Power, Passion and the Morning after the Night Before: The Chart of the AA's 46th Annual Conference
by John Green

September 2014

What an interesting chart we have for this year's conference. There's a lot to absorb but there's a few aspects in particular I feel may resonate over the weekend.

As might be expected we certainly couldn't miss the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that has been a part of all of our lives for several years now. In this chart the conference's Mercury in Libra in the 8th house gets caught up in a T-square with them. I'm certainly expecting this to cause some interesting discussion throughout the two days, both in the talks and in the more informal discussions we all engage in over food and drink in the main areas. It suggests a buzz of ideas about where the world will be going over the next few years and probably a few arguments as normally 'on the fence' Mercury in Libra gets pushed into making its point more forcibly. With the theme being the 'Power of Astrology' I'm sure will see some powerful arguments.

Venus in Virgo in the 7th house suggests some interesting relationships could be on the cards but it opposes Neptune in Pisces. Maybe we will see some romances flowering at the conference but we should beware - things are never all they seem with Neptune and what seemed like a match made in heaven could be dissolving all too quickly one the weekend is over. Perhaps better to channel that Neptune energy into a more spiritual context!

Finally, as I mentioned the food and drink earlier, who could fail to spot Moon in Taurus square to Jupiter in Leo! Am I the only one expecting some overindulgence? That Taurean Moon certainly can't resist some creature comforts and so I have my fingers crossed that the usually great food at the venue will be stepped up a notch to meet this Moon's needs. Add in that Jupiter in Leo and it's certainly time to dress up, sparkle, shine and worry about the hangover later. Expect some shamed faces on Sunday morning! And if you're asking - mine's a pint.

2014 Astrological Association chart