The Astrological Journal November 2014
Carole Taylor's Editorial
Carole Taylor - Astrological Journal editor

In his guise as the 'Greater Malefic', Saturn may not seem the most uplifting and joyous of subjects to cover - his weight and gravity, his slow and ponderous motion, are not typically viewed as delights for the soul. But perhaps it is appropriate to think of him, as the year wanes and the energy of the Sun draws in, encouraging the inward-moving and contemplative state characteristic of this planet.

For the philosophers, scholars, artists andmusicians of the Renaissance, Saturn's melancholy had links to genius and brilliance, drawing on Plato's idea of the 'divine frenzy' of those who live the philosophic life. It is a motif explored to great effect in the famous engraving Melancholia by Albrecht Dürer, a possible interpretation of his own melancholic temperament as an artist which beautifully reflects his Sun-Saturn conjunction in Gemini; and of course explored also by Dürer's contemporary, the philosopher and astrologer Marsilio Ficino, whose own Saturn occupied a position of prominence on an Aquarian Ascendant and about which he speaks so eloquently in his writings. Saturn may be a hard task-master, but he also offers the wisdom and divine inspiration long associated with this planet. This issue's Special Feature comprises of three very different perspectives from three practitioners with at least a couple of Saturn cycles' experience of astrology between them. Carol Ferris, a new writer to the Journal, looks at the threshold crossing of the second Saturn return and its potential for the encouragement of wisdom; Dragana Van dermoortel-Ilic offers her thoughts on Saturn's ingress into Sagittarius which begins in December; and Diane Conway's thoughtful piece on Moon-Saturn conveys through poetry, story and personal reflection the feelings evoked by this combination.

On a lighter note, this year's AA Conference was a rich and rewarding experience, with speakers once again from around the world to inspire and give us new ideas to work with - and of course, in true AA style, there were celebrations and festivities too, time to socialise and meet friends at this important annual gathering. Turn to page 11 for the Conference Report and photo gallery!

Alongside all this is a varied selection of articles, ranging from an exploration of comets by Rod Chang, to pieces on synastry by KathleenBarnett, astrology as divine revelation by Angela Voss, and the role of intuition in astrology and tarot by Diana McMahon Collis. We also complete the two-part articles of Phoebe Wyss and Sue Kientz, and Lindsay Gladstone contemplates the famous Hermetic saying 'As Above, So Below' which underlies astrological thinking.

This is my final issue before handing over to your new Editor, Victor Olliver. It has been a very enjoyable year and I amsad to be stepping down - I wish Victor all the very best in the role and have no doubt that the Journal will flourish under his care.My thanks go to our tireless copy editor, Ian Tonothy, and of course tomy designer Colin Burns.

I hope you enjoy the articles here and look forward to seeingmany of you at next year's AA Conference.

This is the editorial from the November 2014 edition of the Astrological Journal, the UK's premier astrological magazine.

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