The Astrological Lodge of London Centenary 2015
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This is a summary of the main events so far planned for the Lodge Centenary Calendar. Later editions of In the Loop will carry more information.

January - March 2015

Classic lecture series The second half of our usual Monday night lectures will comprise delivery of the text of a classic lecture previously delivered at the Lodge in the last 100 years. This will include lectures by Sepharial, Alan Leo, Charles Carter, and Charles Harvey amongst others.

May 2015

Spring conference in Harrogate The first astrological conferences in the UK were hosted by the Lodge in Harrogate. A mini conference (plenary track only) will be arranged with the help of astrologers in nearby areas.

July 2015

A special centenary edition of the Astrology Quarterly will be produced to appear as close to the anniversary as possible.

Summer party This is to be scheduled to take place as close to our actual anniversary (13 July 2015, 19.15) as possible, on a Saturday evening in a pub in London. A highlight of the evening will be the launch of a book detailing the history of the Lodge and containing memory pieces from older members.

September 2015

Astrology Day in Brighton The Lodge hosted a number of days on scientific astrology in the 1930s. This day is intended to reflect that and will be arranged in association with the Brighton Astrology Group. It will be a one day event in the centre of Brighton and will involve one to three speakers.

October 2015

Online conference/seminar An online conference will be held and publicised via Facebook. This will comprise a set of three to four talks that have previously been given at the Lodge.

December 2015

This centenary year will end with an Astrologers Feast!

In the seventeenth century eminent astrologers of the day (including one William Lilly) would meet regularly at the Painter's Hall in the city of London - and essentially party. The Painters Hall has been booked, and the evening is to have a seventeenth century flavour in ambience, with the food itself being loosely based on 17th century recipes. Seventeenth century costume will be strongly requested (although formal dress will be acceptable). Costuming advice will be given with bookings and a small booklet is being prepared advising how to create an appropriate costume at low cost and for minimal effort. As the idea is to get into the seventeenth century atmosphere as much as possible, there will also be 17th century music.

There will be only 175 places for this very special event; tickets will be on sale from the beginning of 2015. Members and visitors to the Lodge will have the option of paying in instalments at Monday night lecture meetings.

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