The Astrological Journal Archives & Chart Database

The Association has lived through two previous Saturn Capricorn transits [1959-62 & 1988-91]. Below are links to items from the Journals in those years.

Click Ingrid Lind - The planet Saturn to read the insights of one of the Association's founders in the 19610304 September 1961 Edition.

In 19903201, Nicholas Campion started the year with a brilliant mundane edition. Click his introduction Mundane Prediction Problems and Answers Members will want to access the entire Journal. Brexiteers will especially warm to the contemporary ring of Derek Appleby's background to our relations with Europe.

Later in the year edition 19903203 included a study of the disaster that was to take a whole Saturn cycle to resolve. Click Hillsborough to read what Mark Griffin, wrote just a year after the tragedy.

For members, this edition includes fascinating observations on the future of South Africa following Nelson Mandela's release and Richard Tarnas' article on Uranus and Prometheus.

Viewing tips - when reading the Journal on line, move the mouse from the right to centre and tools will appear that expand the text. Using Ctrl F searches the whole text of individual files

Everyone can click on Website Tutorials to view screen-capture files that demonstrate how to access and find your way around the hundreds of Journals available on line.

A Growing Extra Source of Chart Data

Over recent months Mark Okrasa, a member of the Brighton local group, has been working hard to improve Association's original Chart Database.

Firstly, he completed its restoration from existing hard copy records, immaculately created by David Fisher in the days of index cards. Now he is looking back through Journals [reaching November 2005 so far] to select and include important data, with Journal reference and page numbers. When this is completed, he plans to work through the Transit Magazines, which are also are available on line to all current Association members.

Mark is always looking for new data. He has added the Mexico earthquake and US hurricanes plus all data associated with London Transport, where he worked for nearly 30 years.

Click here to email us data, with details of the reliable source, OR your suggestions or offer to help. Meet and discuss data with Mark at our 2018 Diamond Anniversary Conference. Have you booked your place yet? Click here, if not.