Starburst Astrology Group
by Maureen Ravenhall

October 2014

The Bucks and Berks local group was formed on November 14th 2006 at 19:52 in Flackwell Heath, Bucks, the then home of Wendy Stacey, after a brief conversation at the previous AA Conference between Wendy, (having just moved there from London), Val Young and myself. We couldn't believe our luck when we saw the venue which was a sun-room adjoining a lovely indoor swimming pool and surrounded by garden, so although we started with just a handful of founder members we swiftly grew in numbers to around the current thirty six.

We had six happy years enjoying the lovely facility and the generous hospitality of Wendy, who attracted speakers from far and wide, often offering them a sleepover if they had travelled from afar. We sometimes benefited from tying in a Conference speaker, either before or after the main event, en route to or from the AAConference, gaining from Wendy's contacts and hospitality. The proximity to Heathrow was (and still is) a big advantage and we have been lucky enough to have had such speakers as Ben Dykes, Alexander Von Schiffner and Tadd Mann to name but a few.

When Wendy moved back to London a couple of years ago, Janet London very kindly offered her home in Beaconsfield for our new venue and we continue to benefit from the warm, comfortable and welcoming hospitality that can only be found in someone's private home. This time, no pool but an equally lovely garden room, this time adjoining her kitchen and the hub of the house. Janet's husband, Christopher, very generously set us up with a large TV screen and the facility for speakers to use Power Point, which by now many speakers had progressed to. He is always there to help 'set up' for those of us less technically inclined and I think he secretly soaks up and learns/enjoys more and more astrology, sitting there at the back of the class!!

If anybody cares to put up our chart it reveals all, of course. With Cancer rising and the Moon conjunct the I/C why wouldn't we have a warm, homely, caring venue with lots of emphasis on the coffee and biscuits and any excuse for a party? (our December meeting always develops into one) With five planets in the fifth house (which also explains the choice of Star Burst as our name), we are out to have a good time! However, those planets are in Scorpio and they include the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury so we are also very serious and dedicated to learning more about our subject.

At the same time, we are a group of mixed abilities and welcome new members of all levels of astrological knowledge. We are also extremely casual and friendly. Most of our speakers return again and again and we are lucky enough to continue to have many of repute. On the other hand, we do also love to welcome new speakers. We are an ideal group to come along and use as a spring board or as a dress rehearsal before giving a talk at a larger, conference meeting. Among our list of known and revered speakers we have also had some brand new first timers, often very refreshing in their approach. We'd like more and I, as speakers organiser, would be really happy to have a list of names of speakers, old and new, willing to come and visit us. Don't be shy. Our members enjoy all forms of astrology, from Mundane and Horary to Natal and Psychological. The choice is yours.

Our meeting place is equally well placed for the M40, the M4 as well as trains from London to Beaconsfield. The underground even runs to Amersham, which is nearby, and we can usually arrange for someone to meet and drive you the rest of the way.

Maureen Ravenhall,