The 48th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association: Building Bridges and Expanding Our Horizons
2016 Conference Programme

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14.00 - 16.30 Pre-Conference Masterclasses

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Ben DykesHow to Interpret Natal Lots ('Arabic Parts') In this talk, Ben Dykes will explain how to interpret six natal Lots as special examples of 'Fortune': Father, Mother, Children, Marriage, Friends, Action. These Lots will be illustrated by numerous chart examples, and everyone who attends will immediately be able to start using Lots in their own.

Mark JonesExpanding Our Horizons: the Outer Planets as the Higher Octaves of the Personal Planets This workshop will explore the revolutionary idea of the outer planets as higher octaves of the personal planets: Pluto as the higher octave of Mars, Uranus of Mercury and Neptune of Venus. It will show how this understanding can reveal the nature of the Soul's purpose contained within the natal chart.

Conference Opening

17.50 - 18.35 OPENING PLENARY with Darrlyn Gunzburg How Do Astrologers Read Charts - the continuing story In working with astrologers with an experience of 20- - 30 years of consultations, I have explored what they experience when they read a chart. This lecture therefore reveals how these astrologers step across the boundary from themselves to the client's chart, and their, and thus possibly your, experience of reading a horoscope.

19.15 - 20.15 PLENARY - The Carter Memorial Lecture 2016: The Elegant Universe with Christeen Skinner. At conference we revive our love affair with astrology and share our awe of the Music of the Spheres. Across disciplines and in the wake of the Uranus-Pluto square, mankind is down-loading information that draws attention to the Elegance of the Universe.


09.00 - 10.00 Choose between:

Paul MayoTwelve Commandments The biblical 'Ten Commandments', thought to date from around 1250 BCE, undoubtedly share their ancient roots with astrology. Paul suggests that a modern cross-fertilisation between the two can add something to astrological understanding and therefore practice. The history of astrology may go back further than is generally accepted.

Yuriko HarwoodThe Sun and the Moon: 1900 the East Meets West We yearn for a soulmate to integrate yin and yang. Yukiko will explore the encounter of Puccini and a Japanese geisha, Sadayakko, at the Paris International Exhibition in 1900. She will examine their horoscopes to see how the Sun and Moon manifested in their lives.

Marcos PatchettIdentifying Life Purpose With astrology One of life's Big Questions, which most people ask of themselves at one time or another, is 'Why am I here?' Fortunately, astrology provides a roadmap. This talk will cover several traditional techniques to identify the most appropriate and constructive avenues for personal development in a birth chart.

Anthoula LioniAstrological Markers for Depression and Anxiety Which are the astrological markers for depression and anxiety in the natal chart? Can depression/anxiety be predicted? How to handle the depressed/anxious client? How much information is it right to deliver? The importance of understanding the natal Moon (emotion) and Mercury (cognition).

10.15 - 11.15 Choose between:

Michael LutinPlanetary Significators: The Effective Way to Connect all the Dots of the Horoscope Dispositors (traditional and modern), morning planets and planetary pictures ultimately make up your bottom line when it comes to finding your strengths. They represent the energies you ultimately trust and rely on, governing your growth and evolution in life. They represent the links that string your horoscope into a coherent functioning source of creativity, not to mention holding your mind together.

Darrelyn GunzburgFuture Perfect? A Look at what 2017-2020 Holds Using Visual Astrology Visual Astrology is the astrology of the whole sky at its origins. By observing the movements of the planets in the sky through the eyes of the earliest Assyrian astrological writing from the 7th century BCE it is still possible to get a unique and remarkable clear overview of the shape of the future today.

Paul BarkerChara Karakas & the 4 Paths of Life : Vedic astrology describes 4 principal life paths that are followed by the incarnating soul: artha, kama, dharma and moksha. This talk will discuss the meaning of these terms and how the life paths of a person may be seen in charts using the concept of planetary significators or chara karakas.

Carol TaylorSelf and Other: the Ascendant-Descendant The Ascendant-Descendant are interwoven, the light and shadow of the birth moment. The Ascendant is our first view of life, the story of our reception into the world. The Descendant is the mirror image - the 'secret self' which completes the story and meaning of our birth. We will explore the significance of this axis, our own personal horizon.

11.30 - 12.15 PLENARY Ben DykesSeeing and Blindness: How to Use 'Aversion' in Natal Charts 'Aversion' is the dark counterpart to aspects, and in traditional astrology refers to planets and signs that cannot see or aspect each other. Ben Dykes will show how to interpret and use this extremely important concept in natal charts, including in audience charts.

13.45 - 14.45 Choose between:

Margaret GrayThe Internalization of 'Good Enough' Parental Archetypes as Central to Loving Adult Relationships Using Psychological Astrology we will explore the developmental journey from dependency to independence and interdependency. Looking at the importance of this process in our adult love relationships we will focus on self-nurturing and how an understanding of our Birth Chart and transits, can help us heal the parts of this process that are underdeveloped.

Karine Dilanian Nicholaus Copernicus and Reform of Astrology Nicholaus Copernicus' book 'On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres' is considered a major event in the history of science that produced a 'paradigm shift' and contributed importantly to the scientific revolution. However, what was Copernicus' attitude towards astrology, how his ideas were met by his contemporaries-astrologers? How they influenced a great reformer of astrology Johannes Kepler and the father of modern astrology of 20th century Alan Leo? In addition, how far are we now from his ideas?

Marilyn BurnettLife Beyond Self-Imposed Limitations This colourful Power-Point presentation introduces the Huber Method's unique concept of the house system's Energy-Curve, demonstrated with charts of well-known people. This reveals our psychological strengths and weaknesses, uncovering blocks that cause anxieties, neuroses and depressions. By uncovering the cause, we can step beyond self-imposed limitations and start living more creatively.

Richard Swatton - The Horary Process: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Art Drawing from the work of William Lilly, modern-day practitioners and the author's own experience, this talk offers a guide to learning the craft of Horary Astrology. Its main emphasis, however, is not on techniques but on the attitude of the astrologer who uses them - perhaps the most important factor in determining successful outcomes and confident Horary judgements.

15.00 - 16.00 Choose between:

Mike HardingThe Persistence of Patterns We shall look at a wide range of natal and mundane charts in which key patterns repeat, sometimes over centuries. As well as exploring familiar (and family) aspects, the examples will include some surprises which unravel a few of astrology's less recognised repetitions.

Wade CavesLike Clockwork: Timing in Horary Astrology: Horary textbooks cover a lot of ground, but few really draw out the mechanics involved in timing events. What techniques are consistently recorded? Are they all equally reliable? Is there a more straightforward approach that can be taken? This presentation uses horary charts to demonstrate an organic approach to timing.

John Wadworth The Role of the Astrologer: What, on Earth, Are We Astrologers Doing? Why study astrology? What motivates us to practice? How do we best serve our clients? This talk explores the power of intention, client expectation and perceptions of the astrologer's role. The chart gives us 'inside information', but how to present that? When should we offer advice, should we ever predict? Are we counsellors, therapists, shamans even?

Graeme TobinCulpeper's Astrological Medicine - Galenic, Paracelsian or Hermetic? When Culpeper was alive, there was a crisis of knowledge, and in medicine the Paracelsian alternative was popular. Astrology was central to Culpeper's herbal practice but where did his affinities lie regarding the application of astrology to the natural world, health and remedies?

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Maurice Fernandez New Light on the 12th House Maurice has conducted extensive research on the 12th house, shedding light on this foggy corner of the zodiac to better understand its fundamental importance. Join this fascinating lecture and learn about the glamor as well as deep existential issues associated with this archetype.

Hakan KirkoglouPolitics, Intrigues & Astrology in History: Astrology and politics have been bedfellows throughout history. Astrologers unavoidably had to tangle with rulers and Machiavellian intriguers amid ever-changing milieu of politics. My recent MA study on astrology and court culture in the eighteenth century Ottoman Empire illustrates many instances of how astrologers were situated themselves in politics at their own risk. This lecture sheds light on various cases where astrology, politics, religion and wars were mingled.

Ryuji Kagami Saving the Dying God: Jung's Red Book and Astrology Astrologers in modern times are faced with a difficult dilemma. How do we justify our astrological thinking in this increasingly disenchanted cosmos? Jung was one of the few thinkers who both struggled with this dilemma, and offered a viable solution. In 'The Red Book', we can find his strategy as a form of mythical vision. Take a look at its astrological symbolism.

Arlan Wise Double-Session Writing WorkshopThis is a two-hour writing workshop that is geared for astrologers. We discuss Mercury and his role as the writer's friend. We look at the charts of well-known authors and also of the students in the class to see what Mercury and the third house has to say about each one's writing style. There will be exercises of various sizes to write on astrological topics. We read our work to each other, and discuss our writing without criticizing. We can help each other discover and gain confidence in our writing strengths, and encourage each other to start/continue/finish our personal writing projects. It will be fun as well as educational.

17.30 - 18.30 Choose between:

Arlan Wise - Double-Session Writing Workshop, continued

Jonathon ClarkHorary Astrology For Business Will my customer pay? When will my employee return to work? A chart drawn for the moment the astrologer understands these questions and many others asked in a business context can provide accurate answers and help the client allocate their energy in the most effective way.

Dick van der MarkChiron, Pholus and Nessus and the Transformation of the Human Condition The discovery of the Centaurs has been a major step in human evolution. Being carriers of family karma, they make clear that human life isn't just an individual quest. Traumas of the ancestors appear mostly as undeserved events. How do we comprehend the old conceptions, experiences and beliefs stored in the DNA-binding proteins? Can we redeem the past in the present?

Janet SaundersThe Journey of the Soul According to classical and Arabic writers, the soul descends through seven planetary levels, taking on planetary attributes at each level. This talk spans thinkers from Plato to Ficino, from the Corpus Hermeticum to Rumi. What are the consequences for us of their cosmology?

After-Dinner Talk with Michael Lutin - Neptune; Faith and Foolishness; The nodal axis, with Chiron Makes it hard to keep working at the same old stupid grind when everything within us is crying out for a miracle, a break from spiritual exhaustion. You look everywhere for a clue, a hint, a glimmer of light to indicate that the Universe hears you and something magical will come to you. But will it?


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John WadsworthThe Astrology of Vocation: Turning What You Love into What You Do Vocation is often primary to an astrological consultation, but how equipped are we to deal with its complexities? More than simply offering practical career advice, we must also consider a person's passion, calling, sense of life purpose. John will suggest ways of approaching indicators of vocation in the birthchart from a more holistic perspective.

Paul BarkerThe Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology: Stars, Symbols & Sensuality The nakshatras or lunar mansions describe an ancient Vedic system of interpreting the constellations and incorporates elements of Hindu mythology, symbols, animal totems and deities. This can reveal a wealth of information in relation to personality, relationships, sexuality, etc. Some of these elements will be discussed in this talk.

Margaret GrayUnderstanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive Relationship Patterns Few people have not experienced a compulsive or addictive relationship pattern. Understanding the key astrological, mythological and psychological features of these patterns, enables us to choose new life enhancing ways of experiencing the powerful planetary archetypes at their core. Join me as we explore the key astrological features of these archetypal energies.

Barbara Dunn'Medicinable or Mortal?' William Lilly, Simon Forman and the 'Prognostical part of Physick' This presentation will explore early modern astrological methodology and technique relating to illness, disease and other disorders. Examples from William Lilly's casebook material and 'Christian Astrology' will be examined, together with Simon Forman's casebook material and his 1606 version of 'The Astrologicalle Judgmentes of phisick and other Questions'.

10.15 - 11.15 Choose between:

Mike HardingWhat's Your Style? Working With Quintiles Kepler's Quintile (5th Harmonic) aspect is well researched and can tell us much about our style of being. Drawing on the work of Addey, Hamblin and Harvey, we shall see how the Quintile series plays out in the lives of the famous and infamous.

Yukiko Harwood Saturn in Sagittarius: The Social Phenomenon of Japan Saturn transits through Sagittarius until December 2017. Yukiko will contemplate the message of Saturn in Sagittarius. Furthermore, she will look at how Japanese society resonated to Saturn in Sagittarius and how the collective glimpsed the image of divinity in the 1980s and 1950s.

Dick van der MarkThe Black Moon and Black Sun: Bridges to Oneness The words Black Light seem to be a contradiction in terms. Although they don't even exist physically, these lights are of great importance in the chart reading. The Black Lights do not indicate a psychological feature, talent or habit, they tell us the story of awareness beyond ourselves. The effects in daily life however are a real challenge for the Ego.

Sonal SachdevaTithi: How your Sun-Moon Angle Determines your Challenges and Good Fortune Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology) has a very distinct and hugely significant meaning for the Solar-Lunar aspect and its precise degrees in the birth chart. This angle flavours one's life and shows us the themes we are certain to encounter. Similar to the Solar return chart, the annual Sun-Moon return chart (Tithi Pravesh) gives us the big themes for the year ahead.

11.30 - 12.30 Choose between:

Paul MayoWho Counsels the Wise One? To maintain a steady flow of clients, astrologers have to be a mixture of entertainer and shaman - not just accurate prognosticators. We play the role of counsellor, healer, doctor, philosopher, priest and friend in need. But who heals the healer? Who guides the guide?

Sue MartinDNA and the Cosmos: How the Time of our Birth Imprints upon our DNA An overview of the levels of consciousness, the archetypal patterns and the ancestral heritage contained within our genetics. Cosmo-Biology is the key to uncovering the storehouse of Light and Wisdom that resides within our individual genetic imprinting - our unique cellular Template.

Smiljana Gavrancic Uranus in Taurus 2018 In 2018 Uranus will enter Taurus, and the Moon will be at 26° Taurus (Algol - symbol of Moscow). From the point of degrees, Russia is 'sensitive' to 26° of every fixed sign and to 19° Libra. At the same time, there will be Presidential elections.

Marcos PatchettPrediction: Possibility or Certainty? Just how 'set in stone' are astrological predictions? In this talk, horary and decumbiture charts are used to illustrate both the precision and the plasticity of astrological prediction, and discuss practical and philosophical approaches to prediction.

13.30 - 14.30 Choose between:

Mark JonesBuilding a Bridge to the Client: Counselling Skills for Astrologers The average person coming for a chart reading may not know anything about astrology, they certainly will not really know what to expect from you. This talk will focus on how the astrologer can translate their knowledge of the chart into a living transformational tool for the client to benefit from.

Maurice FernandezThe Jupiter-Uranus Cycle; The Defiant Marriage of Religion and Science Ahead of the Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries transit in December 2016 and throughout 2017, we will explore this 14-year cycle to gain greater insight into this complex fusion of influences.

Hakan KirkoglouYour Prenatal Eclipse Chart and its Return For astrologers, prenatal eclipse charts offer a great deal of knowledge, especially when we are required to highlight certain choices and attitudes in life. As a side dish, these charts add much flavour! Additionally, their yearly return charts can be investigated as a predictive tool. This lecture will highlight practical examples on the use of prenatal eclipse charts.

Ana AndradeThe Furies in our Natal Charts Are these mythical women representing moments of sour taste in our lives? Do they unleash important events in our personal life or mundane events when activated by transits? Discover the predictive power of asteroids Alekto, Megaira and Tisiphone in individual and mundane charts.

14.45 - 1545 Choose between:

Ryuji KagamiWestern Astrology Has Taken Firm Root in Japan Almost every Japanese knows his or her Sun sign, and there are many 'Western' astrologers. Western astrology is a part of our culture now. How have we (Japanese) imported and accepted it? Has Western astrology transformed in Japan? A media astrologer will explain the reception and adaptation process of Western astrology.

Sirin MitraniCriminal Minds What is going on in the mind of a serial killer? Is it possible to distinguish a killer from his astrological chart? What are the major characteristics? Is there a pattern? The results of a year long's survey of over a hundred serial killers from around the world.

Demian AllanThe Astrology of the 'Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn' This lecture will take a look at how astrology was used in this late nineteenth century ritual magic group and how it is influencing today's astrologers.

Ana AndradeAn Astrological Bridge Over Troubled Water When we compare our chart with another's we can see what gives us an attraction and also what causes us problems within our relationships. Today we will look at some of the astrological problem areas in relationships and discover how synastry can help us resolve those differences.

16.00 - 16.45

CLOSING PLENARY with Micheal Lutin — Humans Rising: Astrology in the Age of Existential Revolution Whether it's the aliens from planet X, the banks, drug-pushing pharmaceutical companies, or just a bunch of paranoid control freaks trying to turn us all into obedient sheep, whoever is behind the current mass deception will have to contend with the awakening astrological community. Dedicated as we must become to the eradication of suffering of beings, it is the moment to interpret the messages of the new outer planets and remind everyone that the Earth is a planet, too.

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