The Astrological Journal November 2019

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Victor Olliver - Astrological Journal editor

Sonic natal charts: let's dance

One of the joys of editing this magazine is being surprised from time to time by a stimulating essay or article which lands in the inbox from nowhere. No amount of planning can ever anticipate or expect a 'gift'. You could call it a bolt out of the blue - which is how I'd characterise Nick Campion's interview with the astrologer-musician Daniel Alzamora-Dickin (the hyphen is optional, I am assured).

Nick's emailed file arrived as a complete surprise on 13 August 2019 at 16:55 (UK time) according to the date stamp, so naturally I looked up the transits for that precise moment in my natal chart. Tr Mercury was conjunct my Uranus in Leo in the (Equal) 6th house - "New people may enter your life and would likely be different or exciting in some way," writes Astrology King ( of this aspect. "You will be more accepting of unusual people and such chance encounters will provide valuable pieces of information." Response is likely to be fast. It was.

The 6th relates to work, Leo to creative expression. Uranus to that rapid bolt from the blue. Additionally, tr Moon (opposing natal Uranus and transiting Mercury) had just entered Aquarius by a few minutes in the 12th, the house of spiritual and therapeutic immersion, linked to pioneering energy in this instance. One might say that I was at my most receptive to ideas that (in some quarters) might be regarded as off the radar. I should also add that transiting Uranus was only three degrees short of conjunction with my radix Taurus Mercury in the 3rd. What might be called mirroring aspects.

Need I say more?

To fully appreciate the above, you'll need to immerse yourself in the work of Daniel Alzamora-Dickin whose Neuroacoustic Astrological Therapy (employing music crafted on the signature sounds of each of the planets in an updating of the old Harmony of the Spheres notion) is helping to bring peace to those who seek his guidance. To suspend fixed ideas of what music is exactly, I would advise you to listen to Daniel's work on YouTube or on his website. For a truly interactive experience. Just occasionally, the rational mind should be rested as deeper emotional resonances are allowed to hold sway and release conditioned restraints. Not everything in life can make total sense.

Movies, mavericks and Marguerite

Other unexpected gifts in this issue are Jessica Adams' article on how astrology gets treated in movies and on TV and radio shows (did you ever notice that Bette Davis says "Gemini" in classic horror film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - even though her lips don't move as she reads her horoscope?). And Michael Bartlett's analysis of mavericks: could planets conjunct birth chart angles account for why certain people seem to have that special standout pioneering "spark"? Oh, and I must not forget Marguerite dar Boggia who at age nearly 97 explains why she thinks she sees the beginning of her end in 2021 - thanks to a yod. No editor could plan a piece like that. Who would dare? It had to come out of the blue. A yod-piece from god.

Thank you, blue sky.

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