The Astrological Journal 2017

January 2017

January Astrological Association Journal
by Victor Olliver

Post-truth politics, strange times and Uranus

Supposedly, we're living in an era of 'post-truth politics' and populist rebellion against establishment elites. So, in this issue, what better planet to focus on than rabble-rousing Uranus, associated with rebellion, independence (or crankism), reform and sudden turns? From Maurice Fernandez's piece on the Jupiter-Uranus cycle, to Jonathon Clark's essay on 18th century flight at the time of the 'discovery' of Uranus, to Andrew Ifandis' portrait of potty-mouthed singer-songwriter Adele (Aquarius Ascendant with Mars rising), we're immersed in the zeitgeist of bold, weird and mould-breaking goings-on.

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