Interview With Heidi Treier

This is the transcript of a Skype interview with the Astrological Association's Christine Chalkin, conducted on 27th February 2014

Heidi Treier has been a professional astrologer since 1974 and is a certified astrologer with the DAV (The German Astrological Association) since 1986. She owns and runs the Astrology Centre in Cologne, Germany, and she also lives there with her husband.

Christine Chalkin: Hello Heidi, we first met at the international Astrological Association Conference at York University in 2005. I translated one of your talks from German into English and I remember that your work was fascinating. That seems like a lifetime ago, what have you been doing since then?

Heidi Treier: I feel that the world has changed dramatically since 2005, unfortunately the number of students at many schools has gone down significantly and some schools have closed. The extreme planetary configurations of recent years, reaching their peak this year in April, have also meant that many astrologers have had to change their thinking. Many more connections are now emerging between astrology and other disciplines such as homeopathy and complementary healing, tarot, and also adapting to new scientific evidence.

I have been researching Heliocentric Astrology since 2006, in conjunction with solar activity and Neuro - spirituality. We have adopted an analogy between the energy oscillation between the sun, earth and man. Through awareness and intention exercises in workshops with our students we were able to experience some very interesting results. After placing both their natal and their heliocentric horoscopes before the participants, we asked them to visually adjust to the changes between the two. With a combination of concentration and deep, regulated breathing they accessed the neocortex . We noticed a significant change in their mental perception, and they reported an incredible sense of peace, it was as if they had reached some kind of serene 'inner centre'.

In 2007 I published as a guest author, the results of my own research on Trans Pluto at the Swiss Astro Forum SAF . I consider Trans Pluto as a "higher information transmitter" and I use it in all my astrological interpretations.

Then in 2010, in collaboration with my colleague Sibylle Sulser from IPEI Zurich, we published The Heliocentric Horoscope - The connection between the sun, man and earth. We have just republished an expanded edition that includes the interpretation of the images on the aspect of the heliocentric plane. I find that the most exciting thing about this work is the fact that we have worked across two systems. I work as a former student of Thomas Ring, based on the revised classical astrology while Sibylle Sulser has made her investigations based on the Huber method. Since the 60's I have been interested in and inspired by the research of Dr. Theodor Landscheidt and his work on "Trans Pluto " (also known as ISIS).

CC: This work sounds so exciting Heidi, you have been busy! You founded and now direct the Astrology Centre in Cologne where you teach and train astrologers. When did you set this up and please tell us some more about it.

HT: My DAV licensed training center in Cologne was set up in 1991. Over the years I have trained and qualified over 400 astrologers. Some of my former students have become teachers themselves, some have their own schools and some now have an internationally recognised reputation (e.g. Alexander von Schlieffen, who also teaches at the school in London, and Sabine Bends, who also runs a training centre).

CC: What is your main aim in astrology and what are your personal strengths?

HT: An important part of my work is in training for integrated human development which I have offered for almost 20 years. While in the past the focus was more on psychological developments, today the focus is on the mental-spiritual plane, moving into new sciences such as neurotherapy or neuro-spirituality. Incorporating the work of Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Joe Dispenza. My main strength is being able to support people during their different stages of personal and spiritual development.

CC: Who has inspired you on your astrological journey?

HT: I started as a self-employed astrologer in 1974 and like many at this time I started off self-taught. Later I became a student of Thomas Ring who has always been an inspiration for me. But I've also learned so much from Reinhold Ebertin, Bruno and Louise Huber, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas. I have also studied the methods of Wolfgang Dobereiner and I still incorporate some of his techniques within my work today.

CC: I always thought that astrology was more respected in Germany, what is your opinion on this?

HT: Unfortunately I cannot confirm that astrology is more respected in Germany. There is still the same scepticism that media Horoscopes and dubious astrology hotlines are all that astrology has to offer. As in most countries there is a "hard line" taken by mainstream science against astrology. Sadly, I realise again and again that we astrologers, whilst we include astronomy in our work, they have no idea about astrology and therefore they repeat the same nonsensical arguments decade after decade.

CC: You have recently taken up the position of media and press secretary for the DAV, what does this work entail?

HT: Yes, I took up the leadership of this group precisely for the reasons mentioned above. The DAV wanted to create a public relations group to spread the knowledge of the importance of serious astrology as an ancient science. We want to expand the various platforms through press releases and sending out enhanced information through publications and on the website. We hope that this will gradually change the perception of astrology in the consciousness of the masses. We are trying very hard to regulate anything that goes out through broadcasting on Television or radio, but this is often impossible as material is cut and changed before it goes out.

CC: Does astrology have any connections to German universities at present?

HT: After qualifying at my school a professor from a German university went on to teach on my courses for several years and now holds a professorship in Switzerland. As a professor of history he managed to include the history of astrology in his lectures and to offer some astrology courses as an option. Basically it is only possible to introduce astrology under the technical term "psychology" or as "the history of astrology" . Of course it is still subject to a lot of scepticism and high resistance.

CC: You have presented lectures and workshops at international conferences and world congresses in Switzerland, England, Russia, Austria and the USA. Are you still traveling to these countries?

HT: Yes, I do still travel but I restrict myself to Europe. Each year I am invited to speak at seminars and conferences in Austria and Switzerland. I don't tend to go to the USA anymore as the long distance travel is too much for me these days. I would like to come back to England sometime, especially when my work is translated by such a competent and friendly colleague like you!

CC: Thank you, that's kind of you! I understand that you are presenting a workshop in Spain next year, what will the theme be?

HT: Yes, I very much hope that this workshop in Andalusia will take place. It is not about astrology at all, as it belongs to a series of seminars for personal and intellectual development. This will be a wonderful location to facilitate this kind of transformative work. The time will be filled with shamanic dance (taken from the 5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth) creative transformation work on the Chakras, mixed with Visualisation and awareness exercises - as well as plenty of good food and sensual pleasure!

CC: It sounds wonderful, I also hope that it goes ahead. You said that you feel we should all work together in the promotion of astrology, spreading knowledge through information and awareness, do you see any way that different countries could work together?

HT: I have always known that cooperation at international level should be much stronger, unfortunately sometimes language is a barrier. I feel that we must continue to create more ideas on how to connect and support each other. I have been pursuing this for several years now with my colleague Sibylle Sulser of the IPEI Institute Zurich. A few weeks ago she came to my school to present an exciting workshop on Prenatal influences and family taboos. We jointly hold lectures for heliocentric astrology, either in Switzerland or in Germany. I have offered various seminars to other schools, for example to Peter Fraiss in Vienna and in Zurich. My main topics are Trans Pluto, Heliocentric astrology, Lilith and Jupiter cycles and the importance of Chiron, particularly since Neptune went into Pisces.

CC: Apart from your passion for astrology what are your other interests?

HT: I certainly do have a few hobbies, when my time permits my husband and I love to go sailing and we also like to go trekking. Until about six months ago I jogged for 1 hour every day, but now I'm using this time in the morning for yoga.

CC: It has been lovely speaking with you Heidi and I hope I will get to see you again in the near future, either in England or Germany. Thank you so much.

HT: Me too, dear Christine