Astrology and Crystals
by Patricia Godden Dip. WESA MAPAI

August 2014

I qualified with the White Eagle School of Astrology and have had an interest in spirituality for many years. Several years ago, I became interested in the link between astrology and crystals. In meditation, I was shown that there is at least one crystal for each planet in each sign. I 'simply' had to find out which!

This work began at a mental and intellectual level, trying to find links between crystal structures or chemical composition with planets or signs. While there appeared to be some links, this method was not exposing links throughout every planet-sign combination. Eventually, I put aside all the books and thought I would try an intuitive approach by picking up a crystal and asking which planet-sign combination it related to. In some cases, the answer was instant. In other cases, I would have to go back to a crystal a few times or even over several months. After several years, the set was complete: there was a crystal for each planet in each sign.

During the process of finding these links, I had started to make notes. These became more extensive and deeper and now form a book that I hope to get published. The book is based on my own astrological training and experience together with research on crystals combined with intuitive perceptions of the crystals. While holding each crystal it seemed that it could resonate with many levels of a person ranging from a purely physical level to how it could help a person relate to others and finally to a much broader spectrum of life, including the person's soul and spirit. I recognise that just as different astrologers will bring different interpretations out of any planetary placement, different people may intuit different associations to crystals. The ones in the book are the connections that I intuited.

This article includes the excerpts from the introduction and the sections on the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Libra. These positions have been chosen as they are where the luminaries will be for London at midnight on 1st August 2014, the earliest this edition of In the Loop could be released.

This book describes how astrology and crystals are each means of tapping into the energy of the spirit to find out more about the true self and the spiritual qualities being developed in this life. Through this knowledge, you can learn how to cooperate with the process of life more harmoniously and constructively.

Astrology has been studied for as long as people have been observing the positions of heavenly bodies and correlating them with events in life. It is a science based on repeated observations over thousands of years. Through astrology, we gain greater awareness of the character and make-up, the type of response to situations, ways of thinking and interacting with others. By understanding our nature better, we can work with it rather than against it. We are more able to make the most of any situation in which we find ourselves. This makes life more congruous. Crystals have also been used throughout the ages. They affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as spiritual unfoldment. By holding crystals we can align our energies with the lessons we are trying to learn through life, see the challenges and work to overcome them. Using astrology and crystals together, we recognise what we are wanting to achieve in life and can work towards mastering deep soul lessons.

The energies of planetary positions manifests in different ways depending on the development of the soul. One level of planetary energies that relates to personal life and the self is expressed when there is a greater interest in the physical level of existence and the comfort of the person's own body and life. At another stage of development, the soul is also concerned about the well-being of fellow human beings. Yet another stage extends to consider the interaction of humankind with other parts of earthly life, the plant and animal kingdoms and the good of planet earth itself. As the soul develops, it becomes more aware of finer properties of each planetary placement. The lessons become more subtle and involve levels of consciousness that have not previously been examined. When all lessons have been learned and incorporated into the soul, it merges back into the spirit.

Just as the position of the planets resonate with the various levels of the human being, so too can crystals. There are many books relating individual crystals to different parts of the physical body, how they may assist recovery from illness, maintain a healthy mind and body and help overall well-being. Emotional conditions have been related to the properties of crystals and specific crystals identified for helping a person cope with different feelings. Mental abilities can be promoted by crystals. Certain stones and minerals can enhance clarity of mind, decision making, logic, rational, learning and wisdom amongst many other faculties of the mental body. Crystals can help with spiritual advancement in various ways depending on the state of development of a person. This is a wide field and includes increased psychic awareness with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Other spiritual properties such as inner strength, steadfastness, wisdom and love can be enhanced by crystals.

Human characteristics and qualities thus resonate with the zodiac placement of planets and with properties of crystals. The energies of the planets in the signs have similar vibrations to particular crystals. If a person knows the natal positions of the planets, not only is it possible to learn more about the strengths and challenges of each placement but it is also possible to select the corresponding crystal and enhance understanding and learning and make the most of the chosen life. If the current position of a planet, a transit, is enhancing the strengths of the natal placement, the appropriate crystal can help the person make the most of this and take full advantage of opportunities it is presenting. On the other and, if a transit is bringing up challenges of the natal placement, the crystal can help a person learn what this is trying to teach and promote soul growth through the learning experience.

Sun in Leo

The Sun is in dignity in Leo so this is where it can express itself outwardly most easily. Consequently, this native has radiance, warmth and vitality. Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life lead to a generally happy outlook. The person can be generous and giving, genuinely wanting others to have pleasure in life. These properties arise from the soul lesson of a person with the Sun in Leo, which is love through love. It can be a joy to be with such an upbeat person. However, the personality also wants recognition of these positive attributes. It is beneficial for the person to find a balance between expressing the natural assets and being over-enthusiastic or effusive, which can leave more timid people feeling a bit overshadowed.

There is inherent pride in accomplishments. This can range from simple delight in doing something well to a puffed-up sense of self-worth and self-importance. While it is acceptable to be proud of genuine achievement, it is helpful for this native to avoid becoming overly proud. Pride, like other emotions, is expressed in an uncomplicated and candid way. A person with the Sun in Leo is learning to integrate the aspirations of the higher self that understands pure love into a physical world with its many challenges. Dealing with the emotions is a vital part of this interface through which the soul can grow and develop.

Just as the Sun is the centre of this universe, this native also likes to be the centre of attention. Being noticed is not only enjoyed by this person but necessary. It provides recognition of assets of the individual and acknowledgement of uniqueness. This can lead to a tendency to be ostentatious in behaviour and appearance; mannerisms and dress may be flamboyant. These are natural ways of radiating the inner energy and identity of the soul. Fiery, dramatic outbursts may be impressive but counterproductive. Gradually, the native learns when demonstration of these facets of the personality are appropriate and when it is advantageous to be more moderate and modest.

There is a confidence and surety with the Sun in dignity in Leo. Together with the abilities to encourage and motivate others, these attributes lead to the person being a natural organiser and leader. The native often has other peoples' best interests at heart but is well advised to control the proneness to be bossy. Avoiding excessive dominance is also helpful. Directing others by positive leadership and encouragement is often more acceptable. Learning to be tactful can be a tremendous advantage to a person with the Sun in Leo.

Just as the Sun provides the warmth and light that allows nature to grow and develop, a person with the Sun in Leo has a naturally creative ability. It is one way of expressing the power and radiance of the Sun. Channelling this energy into projects that require overt show, that are colourful or even flashy, can be a positive outlet for the magnanimous personal attributes. Vitality can be focussed constructively and provide satisfaction and fulfilment.

A citrine crystal

A crystal associated with the Sun in Leo is citrine


Citrine is a trigonal crystal of primary formation. It is quartz, silicon dioxide, with aluminium, iron, calcium, magnesium, lithium and sodium. It is transparent, yellow and flashes and sparkles in the light. Rainbows of light can be reflected from the inner structures making this a beautiful stone.

This crystal has a lovely warm feeling that resonates well with the combined warmth of the Sun when in the fire sign of Leo. The golden colour also links with the Sun as the provider of light and heat to earth. There is something comforting about citrine with an underlying feeling that all is well. These properties relate to the positive outlook and confidence that are present when the Sun is in Leo.

This warmth of citrine is stimulated by the inner sparkles of light that increase awareness of joy, radiant energy and a love of life. The flashes of light and rainbows enhance the overall feeling of well-being by helping a person take delight in life and feel the joy of being alive. The positive characteristics of the Sun in Leo are encouraged by holding citrine. However, this crystal has a gentle feel to it that moderates over-enthusiasm and effusiveness that can be demonstrated with this placement. Citrine thus encourages balanced expression of the nature of this sign by enhancing its assets and regulating the tendency to excess.

While the beauty of citrine can be admired, the gentle nature of this crystal curbs pride and immodesty. It is therefore advantageous for a person with the Sun in Leo to hold citrine as it allows recognition of merit, self-esteem and honour without undue smugness or arrogance. This stone can be stunningly beautiful but its energy does not impose or intrude in any negative way on the surrounding environment. This assists a person holding citrine to be dazzling and the centre of attention while maintaining awareness of the sensitivities of others. Citrine thus helps balance the inward and outward flow of energy so there can be attention on the native but the native is also more attentive of other people. The coordination of the colours in the rainbows seen in citrine and the golden yellow of the matrix of the crystal encourage good organisational skills. The combined effects of these properties of citrine promote qualities of effective leadership, the person that people want to follow.

The natural sparkles and flashes of colour within citrine stimulate a desire to put the wonderful attributes of the Sun in Leo to best use. This crystal helps a person to be discriminating and know when it is acceptable or even advantageous to be colourful and flashy and when it is wiser to be more modest. Similarly, citrine promotes knowledge of how to be flamboyant and an exhibitionist in suitable and creative ways. This facilitates expression of identity and individuality. The soul can manifest the aspirations of the spirit, the higher self through the vehicle of the physical body on earth.

Holding citrine has a calming effect on the emotions so they are appreciated without needing to be demonstrated forcefully. This is a helpful vibration to a person with the Sun in Leo, who is aware of feelings and likes to express them openly. Courage is enhanced by this stone.

Citrine encourages the warmth and love of the Sun in Leo while moderating effusive showiness.

Moon in Libra

When the Moon is in Libra, feelings and responses of this luminary are affected by the air element of the sign. The ability to react is tempered by thinking about what is happening and weighing up a situation. Responses are kind and considerate but objective. The native considers the feelings of people in the light of intrinsic fairness and justice. These are real assets in circumstances where tact and diplomacy are necessary. The mediating abilities associated with Libra are enhanced by the sensitivity of the Moon. Consequently, this person is able to help others through problematic times by blending sympathy with understanding. However, too much thought about a problem, perhaps out of concern about upsetting someone, can lead to indecisiveness and impair the ability to react. The native is learning how to integrate the sensitivity and responsiveness of the Moon with the logical and rational mind of Libra when processing information and in interactions with others.

The emotions are most calm when there is harmony and balance in the life. This contributes to a sense of well-being. Discord or an unbalanced life can provoke uneasy feelings. The native does what is possible to react appropriately even in inharmonious conditions and by so doing, is learning how to rise above the world of emotions and be objective about feelings. There is respect for the feelings but they are not allowed to gain the upper hand or dominate life.

The native may want to please others due to the Libran need to maintain harmony and concord. Peoples' reactions are important and they contribute to a general sense of well-being and comfort that help in coping with life. Not only does this native like interacting with others, particularly a close or special person, but also feels more secure when in meaningful relationships. There is a strong liking to have a companion or partner. The absence of a close relationship in the life can lead to a sense of insecurity and an underlying feeling that something is not right. When the Moon is in Libra, the native is discovering how to integrate personal needs with those of other people, of self and non-self, in a balanced and congruent manner.

The graceful ease of a person with the Moon in Libra adds to the general sociability of this person and the ability to be kind and understanding. However, excessive demonstration of these qualities can result in difficulty in reacting spontaneously in group or intimate situations. The native is so aware of wanting to please others and bring harmony and understanding to as many situations as possible, that it is challenging to show feelings or state the personal view about a situation. Being aware of these potentialities helps prevent them from happening. It is beneficial for this native to appreciate that personal needs, views and feelings are as worthy as those of other people.

The native is striving to mirror the unconditional love and ideal aspirations of the higher self in earthly existence. At a deep level, a person with the Moon in Libra is trying to reflect the love for the creator through the physical level of life by responding to people and events in harmonious ways.

A green calcite crystal

Green calcite is associated with the Moon in Libra.

Green calcite

Green calcite is calcium carbonate. It is in the trigonal crystal system and made by primary or secondary formation. It ranges from pale green to emerald green and is transparent to translucent. These physical characteristics impart a lovely fresh feeling to the stone. It is similar to the fresh way that a person with the combined sensitivity and understanding of the Moon in Libra can tackle a tricky situation or difficult interaction between two people. The green colour gives the impression of harmonising opposing forces in a gentle and unassuming manner that is characteristic of this placement.

The green colour of this calcite also resonates with Venus, the ruler of Libra. The colour itself helps to balance turbulent emotions and harmonise the active outer mind so that both feelings and thought are brought under the control of the higher self. In this way, green calcite helps a person to rise above feelings and reach that place of dynamic stillness, where right action is motivated by pure love. This is closely linked to the aspirations of the spirit when the soul has chosen to have a planet in Libra. The native is able to react with the best intentions for all concerned when that planet is the Moon.

The slippery feel to the surface of green calcite gives it a watery, fluid feeling. This resonates with the Moon and its ability to change. Holding this crystal helps a person respond in the most appropriate way to different situations. This can be likened to the way a person with the Moon in Libra can react with sympathy or more logically with understanding, depending on the needs at any one time.

There is a smooth feeling to green calcite, as if energy is flowing around it. Holding green calcite can help a person express self more fluidly and easily in intimate relationships and group situations. This is beneficial for someone who hesitates or finds it challenging to be open and spontaneous with people because their opinions are taken into account at the cost of considering personal needs and wishes. The energy of this stone thus assists a person to balance the needs of others with those of self.

Holding green calcite brings a feeling of the warmth and love of the creator and enhances the same feeling inherent in the mind in the heart. It also promotes looking at interactions with others from a finer level. Through unconditional love, the holder is able to feel as well as understand more about a situation and then respond from a clearer perspective free of individual wants and desires. These attributes resonate well with the goals of the Moon in Libra. Green calcite increases awareness of the nature of these goals and consequently helps a person be able to reach them. It is easier to integrate spiritual qualities into the soul.'

These are only two of the one hundred and twenty crystals linked to planetary placement. In due course, I hope the book will be published so all of the other associations will be in the public domain.