The Astrological Journal May 2020

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Victor Olliver - Astrological Journal editor Astrology goes viral

In the short space between the last issue of Journal and this, the world has changed utterly. It seems incredible. As I write, much of the planet is in lockdown to contain a viral pandemic. Scarcely an airliner can be seen in the sky. Countless businesses - from high street shops to industrial plants - are shut. Most of us are confi ned to our homes but for shopping and exercise. Roads are so little used that pollution levels are falling rapidly. In consequence, night skies are clearer: Venus twinkles so much brighter as if to off er bleak joy to frustrated humanity stuck in their shelters. And Saturn, planet of isolation and restriction, can be said to rule this astonishing time. The 12 January 2020 Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto stellium (with Jupiter nearby) in tropical Capricorn is implicated in the astrology of coronavirus/Covid-19. For years, many serious astrologers warned that 2020 would be a game-changing year - but only a very few identified the actual reason without ifs and buts. The late French master of mundane astrology André Barbault did so back in 2011 in an essay that has only very recently come to our attention. At very short notice, over Easter, Kate Johnston translated this work from the French, and we are proud to publish it in this issue. There is no ambiguity. Barbault wrote: "It may well be that we are seriously threatened by a new pandemic in 2020-2021." He gives his cogent arguments for reaching this conclusion and surveys through his Cyclic Index other historical plagues corresponding to concentrations of what he calls the "slow planets" in one sign.

This is exemplary forecasting astrology, a demonstration of what is possible when testing rigour and serious intent are applied to matters of universal importance. And we are immensely grateful to Kate for her hard work.

Other astrologers also bring their expertise for a greater understanding of this pandemic and its likely economic consequences. In her examination of planetary cycles, Wendy Stacey sees this crisis as part of a painful transition process as Aquarian themes gain strength - almost as a corrective to humanity's self-destructive lunacies. And Roy Gillett explores in depth the challenges suggested by the skies, hinting at possible positive outcomes in picking up where Barbault left off . Andrew Ifandis produces an astrological timeline of the pandemic from its source in Wuhan, China, and examines how the asteroid Hygiea comes into its own in relevant charts. Pam Crane also has things to say about Hygiea and coronavirus in her column Sign Language.

I am sure many of you will have your own perspectives on the pandemic. Do send in ideas if you feel they have not been represented in our initial response.

The AA Conferences goes online

Inevitably, our annual Conference cannot be the social event we look forward to. So instead it will be held over the internet in June - and on pages 36 and 37 you'll find details of how to book your place. There's a fantastic line-up of celebrated astrologers ready to give their talks via webinars which are so easy to access. Here's a chance to make a virtue of staying at home and learning ever more at a very reasonable price.

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