The Silent Auction
by Robert Anderson

September 2014

Members who attend our annual conferences will be familiar with stands and stalls offering educational courses, membership of astrological organisations, astrological software - and of course a well-stocked bookshop. But there is a quirkier attraction to be found as well - the Silent Auction.

Displayed on the auction tables will be a variety of items - all offered at temptingly low reserve prices. On offer for 2014 are a half-price residential 2015 Conference place, two half-price MAYO/LSA student conference places, Solar Fire V8 software, and an upgrade from V8 to the latest V9 Solar Fire software. 'Time Passages (Advanced)' software is also up for auction.

In addition to these 'big ticket' items there will be a range of books donated by their authors including Babs Kirby, Jessica Adams and Roy Gillett plus a collection of audio cassettes from past conferences. In addition, tarot, homeopathic and astrological readings will be on offer from Sue Farebrother and Sue Tompkins. Inspired by a previous talk on "knitting your own astrologer", our multi-talented secretary and librarian Trudie Charles will be offering an astro-themed child's jumper.

Unlike a normal auction where goods go under a hammer wielded by a vociferous auctioneer, a silent auction is quite a discreet affair. Items are on offer from Friday afternoon to just before Sunday's final plenary session. All bidders have to do is write their names, contact details and the sum they are prepared to pay on a bid sheet next to the item of interest. As bids escalate in value, bidders are at liberty to re-bid up till close of play - when the highest bidders come to pay for and collect their purchases. Provided that reserve prices are reached or exceeded, items can be sold.

The Silent Auction is a light-hearted part of the Conference scene and Trudie & I hope you will enjoy bidding and maybe coming away with a bargain. So - please don't be backward in coming forward!