson of this placement is discernment of truth and an ability to integrate information received from different realms and planes in life. Prehnite can help a person strive for clarity, to discriminate real and unreal, truth and untruth, in ever-expanding consciousness. It may lead to enhanced psychic abilities with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. This resonates with qualities that can develop in a person with Neptune in Pisces. Holding prehnite assists clarity of perception and understanding the absence of boundaries between the different worlds.

Although there is a watery and fluid feeling in prehnite, and water is associated with the emotions, the underlying impression of this crystal is of the truth concerning emotions: that they are energy in motion. As such, prehnite can help a person to appreciate that the personality need not be buffeted by the feelings, either personal ones or those of others. In this way, holding prehnite assists an individual with Neptune in Pisces who is sensitive to the energy of other people and mass consciousness. This crystal raises the consciousness above individual feelings to consider what can be done to help a person or group of people out of a situation that is causing discomfort or distress. This links with the caring and compassionate energy of Neptune in Pisces. Awareness is elevated to a humanitarian level and prompts efforts to help others, be they people, animals or the environment. Self is less important than the good of the whole, and selfish desires are sacrificed for the whole. It is part of the essential energy of Neptune in Pisces. Dissolution of boundaries allows all to unite and work together: people, nations and other kingdoms in life. Such enlightenment leads to greater inner and outer joy and a deep sense of peace. Prehnite assists a person working with the fundamental lessons of Neptune in Pisces to help humanity to evolve.

Pluto in Capricorn   — ♇ in ♑

Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 for the first time in the lives of people on earth at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a tremendous powerhouse that can bring about changes to all that is established. The cardinal quality of Capricorn assists the transformative energy of Pluto to act in order to give service to the world. A person born with this placement will have a different outlook on life to that of previous generations. Issues that have previously been accepted as the norm will be reconsidered in the light of the heavenly body associated with transformation when it is in the sign of structure, order, the establishment and authority.

Pluto assists the higher self to bring up issues that are deep in the subconscious but which need to be looked at. The nature of Capricorn is to be disciplined and to apply determination to improving self and the position in life. With Pluto in Capricorn, there is a steady and methodical approach to tackling problems once the issues have been identified. Rectification of the problem is carefully planned and thoroughly implemented, often in a practical way. The individual works hard to achieve the set goal. The power of Pluto enhances this ability.

The force and power of Pluto when active in Capricorn can bring about dogged determination and intense persistence. This is wonderful for achieving a difficult task because the sense of purpose is heightened. However, it can be hard for others to work with someone who has this level of willpower and fortitude. It is helpful for this person to avoid being compulsive or obsessive in the amount of effort invested in accomplishing an ambition. Lateral thinking, an open mind and a readiness to include beneficial factors that are not in the original plan of action could be helpful.

Capricorn is associated with respect for, and love of, authority. There is a need to know the order in a hierarchal system, be it family, at work or in a social club. When Pluto is in this sign, the interest in authority can be emphasised. This can also lead to power struggles if the person wants to climb up the ladder and treads on the toes of other people who are already there or also want to progress. The desire to be held in high esteem and have authority can make interpersonal relationships challenging. This individual is learning how to love and respect self as well as others. Pluto in Capricorn can help a person to see the artificial nature of reputation and want to change this. There may be a dislike of the power that authorities have over the subject that could lead him or her to rebel against the current system and effect a major change. A person with this placement may want to change major establishments in his or her society so that they are more in line with the current stage of human evolution.

A person with Pluto in the earth sign of Capricorn may have a high sense of responsibility towards the Earth. It is possible that a person with this placement will see the harm that has been done to the planet and want to do something about it. Controlled and disciplined action will be taken to bring about major transformations to heal existing damage, change attitudes and practices and minimise further destruction. There is a greater awareness of the responsibility to all life.



Tektite is rich in silica and can also contain oxides of potassium, calcium and aluminium. Tektites are silica-rich amorphous objects. Some books suggest that tektites were formed when meteorites hit the earth. The heat of impact melted rock and threw molten material into the air. It formed disc-shaped or oval objects on cooling. Tektites are usually dark brown or black.

When holding tektite, there is a sense that the surface that can be seen and felt has a different energy from the inside, which is hidden. The outside can be likened to the importance that the energy of Capricorn places on reputation and status. However, the hidden interior of the stone resonates with the energy of Pluto and with matters deep in the subconscious. Working with tektite prompts a person to look at the integrity between external appearances and internal intentions and motivation. It facilitates realigning direction and drive. Anything that is not in line with the aspirations of the higher self is examined and adjusted. Pluto brings awareness that something is not right and needs to be changed. When Pluto is in Capricorn, there is the active transformative energy to do this. Holding tektite can assist a person to make serious changes to fundamental issues that are no longer compatible with the intentions of the soul.

The method of formation of tektite shows how rock can be transformed when powerful forces act on it. It has a different appearance after the transformation. This is parallel to the changes that can be brought about when Pluto, the heavenly body associated with transformation, is in the earth sign of Capricorn. Structures considered vital to a functioning society and held in high esteem are broken down to be replaced by a new structure that better fulfils the current needs. Similarly, authority is questioned and new concepts of authority are established and implemented. The appearance of life can change dramatically. Holding tektite helps a person to contact the essence of Pluto in Capricorn. It enhances a serious and disciplined approach to major upheavals in life. In addition, there is increased trust in a much higher power that is in control of all changes and the evolution of mankind.

When rock is molten, it is in a transitional, liquid state. As this can flow, it may be considered unstable relative to the solid form present before the impact and after the molten rock has cooled and solidified. There may be a fluid time of uncertainty as Pluto effects change from one disciplined state to another. Holding tektite brings a feeling of determination to stay with a change while it is happening, knowing that something that has outworn its usefulness is being replaced by something more functional. The solidity of tektite is proof that transition is by nature temporary, a comforting thought for a person experiencing the disruption of change.

The objectivity felt when holding tektite can help a person to overcome some of the more challenging parts of the nature of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is associated with the use of power and power struggles that can be dogmatically pursued when combined with the cardinal energy of Capricorn. Tektite promotes access to a deep level of common sense, a sense of what is right for the common good, so that difficult issues are understood in a different light. Power struggles can be superseded by a greater sense of responsibility for the highest good of all concerned.

Tektite enhances the Capricornian understanding of responsibility for the Earth planet. As this stone also resonates with the energy of Pluto, it helps a person to effect the changes necessary to look after the planet that supports life. Tektite captures the energy of responsibility and transformation and integrates these actions to prompt the individual with Pluto in Capricorn to work with dedication and commitment for beneficial changes in the natural world and ecosystem.

Holding tektite can strengthen the understanding of a person whose soul has chosen Pluto in Capricorn of the lessons of this placement. There is deeper appreciation of personal responsibility and awareness of the responsibility that the individual has to the whole of society and life on earth. This stone works both outwardly in the physical life and at an inner level, so that the soul lessons are learned more thoroughly and soul strengths are further developed.


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