Winning Football : The Astro-Logical Perspective
by Alan Ayre

2014 is World Cup Finals year and once again the footballing public from England to Australia, Spain to Costa Rica, Germany to Nigeria, and from Italy to Brazil are looking forward in anticipation. Will Brazil, the hosts and record five-times-winners, be champions again? Or will it be four-times-winners Italy? Or will Germany do it again? What chance has England got this time around? And what place could astrology have in creating a World Cup-winning team?

When Alf Ramsey (England's only World Cup-winning manager so far) was asked why he picked Jack Charlton (not the best English centre half at the time) he replied: "I have a pattern of play in my mind and I pick the best players to fit the pattern, I don't necessarily always pick the best players." In his book A Game of Ideas: Thoughts and Passions From the Sidelines Marcello Lippi (World Cup winner with Italy in 2006 and twice voted the best football manager in the world) explained "team spirit and cohesion are of prime importance: a group of the best players do not necessarily make the best team. What is more important is that the coach finds the right combinations of players for the chosen formation but also, finds the right formation for the chosen players." In other words the manager needs to understand the essential character of each player in relation to the group dynamic and anticipate the effects of interaction with the opposition. Rinus Michels, a former Barcelona manager, put it like this: "it is an art in itself to compose a starting team, finding the balance between creative players and those with destructive powers and between defence, construction and attack, never forgetting the quality of the opposition and the specific pressures of each match. "

All agree that the criteria for creating a winning team are less to do with having the best players and more to do with having the right combinations. A winning team is a complex inter-dependence of individuals in a harmonious, balanced, relation to the whole. Astrology can help find that elusive balance and cohesion.

The six winning astro-principles

(for more details on principles 1-3 please refer to my book Football aims for the Stars : how the constellations can affect planet football)

1) A successful footballer understands him/herself. It is vital that a player knows who s/he is at a basic, instinctive, level; for example is s/he a predatory Leo striker, a technically perfect Virgo, a strategic Libran playmaker, or a flying Sagittarian wingback? The essential character is shown by the position of the sun in the horoscope. The moon is symbolic of the feelings and emotional responses. Mars shows the degree of drive, the will to achieve, physical prowess and courage, or the lack of it. Mercury is concerned with the way a player thinks, movement and dexterity.

2) A high-performance player is on the same wavelength as key team mates. Paradoxically, many players only play to their full potential when in a good partnership - astro-logically the most effective partnerships have a sun/sun, sun/mars, or sun/moon connection. For example, when the retired Pele (moon Cancer) was asked who his best strike partner had been it turned out not to be a striker at all but Brazil full-back Carlos Alberto (sun Cancer): " I always knew where Carlos would be, and what he would do, even when I couldn't see him."

3) A successful player has the right coach/manager. Astrological compatibility between a player and coach is vital for the player to fulfil his/her potential: criteria, as above but also includes sun/mercury connections. For example, the teenage David Beckham (sun Taurus) was fortunate at Manchester United to have Nobby Stiles (sun Taurus) as his coach and mentor. When David was loaned-out to Preston North End, he was fortunate that the manager, David Moyes (sun Taurus), liked him and spent time helping him develop. When he joined the United first team squad he was on the same wavelength as the first team coach Brian Kidd (mars Taurus).

4) Both players and coaches should feel 'at home' at their club if they are to give of their best. Astro-cartography reveals where circumstances will work in their favour, where the geo-cosmic energies will help them fulfil their footballing potential. On the other hand, it shows places where they will be challenged, where hard work, self-discipline and extra effort will be required to make any sort of impact.

5) Successful teams have cohesion. As Ramsey could have said, World Cup-winning teams have an underlying astrological pattern: e.g. England 1966 - Nobby Stiles (sun Taurus) Jack Charlton (sun Taurus mars Libra) Alan Ball (sun Taurus mars Aries) Geoff Hurst (mars Aries) Bobby Moore (sun Aries) George Cohen (sun Libra) Bobby Charlton (sun Libra). There was an astrological link at the heart of the team, a union of intent and action enabling free flowing football. In addition, Alf's 'pattern' was well balanced - with five outfield players from the earth and water signs (solid, dependable, resilient, and determined team players) complemented by five from the fire and air signs (flare, guileful, inspirational, and strategic). Experience has shown that well-integrated teams are more flexible and resistant to transient fitness and form than purely cohesive sides:-

6) Sometimes cohesive teams perform below expectations if they have been designed around one or two zodiacal signs, especially when those signs are receiving adverse aspects from Saturn (slows reaction times, reduces energy levels, and can sap confidence), Chiron (associated with strains and stresses: psychological and physical), and/or from Neptune (weakens physical drive and undermines mental focus). On the other hand, optimum form and peak fitness have been shown to coincide with harmonious planetary alignments from Jupiter (inspires a positive attitude, increases energy levels with the promise of victory or at least, glorious defeat), Uranus (heightens awareness, speeds up reaction times, and intensifies the will-to-win, and Pluto (which can bring drastic changes for good or ill). Managers should, therefore, be aware of the ebb and flow of geo-cosmic waves in so far as they affect their players' collective fitness and form so that they can plan accordingly.

Examples of Winning Teams

(note: Even if you don't like or understand football, but are interested in relationships and group dynamics then please read on, because it is the astrological connectivity between the players that is most important. In many of the cases below the players performed over and above their perceived ability levels because of the positive geo-cosmic resonance they enjoyed with their team mates.)

Ipswich Town

Former England manager Bobby Robson came to prominence at Ipswich. In 1981 he won their one and only European trophy: "my UEFA Cup winning team was the best side I ever managed; the players just gelled" said Robson in his autobiography.

Ipswich nucleus BURLEY (sun Gemini, mars Aquarius) MILLS (mars Aquarius) THIJSSEN (sun Aquarius) MUHREN (sun Gemini) OSMAN (sun Aquarius, mars Gemini) MARINER (sun Gemini) BRAZIL (sun Gemini)


Alex Ferguson first came to prominence at Aberdeen. In 1983, fielding a cohesive nucleus, he surprisingly won the European Cup Winners Cup beating Real Madrid 2-1 in the final. In 1986 Ferguson was appointed manager of Manchester United and went on to become one of the most successful club managers in the world.

Aberdeen nucleus: McLEISH (sun Aquarius, mars Taurus) MILLER (sun Taurus) STRACHAN (sun Aquarius, mars Taurus) SIMPSON (moon Aquarius, mars Sagittarius) COOPER (sun Sagittarius) HEWITT (sun Aquarius) WEIR (mars Sagittarius)

Costa Rica

Former Partizan Belgrade player, and Mexican-Serbian coach, Bora Milutinovic - nicknamed the Miracle Worker - is the first manager to take four different countries beyond the Group Stage at the World Cup Finals; in 1986 he took Mexico to the quarter-finals: in 1990 he led Costa Rica to surprise victories over Scotland and Sweden: in 1994 the USA won their first World Cup match since they beat England in 1950 and in 1998 he beat Spain and came top of his Group with Nigeria.

Costa Rica 1-0 Scotland: 1990 World Cup Finals Group stage.

Costa Rica nucleus: CONEJO (moon Aquarius) GOMEZ (sun Aquarius, mars Virgo) CHAVES (sun Virgo) RAMIREZ (mars Virgo) CHAVARRIA (mars Aquarius) FLORES (mars Cancer) CAYASSO (sun Cancer) JARA (mars Cancer)


In 1996 Marcello Lippi led Juve to the European Champions League title.

Juventus nucleus: PERUZZI (sun Aquarius) TORRICELLI (sun Aquarius, moon LEO) FERRARA (sun Aquarius, mars Libra) PESSOTTO (sun LEO) CONTE (sun LEO) SOUSA (mars LEO) DESCHAMPS (sun Libra) RAVANELLI (mars Libra)

And then in 2006 he won the World Cup with Italy:


Italy nucleus: GATTUSO (mars LEO) MATERAZZI (sun LEO, mars Taurus) GROSSO (mars LEO) PIRLO (sun Taurus) CANNAVARO (sun Virgo, mars Taurus) TONI (moon Virgo) PERROTA (sun Virgo)


In 2010 Spain won the World Cup for the first time with a well-integrated team:

Holland 0-1 Spain: World Cup final 2010

Spain nucleus: CAPDEVILA (sun Aquarius) PIQUE (sun Aquarius, mars Aries) PUYOL (sun Aries) RAMOS (sun Aries) BUSQUETS (mars Aries) XAVI (sun Aquarius, moon Taurus) INIESTA (sun Taurus) FABREGAS (sun Taurus)

Nevertheless, in the early stages, Spain were knocked out of their confident stride by a Dutch side that seemed content to clog their way to victory. Towards the end of extra-time, however, their intuitive passing and free flowing football began to take its toll on the opposition and in the 116th minute Fabregas combined with Iniesta to score the only goal and make Spanish history.


Extract from Winning Football : The Astro-Logical Perspective by Alan Ayre to be published later this year.