Interview with astrologer Jean Elliott
by Sue Farebrother
Astrologer jean Elliott

Director of, the online school. Jean is a keen gardener, and has created an astrological garden for the AA Conference several times.

The interview took place at the 2013 Conference, on the eve of Jean's talk. The 2013 Conference was on the theme of 'The Magic of Astrology'.

SF: How did you first get into astrology?

JE: In 1977, I was working for a Housing Association, and we had an accountant who was 30 years older than me. She drew birth charts for people in the office and I asked her to do mine. I didn't know my birth time, but she rectified it and I've always used that time of birth.

I bought a book, Julia Parker's The Compleat Astrologer, and I learned how to draw up charts. I sent Julia Parker one I'd done, for a bloke I was having a relationship with at the time. He was born in St Lucia, and I got it right! She wrote back this very long letter all in astrological jargon about progressed this and progressed that, saying I should have my chart done, and I should do a Faculty of Astrological Studies course, which I did.

I eventually got my Diploma in 1984, and that's basically how I started. I had a vague interest in spiritualism, and I think when she did my chart I related to that area. There seemed to be a connection there, and I think one thing led to another.

SF: You're giving a talk on the 12th house: A Witches Brew tomorrow, how does that tie in with astrology that you learnt while studying for your Diploma?

JE: I've been working on the outer planetary cycles for 3 or 4 years, and I was looking a lot at early Christianity. I was working with the Neptune-Pluto cycle. That was before the theme of the Conference 2013 was announced, and I realized I had left out studying the period of the witch hunts. So I started to look into it, and then the theme of the Conference was announced. The theme was magic, so I thought 'I'll do it!' I put myself forward as the speaker representing my astrological school, for the APAE thread. I thought, I've already started to look at this, so I'll see if there is a connection between the witch hunts and my understanding of the twelfth house. I have a twelfth house Sun square Neptune, and I could see I could look at how my talk could relate to today's people who have twelfth house energies. I could use the words 'witch hunts', I could use the word 'pagan'.. lots of people with twelfth house planets have difficulties with these placements, as far as I know.

I just made the connection, it's all fitted into place really well and I found some historical information about the Inquisition records, and so on.

Personally, I'm pagan, but I'm not sure if I would apply the word 'witch' to myself, although I know astrologers who would also consider themselves to be modern day witches. I'd like to develop my magical side. I think I want to get more in touch with a magical animistic reality, rather than a mechanistic one.

SF: Can you say something about what other kinds of astrological work you do?

JE: I'm busy running the college, and I have to turn down a lot of other work. I'm writing and rewriting a lot of course material, such as the mundane astrology section. Then some of the case studies need to be replaced, and so on.

SF: What do you see as your next step in astrology, what more would you like to do?

JE: I would like to write a book on astrological gardening, making it really acceptable to try and also draw in people who are into gardening but don't know anything about astrology.