The 48th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association: Building Bridges and Expanding Our Horizons

2016 Conference Speakers

9th - 11th September 2016 Book online here

Demian AllanDemian Allan for The British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) is the astrologer for 'Kindred Spirit' and 'Mind Body Spirit' magazines, is political astrologer for 'Channel 4 News' and is a tutor at the College of Psychic Studies.

Ana AndradeAna Andrade is a Peruvian astrologer who resided in Argentina where she graduated from the Postgraduate Program of the Centro Astrologico de Buenos Aires (CABA). She is also a Certified Astrological Professional - ISAR. She has published, as co-author, in the 'AFA Journal of Research' and in the ISAR Journal 'International Astrologer'. Her next article will be published by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Ana includes the use of asteroids in her astrological work.

Paul BarkerPaul Barker has been studying Vedic Astrology with distinguished British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA) teachers since 2006 and has spoken at BAVA and other conferences in London, the US and India. He is a student on the world-class Jaimini Scholar and Parasara programmes, studying with Pandit Sanjay Rath. Paul is also the President of the Leeds Theosophical Society and a member of the Connaisance School of Numerology.

Marilyn Burnett Marilyn Burnett for the Association of Psychological Astrology (APA) has studied astrology for fifteen years and holds an Astrological Psychology Association diploma. Following a successful career in retail holding an executive position, she now practices the Huber Method of astrology professionally. Having discovered the invaluable healing tool of astrological psychology, she now seeks to impart this knowledge at seminars and in groups and workshops. She is also a natural energy healer with the Sussex Healers' Association. For more information visit

Wade CavesWade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. Wade received his certification as a horary practitioner from Deborah Houlding's School of Traditional Astrology (STA), and now serves as a faculty member and tutor for the STA in North America. Prior to this he was certified with distinction from the Mayo School of Astrology in London, and is well-versed in both traditional and modern methods of chart delineation.

Jonathon ClarkJonathon Clark has studied, practised and written about astrology since 1987 and Kabbalah since 1992. He qualified as a chartered accountant, worked for 26 years as an independent financial adviser and is a Registered Life Planner with the Kinder Institute. Jonathon has published numerous articles on astrology, Kabbalah and business and is the author of an ebook, 'Horary Astrology for Business', available from Jonathon lives in London where he runs a monthly astrology group.

Karine DilanianKarine Dilanian holds an MA degree from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology She is ISAR Vice-President for Russia. Karine has been teaching astrology since 1990 and is a co-founder of AGAM, the astrology school in Moscow. She teaches Hellenistic, Medieval and Renaissance astrology, as well as Hindu and Tibetan astrology. She was awarded a diploma by the Bharatya Vidya Bhavan Institute (New Delhi) for spreading Hindu astrology in Russia. Karine is one of the translators, editor and publisher of Lilly's 'Christian Astrology' in the Russian language.

Barbara DunnBarbara Dunn was formerly a postgraduate at the London School of Economics and is currently completing an MA in History at Exeter University and will commence PhD research in 2016 into the astrological-medical practices of early modern England. An expert on astrological methodology/technique, Barbara is Principal of the Qualifying Horary Practitioner correspondence course (QHP) and author of 'Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The Possibility or Impossibility of the Matter Propounded' - both recommended by Robert Hand for serious students of astrology.

Dr Benjamin DykesDr Benjamin Dykes is a leading traditional astrologer and translator of Latin and Arabic. In 2007 he published Bonatti's complete 'Book of Astronomy', and since then has translated and published numerous traditional works in all areas, including the introductory 'Traditional Astrology for Today' (2011). He is currently preparing a traditional natal course, and speaks to astrological audiences worldwide. See

Maurice FernandezMaurice Fernandez, author of the books 'Neptune, the 12th House, and Pisces' (New Edition) and 'Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness, Volume One', is a leading Evolutionary Astrologer. Maurice currently serves as the president of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) and has forged a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence for his training program, publications and counselling practice. He has organized several conferences in Europe and the US, notably 'The River of Stars' in Hawaii.

Margaret GrayMargaret Gray offers consultations and training in person and online. She particularly enjoys working with relationships. Margaret is also a Reiki Master, a Certified Workplace and Family Mediator and trained in Past Life Regression. Margaret is a member of the ISAR board of Directors and lives in Ireland, with a foot in Hawaii! She runs 'Astrology Ireland' and has published articles in numerous magazines as well as a chapter on relationships in 'Transpersonal Astrology, Explorations at the Frontier'.

John GreenJohn Green D.Psych.Astrol has been involved with astrology for over twenty-five years and is the director of the new Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), which offers a diploma course in psychological astrology. He studied at the CPA qualifying with their Certificate and Diploma. He is the author of the synastry book 'Do You Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships', published in 2015, and was the editor of the 'Astrological Journal' from 2008-13.

Darrelyn GunzburgDarrelyn Gunzburg has a PhD in History of Art (2014) from the University of Bristol and a BA Hons (Open) (2006) from the Open University. She is currently a tutor in the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK. Her astrological books include 'Life After Grief' (2004), 'AstroGraphology' (2009) and (with Bernadette Brady) 'Restoring the Heavens to Astrology' (2010).

Mike HardingMike Harding is an existential psychotherapist and consultant astrologer. He is a Senior Lecturer and Supervisor at Regent's University, and has chaired the Astrological Association, the Association of Professional Astrologers and the Society for Existential Analysis. Author of 'Hymns to the Ancient Gods', co-author with Charles Harvey of 'Working With Astrology', as well as many articles on the technical and philosophical aspects of astrology, he has also published papers on contemporary language theory and psychoanalysis.

Yukiko HarwoodYukiko Harwood was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1954. She learned Western astrology and meditation from a Japanese master, the last Mr Takako Yamada. In 2007, she moved to London to study the CPA diploma course, completed in 2011. Now she lives in Brighton and offers online astrology seminars to Japanese people.

Ryuji KagamiRyuji Kagami, MA, is one of the leading astrologers in Japan. He is popular among various media. He has translated many astrology and psychology books into Japanese, including works by Liz Greene, Nick Campion, Thomas Moore, Maggie Hyde, James Hillman, Greame Tobyn, and others. He holds an MA in Jungian Studies and is visiting professor at Kyoto Bunkyo University and Heian Women's University, both in Kyoto, and is a committee member of the Japan Transpersonal Association (JTA).

Mark JonesMark Jones is an astrologer, psychosynthesis therapist and hypnotherapist based in Bristol, England, and working with clients and students all over the world. He is a regular speaker and workshop leader in North America. Mark's first book explains his approach; 'Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes'. Mark's second book 'The Soul Speaks' the 'Therapeutic Potential of Astrology', explores the transformative power of the natal chart reading. More info for students can be found at or from emailing

Hakan KirkoglouHakan Kirkoǧlou D.F.Astrol.S and ISAR CAP, has been a leading figure of astrology in Turkey as a consultant, teacher and writer. He has lectured internationally in UK, USA, Australia, Poland and Serbia, he combines ancient techniques with contemporary issues. He was a mundane astrology co-ordinator at UAC 2008 and a keynote speaker at UAC2012. Studying astrology for more than thirty years, he is the founder and principal of School of Wisdom of Sky in Istanbul, and ISAR VP for Turkey.

Anthoula LioniAnthoula Lioni is a professional astrologer specializing in natal/relationship astrology and chart rectification. She holds the Diploma (Distinction) from the Mayo School of Astrology. Her academic background is in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. She worked for many years as a researcher/lecturer in a number of UK Universities before becoming a full-time astrologer. Her approach to the natal chart is psychological and humanistic and her analyses are exclusively person-centred.

Michael LutinMichael Lutin Phi Beta Kappa Trinity College, special honour French language Harvard University, PhD program Yale University, trained in Robert J Lang's School of Communicative Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Sold oysters in the street in Paris, managed pop art gallery, student of Tibetan Buddhism. Author of five books, seven musical plays, journalist in 'Vanity Fair', 'Huffington Post', 'Vogue', international speaker, lecturer, Harvard Business School Alumni, performer, chocolate lover.

Sue martinSue Martin has been involved in astrology for over forty years. She became a Member of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS) in 1989 and went on to study vibrational medicine, combining this knowledge with a deep understanding of our underlying subtle energetic system. Over the last seven years she has been studying the interconnection between our DNA and astrology. This 'Cosmo-Biology' holds the key to our physical wholeness, health and the expansion of consciousness.

Paul MayoPaul Mayo is a veteran of many thousands of astrological readings, a popular speaker who is always happy to use his decades of professional experience to help the next generation find their way around this complex subject. Paul built his worldwide reputation on word-of-mouth recommendations resulting from meaningful personal predictions. He has some famous and eminent people on his books - including several scientists and astronomers. Paul is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA).

Sirin MitraniSirin Mitrani was born on 1 April 1970 in Istanbul, studied international relations at the university and worked in the aluminium industry for twenty-four years. She studied astrology with Hakan Kirkoglu and graduated from his school with a first grade in 2008. She has been teaching astrology there for three years. She qualified from ISAR as a Certified Astrologer Professional in May 2012. Since then she has been living in Lille/France, giving online consultations and writing a blog on criminal astrology.

Marcos PatchettMarcos Patchett gained the London School of Astrology's Certificate in 2006. He has since developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience. He is currently a herbal medicine clinical training supervisor at Middlesex University, and practices herbalism and medical astrology from Neal's Yard remedies' Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden. Marcos is conducting research on chocolate in sickle cell anaemia, while writing his first book on the pharmaceutical history and usage of cacao.

Smiljana GavrancicSmiljana Gavrančić graduated from the Institute for Astrological Research and Education 'Johannes Kepler' in October 2010, defending her thesis in Mundane Astrology on the 'European Union - In Varietate Concordia'. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. She has studied Hermetic astrology at postgraduate level. Before astrology, she studied International Law. Her main specialty is mundane astrology. She had lectures at conferences in Serbia and in Brazil (CINASTRO 2015). In 2015 she founded an online astrological magazine, 'Infinity'.

Sonal SachdevaSonal Sachdeva is a new media enthusiast, filmmaker and practises Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). She studied under Liz Greene at the CPA. Her films/videos deal with social issues, the environment, and the ways people from different cultures live, think and feel. In 2010 she founded a group Circle of Divine Astrology, which holds events, discussions, talks and multimedia projects in London. Circle of Divine Video project online has been first of its kind to document interviews with not just Astrologers, but Practitioners of alternative healing arts from all around the world.

Janet SaundersJanet Saunders is a practicing astrologer and a student of the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is a member of the board of the Scottish Astrological Association, where she is a regular speaker. Janet has explored a wide range of topics including mysticism, shamanism, psychology and hypnotherapy. She takes these back to the all-encompassing world view of astrology, which has been her lifelong fascination.

Christeen SkinnerChristeen Skinner is author of the 'Financial Universe' (published 2004 and updated 2009), in which she forecast the banking crisis. She taught for the Faculty of Astrological Studies for a half-nodal cycle, was Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, is a Trustee of the Urania Trust and on the Board of the Alexandria iBase project. She is Director of Cityscopes London, a future-casting service with clients from across the world.

Richard SwattonRichard Swatton for the London School of Astrology (LSA), began his astrology education in 1976, learning traditional, horary and occult-theosophical approaches. He studied Noel Tyl's system (1981-5) and then psychological astrology with the CPA (1985-8), gaining its diploma in 1994. After teaching astrology independently for twenty years, he is now on the staff at the London School of Astrology. His volume, 'From Symbol to Substance: Training the Astrological Intuition', was published in 2012, and a new book, 'The Horary Process', is due in 2016. His website is

Carole TaylorCarole Taylor MA, FFAstrolS, is Director of Studies and Summer School programme co-ordinator at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, where she has been a tutor for 15 years. She has contributed extensively to the Faculty's teaching material and is a former President. She runs an astrological practice from her home in West Sussex, is currently co-tutoring workshops for Heaven & Earth Workshops in Bali, and recently gained an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred.

Graeme TobynGraeme Tobyn for the Company of Astrologers (COA) is a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, a Fellow of the National institute of Medical Herbalists and a member of the Company of Astrologers. He has lectured on both herbal medicine and astrology internationally. His most recent study is 'Dr. Reason and Dr. Experience: Culpeper's assignation of planetary rulers in The English Physitian', in 'From Masha'allah to Kepler: Theory and Practice in Medieval and Renaissance Astrology' (Sophia Centre Press, 2015).

Dick van der MarkDick van der Mark is a Dutch professional astrologer and psychic reader for over twenty-five years and an international lecturer. He is specialised in spiritual astrology and is an expert in the Black Lights - the Black Sun and the Black Moon - and the Centaurs. He is President of the ASAS, the Dutch professional astrologers' organisation, and co-founder of the Annual International Astrological Symposium. Dick is founder of Caelestis, School for Astrology, Awareness and Spirituality Dick's personal website is

John WadsworthJohn Wadsworth was originally self-taught and began practicing as an astrologer in 1993, and started teaching in 2000. He is known for his embodied, experiential approach to astrological education, and is a pioneer of astrological theatre. He has been running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury since 2009, taking students from beginner to professional level. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University, and is founder of 'The Alchemical Journey, a zodiacal mystery school, based around the Glastonbury Zodiac'.

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