Jupiter and Saturn
by Ingrid Lind

November 2014

Keywords for Jupiter: Expansion, Preservation

Jupiter as a personality is rather overwhelming. If we isolate Jupiter and think of him as personifying a planetary principle, the picture emerges of someone a bit larger than life size. A jovial, kindly person, but one whose friendly slap on the back nearly knocks us over. Jupiter belongs amongst the Gods, and when he descends too far into matter he is apt to perpetrate jokes that are not in the best of good taste.

Think of Leda and Europa. Jupiter must stick to the heights, his expansion in religion or philosophy and philanthropy is admirable. When he descends too low, he becomes the buffoon.

Potentially Jupiter is strong in an individual chart:

(a) if one of his own Signs, Sagittarius or Pisces, is rising;

(b) if the Sun is in either of these Signs;

(c) if Jupiter is angular - particularly if rising or conjunct the Midheaven;

(d) if he is strongly aspected -particularly if in strong aspect to Sun or Moon.

Unlike Mars or Saturn, a strong Jupiter is never a force for evil. But it is a big mistake to think that because he is termed the 'greater benefic ' that he can be relied on to produce prosperity, good luck or benevolence. What he can be relied on to do is to expand or exaggerate an existing situation. In an individual chart, therefore, if Jupiter is rising the personality is magnified, but (as is also the case with Sun rising) it is necessary to study the complete chart to see what kind of a person it is whose personality is to function with increased impact. If the chart shows a kindly, noble individual, then the accentuation of the rising Jupiter will help them to shine forth their kindly beams. If the chart shows mediocrity and insensitivity, then Jupiter will descend to his lowest as a loud-voiced, loud-laughed, outsize bore. Kindly and well-meaning, but a bore.

Sign Placing of Jupiter

Jupiter in Sagittarius is at his most friendly and optimistic. There is a restless enthusiasm, as all the free-ranging , freedom-loving qualities of Sagittarius are exaggerated. Intuition and quickness of thought are intensified , so that interests must be constantly changing . It is as well to realise this need for fresh fields and use this quality for initiating projects without expecting much enthusiasm for the more routine follow-up work . If well aspected, there is aspiration, an instinctive feeling for higher things and a noble, effortless trust in God and good. Badly aspected, especially with a 5th house connexion, there is over-confidence , love of gambling , and carelessness. The trust in God can degenerate to a senseless trust in luck.

Jupiter in Pisces has the same kindly instincts, taken a step further into philanthropy or self-sacrifice. Sometimes it is not so much self-sacrifice as self-disguise, for the infinite adaptability of Pisces makes it very much the actor Sign. The true character actor who loses his own personality in the role he is playing. But acting is only one way of externalising an exaggerated instinct to merge.

At a high level, this is mysticism and unity with the Godhead. At a more mundane level there is secret or behind-the scenes work, where the ego is submerged and gets no immediate credit for the work performed. Badly aspected or in a weak chart, this can exaggerate the muddles of Pisces, the vagueness and lack of practical common sense. It can also increase the escapist tendencies of this sign - love of drink, drugs and sensationalism. But the faults of Jupiter, though irritating , are always due to an amiable intemperance; an inability to put on the brakes.

Jupiter in Cancer is in its traditional exaltation. There is not more kindliness than in Pisces, but it is possibly the cardinality of Cancer that allows a more controlled benefic action. In Cancer it is easiest for extremist Jupiter to tread the middle path and here we find neither the remote mystic nor the gone-to-seed sensationalist but the practical, kindly family man. No Sign could make Jupiter mean; this would be to reverse his whole potential, but thrifty Cancer has the happiest controlling effect on Jupiter's prodigality and there is a happy combination of good sense and good luck. Even in bad aspect there may only be excessive hospitality or protectiveness.

Jupiter in Gemini or Virgo is in his traditional 'detriment '. He is not really at home in the mercurial world of reason and ratiocination. He prefers to jump intuitively with the sureness of a well-aimed arrow. His exaggerative effects therefore do not bring out the best in himself or his surroundings and there is too often verbosity and diffusion of ideas and interests. In a well-aspected, balanced chart, these tendencies can be overcome. In a weak chart, there is superficiality and a wordy pretence of knowledge.

Jupiter in Capricorn is also ill at ease. He must expand something and be as kindly as possible, but in the Saturnian ambience his hospitality is allied with ambition. He may be a good host, but the guest is there for a purpose - it would be nonsense to say that all with Jupiter in Capricorn are social climbers , but insofar as one can generalise on isolated factors, and having no particular chart in mind, this is a failing of the generosity/ambition combination.

Space does not allow details of Jupiter in every other sign, but his influence is to expand matters related to the sign and section of the chart where he is placed.

Jupiter in Aspect

It is often said that astrological influences do not cancel each other out. This is true, but the kindliness and nobility of Jupiter well placed or in good aspect can so help and preserve that in two charts with violent aspects, if one has a helpful Jupiter and the other has not, the chances of the first native to survive danger would be greater than those of the second . Aspects from Jupiter introduce the note of trust that brings its own reward. The optimism associated with strong aspects from Jupiter to the lights or to Mercury may be unfounded but it creates a positive atmosphere of hope which is healthier to live in than one of unrelieved gloom and pessimism.

Jupiter in good aspect or in conjunction with the Sun increases vitality, and strengthens the impact that the native makes on his fellows. The same is true of Moon-Jupiter aspects and the whole disposition is kindly and just. Difficult aspects between Jupiter and the lights are equally expansive but result in lack of tact and boisterousness. It is difficult to live up to the best of Jupiter, because the best is so very good. Nobility, justice, kindness, truth - he represents all that man should aspire to to attain perfect maturity. And, in fact, maturity is the period in life governed by Jupiter, when the active, Martian phase has borne fruit.


Keywords for Saturn: Limitation. Cold.

It is not a difficult mental exercise to isolate Saturn and view him as a personality . We see an elderly man, aloof from the arguments of Gemini, the loves of Venus, the aggression of Mars and the plenitude of Jupiter. Here is one who has learned that the law of life is inexorable. He has no need to mete out justice because he knows that effect will follow cause as night the day. He seems cold and unsympathetic to the enthusiastic young as he sits and watches their mistakes, waiting, like Time, for experience to teach them.

Saturn defines the utmost limits of material life. He represents solid achievement on the physical plane through recognition of the values of cold reasoning, hard work and self-discipline.

The Saturnian potential in a chart shows the ability of the native to apply the brakes; to be controlled and self-governing and also to accept what comes to test him in his journey through life.

The tests and sorrows of Saturn are the heaviest we bear and it takes a strong man to emerge uncrushed. Thus we find that afflictions of Saturn are associated with failure and bitterness or worse still, a cringing, craven fear that nothing will be left. Saturn symbolises the deepest descent into matter where a hard shell obscures the higher planes from which help could be drawn.

When assessing a chart for material success and achievement, Saturn plays an important role. Without his reinforcement there can be lack of purpose and ambition. To be one-pointed a man must channel his energies and Saturn provides a steely channel that permits of no diffusion.

Potentially Saturn is strong in a chart

(a) if Capricorn or Aquarius are on the Ascendant;

(b) if the Sun is in Capricorn or Aquarius;

(c ) if Saturn is angular (although in a weak chart this can be over-restrictive, i.e. strongly limiting);

(d) if Saturn is strongly aspected in a congenial Sign

Since Saturn primarily limits and controls, there are few quarters of the chart where he is welcomed. His natural position in the Tenth house (the Capricorn house) is the most desirable, and Saturn here, even in an otherwise rash or fiery chart can give a serious, one-pointed attitude to career matters. This is easy to rationalise, since a career is something associated with duty and responsibility. We expect to be tied down by our work; to submit to authority in youth and to have the responsibilities of high office in later life.

Saturn in the first House is a heavy personal weight. In a strong chart there is self-discipline and the native is often his own worst taskmaster. In a weak chart it is debilitating or he is put upon.

In any House the influence of Saturn can be traced in the attitude of the native to matters pertaining to that House. In the first House he takes himself over-seriously and therefore risks being a bore of the heavy-weight variety; over-humble or self-deprecating. In the second House finance is taken seriously and is turned into a burden by the native's attitude; or there may be circumstances or deprivations which enforce a serious attitude. It is never easy to predict if the native is evolved enough to wish to use his Saturn and shew intense concern and responsibility for the affairs of the House involved or whether he will be at the receiving end of tests and troubles of that House. It may be truest to say that for most of us there is a bit of both. Difficult progressed aspects to Saturn certainly bring events calculated to test our weakest points and our capacity for patient acceptance. Thus Saturn natally in the Sixth House may produce an employer who spares himself nothing to improve the lot of his servants, but it is also likely that there will be an undue amount of trouble and sickness to be dealt with. In other words the Sixth house represents the department of life in which he has to bear his burdens. This may be an important pointer when advising young people on career. Does Saturn perhaps point to the field where duty is indicated? One would have to go a bit carefully here as an afflicted Saturn might be completely restrictive of success. It might be truer to say that as life advances the experience gained from Saturn in a certain field might profitably be passed on to others.

Sign Placing of Saturn

Saturn in Capricorn is rather like Saturn in the tenth House. Ambition is increased and the native accepts duty and responsibility in its proper place and he does not tactlessly spill his authority over in fields where it is unwelcome. Saturn in Capricorn is like a judge or general or politician, all-powerful in his own sphere but able to relax and be human outside that sphere. Even difficult progressed aspects to Saturn in Capricorn are less sad and heavy than the same to Saturn in an uncongenial sign. They stimulate the natural capacity for duty and may coincide with success through increased responsibility or promotion. In the case of Saturn in Aquarius, the weight and seriousness is in Air instead of in Earth. Seriousness and ambition in mental and humanitarian matters.

Ambitions are not personal but for the community or state. This is far from cosy and when youth and enthusiasm have passed, such a person may find himself lonely as a result of his own stern determination to be detached and impersonal. Much the same will result in a strongly Saturnian chart with Sun in Aquarius or Aquarius rising. Accent on these two in whatever combination will have the same effect.

Saturn in other signs

Saturn stays for long enough in any sign to be considered with the other heavy planets as a background influence and it is therefore safer, when describing personal characteristics, not to place too much significance on Saturn in this or the other Sign. But such placing must be remembered as a significant factor when considering progressed aspects. Here the strength or weakness of the natal Saturn pays a vital part, and a progressed trine to a weak Saturn will not magically produce solid results. It would, however, be unwise to pretend that every child born in a given three years when Saturn is, say, in Cancer will share a marked personal characteristic.

Saturn in Aspect.

The keyword 'limitation' must never be forgotten. The limitation may be the restriction of liberty following success or a high position. The present Queen's Saturn-ruler overhead (in Tenth by Equal House) and square to rising Jupiter is typical of this. But sorrow, heaviness and misfortune are also typical of Saturnian afflictions and in combination with Moon, Mercury or Venus there is often ungenerosity of outlook if not actual meanness.

The simplest way of assessing aspects of Saturn is to consider the other planet concerned; to assess it apart from the Saturn contact and then decide on the basis of the person as a whole, what the control or imitation of Saturn will add to your picture. In a fiery, go-ahead chart a helpful aspect from Saturn could add just the necessary amount of control to channel the energy productively. On the other hand, too much restraint may sour the nature so that the heats and desires are unbearably thwarted and there are outbursts of cruelty. All depends upon the quality and quantity of the energy that is thwarted. A square or opposition from Saturn to Mars may result in no more than lack of stamina or inability to finish a job and so on. Before making hasty judgments, it is necessary to decide if the rest of the chart paints a picture of someone strong and noble or of a weak, mean creature, liable to give way under the pressure of life. And finally, aspects must be looked at through the lens of the combined Rising and Sun signs. We must form a picture of what kind of person is using the particular energy combination. A 'cruelty' aspect seen through a Libra-Virgo lens would look very different from the same combination working through Aries-Capricorn.


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