Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality

by Patricia Godden

In recent years, there have been several articles in In the Loop linking crystals to planetary placements. Most of these articles have covered the position of one or two planets by sign at the time the articles were published and described crystals that resonate with the energies of these placements. Each section included references to how both the astrological position of planets and the corresponding crystal can help a person explore his or her spirituality. This work was taken from research that has now been published in a book called Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality (ISBN: 9 781784 564834,

This book looks at the energies of each planet in every sign of the zodiac. There is a description of the outworking of planetary placements in everyday life as well as deeper insights into what the soul is trying to learn from having chosen them. After the interpretation of each planet in a sign, there is a photograph of a crystal or natural material that resonates with this energy and a description of its structure. Holding the corresponding crystal can help a person understand the soul lesson of the planetary placement so he or she can make the most of the opportunities life offers and work to master its challenges.

Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality describes how astrology and crystals can be used as means of understanding life better and to explore spirituality.

What will life be like by 2025? By then, Uranus is in Gemini, Neptune is in Aries and Pluto is in Aquarius. Here are short extracts from the sections on these planetary placements from Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality:

Uranus in Gemini

"The changeability associated with Gemini is well accepted by Uranus as it is not bound by convention or tradition. The mutable quality of this sign allows this planet to be able to express itself unhindered. In the case of Uranus in Gemini, changes to ideas or opinions may arise as new truth received from higher sources requires adjustment of previous thought patterns. There is unlimited scope to do this. It is essential for this person to get to the truth and maintain that state even as it changes with progressed development of the soul. The spirit finds great freedom of expression with this position of Uranus."

Herkimer quartz

"Herkimer quartz, also known as herkimer diamond, is a type of rock crystal that is slightly harder than other forms. It is sometimes called herkimer diamond because it can resemble crystals of diamond. As with other quartz, herkimer diamond is silicon dioxide. The double-terminated quartz crystals are of the trigonal crystal system. The facets are often highly shiny and may be triangular on the terminations. Herkimer quartz may be clear or have black inclusions, giving it the appearance of being smoky. The crystal used in this section is octahedral, the eight-sided sacred geometric form that looks like two pyramids attached base to base. Although the crystal is clear, structures within it could be seen."

"The clarity of herkimer quartz represents the purity of truth. This is in line with the action of Uranus. The soul recognises this truth and understands the benefit it can bring to overall development. The personality then learns to accommodate it. Novel ideas and theories remain untainted by prejudice or preconceptions of how things are or should be done. Holding herkimer quartz helps a person to work with inspired truth and stay true to revelations and flashes of insight from spirit. It encourages the curious mind of Gemini to discover more about what has been perceived by associating it with the physical world."

"This form of rock crystal brings the knowledge of higher spheres down to Planet Earth while giving the lower mind full potential to raise itself into heavenly realms. Combined, this allows a much wider understanding of life and helps the person to make the connection between everyday intellect and the spiritual realms. Apparent opposites are brought together in the common ground of the oneness of life. This resonates strongly with the action of Uranus in Gemini."

Neptune in Aries

"Inspiration is associated with Aries and is also a quality attributed to Neptune. When Neptune is in Aries, impulses from other worlds and dimensions can find expression and outlet in the soul as it experiences duality from spirit. There is a profound blending of higher and lower vibrations, the spiritual and physical. Integrating differing energies shows how they can work together to one end. Thoughts, words and deeds are direct, focused and clear under the influence of Aries. In contrast, while Neptune is integrating information from many sources, there may appear to be confusing input, particularly when the physical level and intentions are at variance with higher knowledge. When Neptune is in Aries, there can be more direct relay of information from higher sources. Decisiveness associated with Aries promotes discrimination so the person is better able to discern the truth of the information perceived. It is easier to sort out what can be used from that which should be discarded."

Lemon chrysoprase

"Lemon chrysoprase, or lemonprase, is a mixture of nickel magnesite and chalcedony. It is in the trigonal crystal system and made by secondary formation. The colour is a pale yellowy-green. It brings a sensation similar to that of light shining through leaves as they begin to unfurl in spring or that the Sun is about to shine. Altogether, this creates a sense of hope and expectancy. As the Sun is in exaltation in Aries, a spiritual dimension of this sign is present that allows the higher qualities of Neptune to manifest and moderate the more challenging qualities of Aries."

"The warmth that is felt when holding lemon chrysoprase is similar to the feeling of being enfolded in love and is associated with the fire sign of Aries. When Neptune is present, the person feels a deep love for humanity and begins to reach out to others and have more compassion for the experiences of other people. Lemon chrysoprase resonates with the energy of Neptune in Aries to help the person use the positive qualities of Aries in humanitarian ways; for the good of all. This love can also extend to include the world of nature, the plants, animals and minerals."

Pluto in Aquarius

"As Aquarius is an air sign and co-ruler Uranus is associated with inspiration, the person is likely to respond to impulses from a much higher source and from the truth that lies within, the intuition. He or she is more open to new concepts and ideas that could substantially change life. There is the freedom and independence to look at novel theories for what they are and consider how they can be applied practically under the influence of co-ruler Saturn."

"As Pluto rules mining and power, Saturn is associated with crystals and Uranus rules astrology, there could be an increased interest in the use and power of crystals. People with this placement may be inspired and guided to use crystals with astrology in a disciplined and responsible way. The power latent in crystals could be used in ways not envisaged today."


"Astrophyllite is a complex material containing several elements... Flakes of astrophyllite sparkle when it is turned in the light."

"The crystals of astrophyllite reflect light in a similar way to how Pluto can show where issues deep in the subconscious need to have light shone on them. At this level of development, astrophyllite helps a person to recognise disparity and assists transformation of those issues so they become more in line with the aspirations of the higher self. This resonates well with the effect Pluto has when in Aquarius.' 'Astrophyllite acts to bring about an understanding of much higher wisdom. Part of this involves considerable expansion of astrological knowledge and the use of crystals. For a person who is evolved enough to use astrophyllite, it can facilitate accessing wisdom from other times, places, dimensions and galaxies."

Patricia Godden is a scientist turned astrologer. An increasing spiritual awareness led her to study esoteric astrology gaining her diploma from the White Eagle School of Astrology. She is interested in how astrology helps people unfold their spirituality and has studied the link between astrology, crystals and spirituality. This article includes extracts from her book that was published in September 2017 Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality. Her first book Housing your Planets: Everyday Interpretations and Spiritual Perspectives was published in 2015.