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The Astrology of Relationships and Families - Bernadette Brady

Bernadette BradySunday 27th March 2011 - London

On the last weekend in March, in a University of London venue, Bernadette gave a philosophical review of relationships to an enthusiastic audience. We looked at Will and Kate, of course. Bernadette used their aspect chart to show us how to divide synastry grids into smaller information squares beginning with the personal/everyday square that itself contains the small Venus Mars creative/sexual square. Toting up the amount of aspects within the different squares gave us an overview of the balance of the relationship. audience

We also learnt that humans are tribal. Subgroups within the tribe play various essential roles that can suddenly assume a totally different expression when a new member is added. This can be seen in the composite chart. ‘Change one person in the group and everything changes’. Using tally sheets designed for this purpose, we worked out which astrological quality ruled our personal family group by toting up the occurrence of signs angles points and houses. Bernadette had illustrated, using British royalty and US presidents as examples, and Jigsaw as method, how simply counting the amount of times an astrological quality comes up within a family, disregarding the weight we usually give to certain planets, can give us surprisingly informative results.

Bernadette BradyLeo came up for the British royal family. Nobody was surprised. One thing she said, that I think was particularly important (there were many insightful remarks), was: approach with care parent child composite charts. And my favourite insight for the day, ‘kids are transits you have put into bodies’. They are aren’t they?

Review by AA Member Chrissy Philp Chrissy Philp

Chissy is a long-time member of the Astrological Association and a friend of astrology. She is a regular contributor to the Astrological Journal.