The Astrological Association Reference Library
by Trudie Charles

November 2014

Charles Harvey, the founder of the AA Library, would have welcomed the present rebirth of this valuable astrological resource after its long dormant period in storage. A Pluto transit to my natal Jupiter Saturn trine linked to NN delivered the first Library boxes in October 2011 to its present Cornish location. The original plan was to combine the library archive in one storage location, however given the Pluto Uranus square impact, what evolved is a positive signature of that planetary energy. The bi-wheel chart of the event shows those interesting cosmic influences, which turned my Methodist Sunday School home into an astrological reference library.

Books were liberated from their boxes onto shelves; presently there are about 3000 on display. This year Archive records were digitalised; thanks to the enthusiastic help of Tellus European volunteers with good IT skills, periodicals and newsletters were added to the library database. We are now in the process of scanning rare and fragile books, periodicals and archive papers to make them available.

All AA publications (Journal, Correlation and Astrology and Medical Newsletter editions) have been scanned and will soon be available on our revised website. As access to this extensive reference resource is part of the AA membership, it is definitely worth extending your current 'In the Loop' membership.

The Library is now once again available to members and joiners. Located in South East Cornwall, the library can be visited by appointment with librarian Trudie Charles. For those unable to visit, enquiries may be made by email: or telephone: 01752 852193


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