h5> Birmingham Astrology Group
by Chris Bason

October 2014

Birmingham Astrology Group logo

The origins of Birmingham Astrology Group are to be found at Kingstanding Leisure Centre, Birmingham, when at 9:23am on 2nd May 2006, the group was founded. The elected chart for the time highlighted a kite formation, with Uranus on the M/C in Pisces, which seemed appropriate, given the swimming pool surroundings. And so it was, the group, originally named Kingstanding Astrology group, began its regular monthly, Saturday afternoon meetings.

As befits our Cancer Ascendant and its Ruler (Moon in Cancer, in the 12th House), we met quietly each month over the next few years, analysing charts and learning from each other. Group members were, and still are encouraged to contribute to monthly meetings, whether taking part in a group discussion relating to charts currently in the news, or, leading a session focused on their own particular astrological interest. Time is also set aside to analyse charts of members who may be seeking advice on various issues.

Thus the group continued to grow at the Leisure Centre, until change arrived on 1st October 2011, in the form of Frank Clifford, when we held our first all day workshop, at the nearby Toby Carvery. Indeed, something special was about to take place, and fortuitously, in keeping with our North Node in Aries in 10th house, Arian, Frank made the first of many successful visits to us. Jupiter was moving through Taurus, our Sun Sign, and Uranus had made conjunctions to our Venus and North Node.

However, more changes were afoot, when in early 2012, we had the opportunity to change our home. By March 2012, with transiting Sun conjunct the M/C and Uranus, Mars transiting I/C and Part of Fortune, we moved from the leisure centre to the more prestigious Perry Tree Centre as this befitted our Taurian Sun's need for greater comfort. Once installed at Perry Tree, a competition was held to design a group logo. The winning entry, by Chris depicted 'A Bull' at the centre of a horoscope wheel, thus reflecting, both to the group's Taurean Sun, but also recalling 'The Bull', (the emblem for our hometown, Birmingham.) It is perhaps significant that the group's Sun lies on Birmingham's M/C and that both charts share the same North Node. Subsequently, in July 2012, it was decided to change our name to Birmingham Astrology Group.

The move to Perry Tree was also instrumental in consolidating organisation within the group, with longstanding member Gill taking care of finance, Pauline looking after refreshments, Hazel directing room bookings and Chris contacting speakers and organising workshops. Thus the group continued to develop in a steady but creative manner. However, change was once more about to breakthrough, when on 10 April, 2013 (New Moon in Aries), Chris launched our website, just as Sun, Venus and Mars were transiting the groups Mercury. Consequently, we were able to reach a far wider audience.

Building on the success of our first workshop with Frank Clifford, we have now developed a regular series of all day events, inviting a wide array of speakers, including Deborah Holding, Maggie Hyde, and Sue Tompkins to name but a few. These workshops have proved immensely successful and have not only attracted people from further a field, but also helped introduce new members to the group. Indeed, we are all looking forward to the next event in November, when Deborah Morgan will speak to us on 'Astrology and Madness'.

On the whole, the group, has stayed true to its Taurean heart, loving its creature comforts, looking forward to its monthly meetings, and discussions, whilst not forgetting the obligatory refreshment break, our annual Christmas meal, and just for the record, we are already planning our summer outing for 2015.

All in all, Birmingham Astrology Group continues to grow and evolve, endeavouring to invite interesting speakers, covering a wide range of topics, with the ultimate aim of learning more of this amazingly interesting subject, whilst attracting new members.

For more information go to Birmingham Astrology Group or contact: chrisbason@blueyonder.co.uk