The 2017 Conference Chart: Hellenistic Interpretation

by Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum

Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum From a Hellenistic perspective, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that the ruler of the Ascendant, Saturn, is in the whole sign 12th (a 'decline', place of the Bad Daimon), and it squares the sect ruler of the chart, the Sun. It also opposes the Lot of Daimon.

For a conference, I also think Mercury is important. It is in the whole sign 8th (the 'Idle' place), squares the MC and has no essential dignity, which is not so great. It is also averse from its lord, the Sun.

Now for the good news: both Mercury and Saturn are getting some help. Mercury is conjunct Regulus and the Lot of Fortune, and receives and sextiles the Lot of Daimon. Body, soul, spirit and communication can work well with each other.

Saturn is in sect, in its own terms and face, and has its joy in the 12th, which helps. It trines the Moon, Fortune, Venus and Mercury and it is received by and sextiles Jupiter in Libra, the sign of Saturn's exaltation, in the whole sign 10th. Saturn and Jupiter are in a mixed reception (Saturn in Jupiter's domicile, Jupiter in Saturn's exaltation). Jupiter, Saturn's lord, is conjunct Spica, sextiles Mercury, Venus and Fortune and trines Daimon. This gives Saturn a nice boost. Paulus Alexandrinus (Introduction, ch. 24, my trans.) on Saturn in the 12th: 'In this place, when the star of Saturn occupies a masculine zodiac sign in diurnal births, it alone rejoices and always will make those who prevail over and oppress their enemies, proudly confident in their own achievements.'

To sum up, the innate disadvantages of Saturn (tradition/organization) and Mercury (communication) are ameliorated by the contacts they have with better positioned planets like Jupiter, fixed stars and the Lots of Fortune and Daimon. For the motto of this conference, I suggest 'Teamwork!'

2017 Astrological Association Conference Opening Chart - Hellenistic