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Good holiday? All the drama and crises you expected and more? Well, the Capricorn Ingress and December lunations suggested all may have been a little more fraught than usual. Ahem. So let’s start again…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Roll on 2006!


Jupiter square Saturn: Yes folks, the first hit of the waxing square arrived mid-December and some classic activity neatly expressed the turning points and challenges that have come up following their last meeting 28 May 2000.

David Cameron The Conservative Leadership battle in the UK was won on 6 December by David Cameron, an apparently down to earth character and a charismatic speaker who’s brought youth and glamour to the Tory party, at last. With 135,000 to 65,000 votes he soundly beat his opponent David Davis. Cameron’s wife, Samantha, an aristo, is a former art student with a tattoo on her ankle, and he spent at least part of his university life immersed in alcoholic rituals as a member of the notorious Bullingdon dining club, famed for its hard drinking and bad behaviour, (he won’t discuss this). So far, so interesting, certainly more interesting than Tory leaders and their families in the decades I’ve been living here. In any case, Cameron brings glamour to the party, his Neptune at 21 Scorpio, sits on the Tory Sun and his Sun opposes the party’s Neptune. He may well be the healer of the party as his Chiron is exactly conjunct the party’s Chiron. There are numerous other astro-contacts worth a look.

David Cameron: 9 Oct 1966, 6.00 BST, Wantage, England, 51 N 36, 01 W 25, Asc 1 Libra. (Data: Annabel Herriott, Transit Nov/Dec 05) Conservative Party: 12 Nov 1867, 12:00 GMT, London, Asc 19 Capricorn.

End of the line for London’s Routemaster Bus: The first passenger service of the Routemaster bus was from Golders Green to Crystal Palace on 8 February 1956. It quickly became an international icon, surely the most recognised symbol of London. The fabulous red, double-decker open ended Routemaster , was, sadly, retired from service near the end of 2005. It’s hard to believe Mayor Ken ivingstone didn’t fight tooth and nail to hang on to a viable service from the perennially popular bus, but he didn’t. The good news is that there are a few ‘Heritage Routes’ which will continue to run the buses-as tourist attractions and, most important, we’ll still see them on the streets of London. Tr Neptune conjunct natal Sun and Chiron very close to a Chiron return. Last bus: 9 Dec 2005, 12:10, London, 51 N 30, 00 w 10, Asc 6 Pisces.

Jimmy Carter's New BookJimmy Carter 39th President of the US, has written another book Our Endangered Values. He expresses himself so beautifully about modern America…and his complaints are exactly like mine-but much more eloquent. For example: "Instead of cherishing our role as the great champion of human rights, we now find civil liberties and personal privacy grossly violated under some extreme provisions of the Patriot Act." For those not aware, the Patriot Act gives the government (or any other agency it approves) the right to enter your home while you’re out, search everything and leave, without so much as a thank you note. This is new, and horrible, and not the country where I grew up. Carter also criticises America’s reliance on nuclear weapons saying, "We have now become a prime culprit in global nuclear proliferation." And with regard to the trespass of religion into US politics, "I am extremely concerned by the fundamentalist shift in many houses of worship and government, as church and state have become increasingly intertwined in ways previously thought unimaginable." It’s the pits!!!! The United States was founded on the grounds that the right to religious freedom was guaranteed to all citizens, and that religion and politics should remain firmly separated-well that’s jumped out the window with its pants on fire. Carter is, in my opinion, one of the most intelligent, underestimated presidents of the US and the most humane of American politicians, ever. Carter has a unique relationship with the US, his Pluto is exactly conjunct the US Sun, US Pluto is conjunct his IC and they also share Chiron at 20-23 Aries and his Jupiter is rising in the US Sag Asc chart (still my personal preference). He’s definitely not afraid to lift the lid on the trash bin of America and tell us what he finds.

Jimmy Carter: 1 Oct 1924, 7.00 CST (+6), Plains, GA, 32 N 02, 84 W 23, Asc 26 Libra. Data: Rodden AA

British Airways: Transiting Pluto on the IC and Solar Arc Chiron on the MC brought the transport giant nothing but aggro in 2005 and, as the new year begins, it’s still not looking too clever. Poor ole BA, they’ve been struck, stuck, passengers said they sucked (tr Pluto square natal Moon, SA Chiron square Moon, too), low-cost airlines have torn chunks out of its customer base…it keeps getting harder. BA no sooner replaced their chief executive a few months ago than he decided to get rid of 35% of management, 600 senior and middle managers to go. This despite new exec Willie Walsh’s pledge that any job cuts would be completely voluntary. The move has been described as one of the most ruthless culls ever witnessed in aviation history. Ouch, Pluto bites!!! More…a tribute was held last year to honour BA’s former chairman Lord King. According to one reporter, all the airline’s ‘old regime’ was there, Pluto sweeps out the old guard with it. Stay tuned tho, there’s more drama to come and it will surely include Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport scheduled to open in 2008. British Airways: 13 December 2005, 0.00 GMT, London, 51 N 30, 00 W 10, Asc 24 Virgo. Data: Companies House, London.

Diagram of a face transplant Re-do: Face Transplants: I first wrote about the development of this startling procedure in World News March/April 2003, some months after its official scientific debate when transiting Saturn and Mars were trine (28 Nov 2002). Then, no news until December 2005 when it was reported that the world’s first face transplant had been undertaken in France exactly 2 years later. Interesting…5-6 degrees of Sag is not only the degree of flight! The donor, a 38 year old woman had committed suicide-the recipient, Isabelle Dinoire also 38, had attempted suicide 6 months before. Dinoire’s face was grossly disfigured, mauled by her own dog when she was unconscious having swallowed an over-dose of sleeping pills. The new face was grafted on during a 15 hour operation at Amiens, France (just south of Lille). Dinoire will not look like the original donor, nor will she look like her old self tho it’s early days she’s delighted. No birth data for donor or recipient but the ground-breaking surgery was begun "just after midday" on Sunday 27 Nov and concluded in the early hours of Monday morning. The operation began with Venus just risen square the Moon, Chiron on the Asc, Uranus square the Sun and sextile Mars, with Mercury bang on the MC. With any luck Venus Rx won’t present any problems when she stations conjunct Chiron.1st Face Begins: 27 Nov 05, 12:10, Amiens Univ Hospital, 49 M 54. 02 E 18, Asc 28 Capricorn. Ends: 28 Nov 05, 3:10 (appx). (Very late note: a second transplant patient has been selected by the same French team.)

The latest from the Paris Collections? Jupiter square Saturn square Fashion: Hems coming down and pushup bra sales drop dramatically. Well there it is folks, a typical indication of a faltering economy. If you’ve been watching fashion changes over the past decades and aware of fashion ups and downs in response to aspects between these two planets you won’t be surprised that short skirts are getting longer (and tighter) and bare flesh went back under cover. Over-exposure is, uh, overexposed and with the opening square in Scorpio and Leo all that flaunting is being firmly, if tastefully, covered up to the neck…Victorian style. Jupiter in Scorpio—done deal— ‘black is back’ and Saturn in Leo loves a bit of military dressing up, polish those buttons, shine those boots! Never mind, if none of this stuff is your thing with Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception, there’s still plenty of room for personal expression as long as you don’t care what the fashion police say. Women should also feel free to wear their favourite styles too!

House Prices: Jupiter and Saturn have plenty to say about the cost of housing too and there’s been a decided lull in property prices during and now following Saturn’s sojourn in Cancer. However, while UK experts are forecasting modest rises at home in 2006, the American market is still slowing as is real estate activity world-wide. But despite variances between one country and another, repeated squares between these two planets suggest 2006 will be a stabilising period after several years of rampant house price inflation.

Space Cadets, a TV show produced by Endemol, the people who brought the world Big Brother, aired at 9pm, 7 Nov 2005. It’s such a wacky concept (only Endemol)…select a group of willing candidates (the psychological tests they take suggest they’re willing to believe anything) who only know they will take part in an exciting adventure, the advert was for ‘Thrill Seekers.’ Turns out they’re going to be ‘the first televised British space tourists.’ After training in ‘an old Russian airbase,’ they’ll be sent into space for 5 days. But not really!!! It’s all a giant hoax. In fact, the astro-nots won’t even leave England, let alone terra firma. Of course, it’s all in the chart. At 9pm on the night, the Moon was exactly conjunct Chiron on the descendent, you think there may be relationship difficulties? Oh yeah. The whole thing is a lie…where’s Mercury, ah, in the 5th square Uranus but the Sun (also 5th) in secretive Scorpio is part of that hefty transiting fixed grand square as it opposed Mars and they both square Neptune and Saturn. What a workout!! This could be the best fun we have with that square, if you have the patience to keep watching. You’d expect to find great contacts between the host and the programme and you’d be right. Host Johnny Vaughn, a popular UK TV presenter and radio broadcaster, is the right man for the job. His Mercury at 11+ Leo is exactly conjunct tr Saturn of that grand square! And remember, tr Neptune’s opposing them so he’s more than primed to carry on the pretence. Johnny’s got Chiron conjunct Saturn in Pisces, sextile SC’s Chiron Moon, he’ll be so sympathetic…but his Sun is opposite SC Chiron/Moon so being part of the hoax is probably a big turn-on. (After a couple of episodes decided it’s crap, but still fascinated to see how long they can carry on the hoax-talk about ‘space cadets!’) Johnny Vaughn:16 July 1966, time unknown, Barnet, England, 51 N 40, 0 W 13. Data: Maggie Hyde, Observer archives online.

Richard Branson holding a model of his proposed Virgin Galactic spaceliner Richard Branson on the other hand, is making great strides to bring Virgin Galactic, his new space tourism venture, to reality. In about 5 years time, Branson hopes to have a 20 year lease on a new spaceport to be built in New Mexico somewhere between Roswell (the infamous UFO site) and the White Sands missile testing range. Space tourists (only rich ones) will pay $200,000 for the 3 hour flights including a few minutes without gravity. The high-flier’s natal Uranus trine Jupiter is being triggered BIG TIME by tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter and tr Jupiter also trine Jupiter. SA Jupiter’s been rolling across his MC for the last couple of years, too. Richard Branson: 18 July 1950, 7.00, Blackheath, England 51 N 28, 00 E 01, Asc, 15 Leo. Data: Clifford 2000

Rosa ParksAdios: Rosa Parks: the Civil rights heroine, with a Mercury Uranus conjunction in Aquarius trine Chiron in Pisces, who refused to give up her seat to a white man and move to the back of the bus because she wasn’t white, has died as tr Neptune hit her Sun. Parks’ action launched the civil rights movement that challenged racist American laws. Her funeral, scheduled to last 3 hours, took 7 hours there were so many people who wanted to speak and thousands of people lined the streets to watch the procession. Wherever she’s gone, I hope to meet her there, what a woman! Rosa Parks: 4 Feb 1913, (time unknown) Tuskegee, Alabama, 32 N 25, 85 W 41. Died: 24 Oct 2005 "about 19.00 EDT", Detroit, Michigan. 42 N 19, 83 W 03. Data: www.en.wikpedia.

Richard Pryor Richard Pryor: Saying goodbye to the uniquely American genius of Richard Pryor is hard, I want ALL of his videos and records, and I’ll laugh my head off in honour of his hilarious, often foul-mouthed , hard-hitting, mainly autobiographical humour. If you’re not familiar with his work and you enjoy laughing til you wet yourself, he’ll crack you up. Who else could bring you to your knees with laughter talking about his heart attack, or his addiction to freebase cocaine, or just his general 'take' on the world. He was often angry but you know, most really funny people are, and Pryor was one of the funniest…of all time…trust me. Or check the chart! Jupiter conj Saturn trine the Moon and opp Mars conj Venus in Scorpio and, most telling, a Chiron Pluto conjunction square the oppositions, magic.

Richard Pryor: 1 Dec 1940, 13.03 CST (+6), Peoria Heights, Illinois, 40 N 44, 89 W 34, Asc 24 Pisces. Data: Died: 10 Dec 2005, 7.58 (+8), Encino, CA, 34 N 09, 118 W 30. Data: his website.

Eugene McCarthy election buttonEugene McCarthy: A political icon and hero of the baby boomer anti-Vietnam protesters and many others. The former US Senator, who ran for president an astounding 5 times-unfortunately unsuccessfully-last attempted to win a presidential election in 1968 as a protest against the Vietnam war and lost narrowly to Richard Nixon. Here was a man who, like Jimmy Carter, was a politician with ethics.

Eugene McCarthy: 29 March 1916, 4.00 CST (+6), Watkins, Minnesota, 45 N 19, 94 W 24, Asc 11 Aquarius. Data: Died: 10 Dec 2005, "early hours," Georgetown, Washington DC, 38 N 54, 77 W 04.


Corrections: Apologies to Pat Taglilatelo, Editor AstroDatabank who requested clarification of Michael Jackson’s data, I gave it as Rodden AA, it’s not, the data’s dirty, DD, not verified. Got that?

A note from Cherry Gilchrist said planet 2003 UB313 was discovered on 5 Jan 2005 at 11.20 AM PST (not 8 Jan). Astronomers at Caltech said the mistake was caused by the 'craziness' surrounding the first day of announcement (I can dig it!). Cherry also said anyone can suggest names for new planets at the International Astronomical Union’s website. FYI Cherry’s doing research about how planets acquire their names and meaning and can be contacted at 8 Abbey View, Bath, BA2 6DG.