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Library News

The AA Library office and archive have now relocated to Saltash in Cornwall - not far from its old home in Landrake.

The Library remains an extensive reference resource but is no longer configured for browsing by visitors. Any Member who wishes to have access to Library archives should contact librarian Trudie Charles in the first instance: library@astrologicalassociation.com

There is also an office mobile number which is checked regularly. Texts or voicemails can be sent to: 07706 343201

At the 2017 conference there was a sale of pre-loved surplus books from the Library. Offered below the Book Finder prices current at the time, these books attracted a lot of interest and sold well. We also intend to sell a significant number of rarer, higher-value books which were not offered at Conference via the AA website - along with the unsold stock from Conference at those reduced prices.

Watch this space for updates...