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Meet Our New Student Rep.

Marilena Marino Marilena Marino, a London School of Astrology student, joined the Astrological Association as Student Liaison Officer in April. With the objective of promoting the Astrological Association's values and engaging the next generation of astrologers, Marilena will be the primary point of contact for students of astrology across all APAE member schools. The role has been created specifically to foster a two-way dialogue with students, to help strengthen their relationship with the wider astrological community, and to encourage them to embrace astrology more fully. As well as promoting relevant content from the Astrological Association's body of knowledge, Marilena will produce video interviews, organise tailored events, and engage students actively via social media and other means. A Student Writing Competition was launched last month, with a deadline of August 17th.

Full details can be found on https://astrologicalassociation.com/students/competition.php.

Marilena can be contacted at students@astrologicalassociation.com.