The Astrological Journal 2014

November 2014


"In his guise as the 'Greater Malefic', Saturn may not seem the most uplifting and joyous of subjects to cover - his weight and gravity, his slow and ponderous motion, are not typically viewed as delights for the soul. But perhaps it is appropriate to think of him, as the year wanes and the energy of the Sun draws in, encouraging the inward-moving and contemplative state characteristic of this planet......" Read the rest of Carole Taylor's editorial here.

September 2014


"The BBC recently reported that the Conservative MP David Tredinnick is a believer in astrology, having spent 20 years studying it, especially its links to health and wellbeing. Since he is a member of the government's health committee and the science and technology committee, this is quite something. As we might have expected, he has been ridiculed over the years for his beliefs, despite his assertion in an interview with the BBC that....." Read the rest of Carole Taylor's editorial here.

July 2014


"We all know just how powerful astrology is, capable of illuminating any and every aspect of life. One subject which touches all of us is the matter of health and wellbeing - and it's an area of life in which astrology can provide invaluable support and guidance. This issue's special feature is The Astrology of Health - four practitioners, all of who will be speaking at this year's Astrological Association Conference (Jane Ridder-Patrick, Sue Tompkins, Eve Dembowski and Sharon Knight) guide us through different aspects of this complex subject......" Read the rest of Carole Taylor's editorial here.

May 2014


"Much has been written down the centuries about the importance of place and the hold that certain places can have over us. As the quote on this page from the novelist Alec Waugh attests, it is possible to fall deeply in love with a place, and the relationship can be every bit as powerful and affecting as it might be with a person. Similarly, certain places seem to constellate the most difficult experiences and feelings - in the words of the writer Katherine Mansfield "How hard it is to escape from places. However carefully one goes they hold you - you leave little bits of yourself fluttering on the fences, like rags and shreds of your very life......" Read the rest of Carole Taylor's editorial here.

March 2014


"Surely one of the most notable features of astrology is its capacity to stand the test of time. An astrological perspective seems to be present in just about every culture for which we have any kind of historical record - and even if Western astrology has a fairly select provenance in the classical ancient world, it seems intrinsic to humanity to seek meaning in what the Babylonians described as 'the book of heaven'. Although separated by time, we are linked to our astrological ancestors through a shared love of the stars.... "Read the rest of Carole Taylor's editorial here.

January 2014

by Carole Taylor

"Welcome to the first issue of 2014! It is a great pleasure for me to be taking over as editor of the Journal, the Astrological Association's flagship publication.

I would like first of all to pay tribute to the outgoing editor, John Green, who has done such a wonderful job over the past five years. The Journal has flourished under his careful stewardship....."

Read the rest of January's editorial here.

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