The 2017 Conference Chart: Psychological Interpretation

by Melanie Reinhart

Melanie ReinhartThe first thing that struck me was the position of the rulers of the angles. The MC rulers (Mars and Pluto) are in the 8th and 12th houses, respectively, and sesquiquadrate each other (exact at 11.27 BST Friday morning. As these two houses are both associated with 'hidden activity', this is an interesting 'signature' for a public event! There moves a sober and thoughtful current of considerations such as practical application and discernment, with an eye for integrity and diligence (both MA and PL in earth signs). The Capricorn Ascendant, ruled by Saturn in the 11th house (the 'group') supports this, so the overall 'signature' of the chart could perhaps be seen as the relationship between the elements of fire and earth, echoed in the movement of the Moon from Aries to Taurus, Saturday 16.22 BST - from Mars to Venus. Meanwhile Scorpio on the MC looks for emotional depth and honesty.

The powerful fiery trine includes Mercury in the 8th, ruler of the 5th, suggesting deep (8th house) and noble (ME cnj Regulus) conversations which are hugely enjoyable! Mercury is separating from a trine with Uranus in the 3rd house, so no doubt we'll all be buying new books, probably on impulse (UR in AR, which is also the cusp of the 3rd house)! But as Saturn in Sagittarius in the 11th house trines both Mercury and Uranus, these will not be frivolous purchases, but will bring us in contact with books which ground our ideas and further explore important questions. Uranus and Saturn could perhaps be considered as the 'rulers' of astrology itself, a pair of opposites here joined by Hermetic Mercury in the 8th, promising both inspiration and depth in the formulation of new ideas, or the creative reconsideration of what is already familiar.

Venus, ruler of the IC, is conjunct the North Node in the personable 7th house, suggesting important new personal contacts and the capacity to appreciate one's fellow-travellers on the astrological path (Venus disposits Jupiter in the 9th in Libra) as well as to giving generously to the overall theme of the conference: "The Importance of Astrology". Without the goodwill of the human beings who love and practice astrology, its 'importance' would recede into the recesses of the written word, and it would cease to be a 'living art'. So this Venus is foundational to the conference theme.

Jupiter is somewhat emphasized in this chart, being a singleton in the element of air, appropriately located in the 9th house, associated with 'higher learning and the wisdom traditions'. Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn, Neptune and Chiron, the latter two being in Pisces, intercepted in the 2nd house of resources. Perhaps we might imagine that this Jupiter will seek to draw them out of 'interception', making available the resources (2nd house) of compassion (Neptune) and healing (Chiron) which surely represent an aspiration for all those who work with astrology - doing consultations, teaching, learning, whether formally or informally.

Finally, Saturn is applying to a single conjunction with the Centaur Pholus (4.12.2017, 04.07 GMT, at 28°07' Sagittarius, near the 'Galactic Centre'). The best way to learn about the 'weird stuff' like Centaurs, TNOs and the like is not to try and 'interpret' them. Far better to observe, note, feel and sense 'what happens' around their stations and transits - inwardly and personally as well as 'out there'! Pholus will be SD on Sunday, turning direction at 12.12 BST! My 'tag line' for Pholus is 'The Lid Comes Off', so let's wait and see what happens .

2017 Astrological Association Conference Opening Chart - Western