TRANSIT - the astrologers' newsletter January/February 2007

Council News November 2006

Conference 2007

39th AA Conference: Applying our Astrological Craft

7-9 September 2007

Wyboston Lakes (18 miles from Cambridge)

We are now taking bookings for the 39th annual AA Conference to be held at Wyboston Lakes, near Cambridge, which boasts modern 4-star accommodation, state-of-the-art lecture facilities and recreational activities including golf, spa and swimming pool. Our theme this year is Applying Our Astrological Crafts, and talking on this subject we have a great line-up of speakers, including Darrelyn Gunzburg, Bernard Eccles, Judy Hall, Rick Levine, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Sue Ward, Alexander von Schleiffen and many more, with the Carter Memorial Lecture being delivered by Melanie Reinhart, and a special tour of Cambridge led by Nick Campion and Prudence Jones.

For more information please contact the AA Office – Local Rate Tel: 0845 1259153  International Tel: +44 (0)208 8804848.  Email:

We are re-introducing Event Days!

The Astrological Association is delighted to be launching a series of one-day workshops across the UK. We are planning to run three seminars a year, and our inaugural seminar will be held in London on 24 February 2007 at 50 Gloucester Place, London W1, where Bernadette Brady, winner of the Charles Harvey Award in 2006, will be running a workshop on Predictive Astrology.

Members-only Event - Early Bird price £30 for bookings before 31 Dec. £35 thereafter. Temporary members to pay £45.  To book this event, contact the AA office. Please note, limited numbers apply, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Notice for Membership Renewals

We will no longer be issuing Membership cards and will only be posting receipts on requested. From January 2007, membership renewal notices will be despatched with the AA Journal mailing a month or two in advance. This means that renewals due in February and March will be sent with the January mailing, and so on through the year. Please look out for the renewal slip and return it right away to help us keep costs and membership fees as low as possible.

 Request for Email Addresses

Please keep us informed of any new email addresses so you can be kept informed via our recently launched E-newsletter, Directions (which includes news on events, conference, chart data, local groups and more) as well as access to the online Forum and other PIN-related sections of the website (remember to apply for your PIN via the website, if you have not already done so).

The Astrological Association to become a Company Limited by Guarantee

In accordance with the instruction given to the AA Council at Annual General Meetings, the Council plans to transfer the Association's status to a Company Limited by Guarantee, on 31 March 2007. We will continue to be known popularly as "The Astrological Association", but our official name will be Astrological Association Great Britain Ltd.  

After the transfer, Members will continue to receive the AA Journal and other publications, be entitled to attend conferences and other events, and benefit from the chart database and other web facilities, as before. 

From 1st April, however, Members will either be Full Voting Members, or Honorary Associates of the Association. The former will be those who have signed the guarantee wording that we have been including with Membership Application and Renewal forms over the last few years. Anyone who has not signed this will become an Honorary Associate, and will continue to enjoy all the benefits of membership, but will not have voting rights. 


Everyone will continue to be given the opportunity to become a Full Voting Member when renewing membership. Click here to download a Word document to sign to become a Full Voting Member.  If you have signed this document already, there is no need to do this (please check with the AA office if you have any queries).   The Council sees this as an important first stage in giving the Association proper legal status, which will enable it to take on commitments in its own name and so expand its activities.

At the AGM in September the final amendments were approved for the new M&As and Rules and we are now ready to transfer to a limited company by guarantee at the end of the financial year. You can view all the documents on the website with your user name and pin at