Draconic Astrology: what drew me to it and how I studied it
By Patricia Godden

For those who are not familiar with the term 'draconic zodiac' it might also be helpful to describe the link between the tropical and draconic zodiacs. In the tropical zodiac, the south and north nodes of the Moon are points where the path of the Moon round the Earth crosses the ecliptic, the path of the Earth around the Sun, as the Moon travels southwards or northwards respectively. Simplistically, the tropical south node indicates the soul's past experience and the north node points to what the soul is striving to achieve in the present incarnation. These nodes can be found at any pair of opposing points of the zodiac in a person's tropical chart. In the draconic zodiac the north node of the Moon is defined as 00°00 Aries. All planets and angles are relocated by the number of degrees between the tropical position of the north node of the Moon and 00°00 Aries.

While studying for a diploma in astrology, lessons on the draconic zodiac brought greater depth in understanding people's lives. Subsequently, I wrote a thesis on the life of Madame Curie (born: Warsaw, Poland, 12.00 hours, 7th November 18671, died Passy, France, 4th July 19342) and found the draconic zodiac often explained her deepest inner drives better than the tropical zodiac. One particular example was at the end of her life. The biwheel comparing her draconic birth chart with the draconic chart for midday on the day of her death showed several exact alignments. There was an exact conjunction of Neptune across the two charts: 00° 29' Scorpio in the natal chart and 29° 27' Libra in the chart of her death. These positions of Neptune formed a T-square to two draconic natal positions: the ascendant at 29° 40' Cancer and Uranus at 00° 21' Aquarius on the descendant. Each of these points was within 00° 30'of the beginning of fixed signs. In addition there were two Jupiter-Pluto links. Draconic Jupiter at birth at 15° 38' Virgo was conjunct draconic Pluto death at 13° 18' Virgo. Draconic Pluto at birth was at 02° 45' Sagittarius conjunct draconic Jupiter at death at 03° 27' of that sign and both were conjunct the IC at 06° 15' Sagittarius. There were other links between the two charts but these were the most remarkable. The involvement of the draconic outer planets and draconic Jupiter shows the deep transformation to her soul at birth and death. When I looked at this, I felt that her soul had decided the date of her death even before she was born. This had a profound effect on me.

To put this into perspective, it was necessary to look at the biwheel comparing the tropical charts of her birth and death. The Sun at 11° 30' Cancer at death is conjunct the natal descendant at 12° 01' and natal Uranus at 12° 43'. At death, Neptune at 10° 06' Virgo is conjunct the natal tropical north node at 12° 21'in the eighth house. There is a conjunction between tropical Jupiter at birth at 28° 00' Aquarius and tropical Saturn at death at 27° 40'. Each of these links can indicate limitation or the end of something, in this case her life. However, they did not have the same impact on me. I wanted to know more about draconic charts.

About this time, I was re-reading the lesson at the end of the advanced course of the White Eagle School of Astrology on draconic astrology. Most of the lesson links draconic astrology to the soul impulses. However, the lesson stated that "the contacts between the tropical and draconic zodiacs serve to 'materialise the spiritual and spiritualise the material'". For me there was an immediate question here. Does the draconic zodiac describe soul impulses or spiritual direction? Having trained with an esoteric school, I have learned that the tropical zodiac provides insight into the physical life, soul and spirit. If this is the case, what extra information can the draconic zodiac provide?

In order to begin to answer these questions, it was necessary to try to understand the terms 'soul' and 'spirit' better. There is much written about the soul and spirit in the teachings of White Eagle, channelled through the medium Grace Cooke and published in books by the White Eagle Publishing Trust. To summarise in one sentence, if that is possible, the teachings say that spirit is the spark of life and this directs the soul, which acts as an intermediary between spirit and the physical life. Through many lives, the soul gains much experience until it is a completely conscious manifestation of spirit. I tried to get a better understanding of this by meditating. What I present here is from my meditations and I recognise other people may have different experiences and gain other insights. Nonetheless, in meditation, I felt that spirit is life, it is the life force that drives everything. While it is intangible, it is in all that is tangible. The soul is something that comes out of spirit. It takes form in a formless way so that it can experience life in a physical body.

Some insight into how this relates to tropical and draconic zodiacs again came from meditating. From a number of meditations, one struck me as particularly descriptive. The tropical zodiac was seen as a walk along a street of skyscrapers. I could see the buildings near me as well as the street behind and in front of me. However, there was not much view of the sky and the whole scene was rather grey; my vision was limited. This reflects the physical life, particularly where there is little awareness of anything other than the nitty-gritty of everyday existence. By comparison, the draconic zodiac was like being in a plane above the earth and clouds. Vision extended to the horizon in all directions. It was light and sunny. From here it was possible to see the purpose of this life. The soul knows what it wants to experience in this lifetime. It has the vision that the earthly personality may not have. Looking upward from the plane can be compared to looking into the spiritual level of life. It goes on for ever, infinite as well as eternal. At this level, there is no time or space but, at the same time, all time and all space including the street with the skyscrapers and the plane. This level of life is very light, very bright. It was too bright for me to see what was there. It is beyond the comprehension of my human brain and may be a level of astrology of which I am not yet aware.

Very few people have written about draconic astrology. The most known author is the Reverend Pamela Crane. Another author is Dennis Elwell. Consequently, I have found very little information on the history of draconic astrology. It goes back to Babylonian times and Edgar Cayce may have used this zodiac in some of his readings. I do not know how or why draconic astrology was established but speculate that it was after years of correlating carefully calculated positions of the Moon's nodes with the overall aim of people's lives and insight into their souls. The people who did this must have been very wise.

As mentioned earlier, the house and tropical sign of the nodes of the Moon indicate past soul experiences and current soul intentions. The draconic zodiac goes beyond this to look at the soul's higher purpose in all areas of life, depending on the house and draconic sign position of each of the planets. Over a period of several years, I have meditated on the draconic interpretation of the planets and zodiac signs. These are my own experiences and, as written above, other people may have different or more extensive insights. In some cases, draconic interpretations were like a higher, finer level of tropical interpretations with a subtle development but in other cases, they appeared to be completely different or opposite. Here are some examples.

Tropical Capricorn can represent material status and ambition while indicating a liking of structure and an ability to organise. Meditating on draconic Capricorn showed that it expanded into the structure of life on all levels and dimensions, including into worlds invisible to the human eye.

Tropical Gemini relates to variety, the mind and making connections to people and facts. There is often much business. Meditation suggested to me that draconic Gemini relates to an overarching mind, an all-encompassing mind in which everything is known and connected to everything else. There is no need to connect in this infinitely connected state. Consequently, there is absolute stillness.

Tropically, Venus indicates harmony and beauty. It is also linked with relationships, money and finance. At the draconic level, Venus is like a transformer that steps down the infinite and unconditional love of Source/the Creator to a level that the soul can cope with. Many souls, if exposed to that infinite amount of love, would blow a fuse.

Tropically, Pluto signifies transformation, beginnings and endings, the unconscious mind, power and obsessions. Draconically, Pluto is the dynamic stillness of maintaining perfection as it evolves. It is the spirit of power and the power of Spirit.

These and further interpretations have been used in delineating the charts of Nelson Mandela, which appear later in another article in this issue of In The Loop.

With the ever-increasing experience of progressive lives, somehow the draconic chart should be able to indicate the level of soul development; how 'old' the soul is and how close it is to mastering earthly life. It may be that the ability to interpret a draconic chart in this way also depends on the level of evolution of the astrologer. If this is the case, those who founded draconic astrology must have been advanced souls or people who were inspired by beings far wiser than most humans can currently comprehend. May research in draconic astrology continue.


1: Data obtained from the White Eagle School of Astrology.

2: Date of death taken from the book 'Madame Curie' written by Eve Curie, translated by Vincent Sheean and published by The Reprint Society, London, 1942. She died in Passy, France 'At dawn, when the sun....was beginning its journey across a beautifully pure sky, when the full light of a glorious morning had filled the room.....'. As I could find no exact time of death, I have calculated charts using a time of 05.30 hours.