TRANSIT - the astrologers' newsletter January/February 2007

Transits to the U.S. Sibly Chart for 2007

Wake up America! sounds like a catchy title, but is it really true? Now that the Democrats have won the majority of seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives (the Congress) and Donald Rumsfeld has been given the boot, does this mean the American public is desirous of a change in direction than the one they have had for the past 6 years?

Was the American populace in a fog for the past 6 years, or bamboozled, or afraid, or indifferent to the lies and hypocrisy of the present administration, or were they in line with what George Bush and company wanted for the country, and just expressing disappointment in how long and futile the end result seemed to be. Whatever the circumstances, what do the transits show for the U.S. during the year of 2007, using the Sibly chart, located at Philadelphia, PA for 5:10 p.m. on July 4, 1776. (see chart below)

First off Jupiter, the lucky planet, in a manner of speaking, entered Sagittarius, the same sign as the ascendant for the U.S., in November of 2006. Jupiter will conjunct the 13 degree Sagittarian rising sign for the U.S. chart on January 27, 2007 and will be in the first house for most of the year of 2007. Jupiter can bring a sense of well-being to even the darkest situation, or at least give the promise of hope, something we all need, since without hope, we can get pretty discouraged indeed. And hope is a wonderful commodity, since it is always possible that a winning streak is just around the corner, (as any gambler would proclaim, and gambling and speculation fall under Jupiterís rulership).

Of course, pursuit of a wining streak at the gaming tables can leave someone broke and desperate very quickly, so Jupiter can also lead you down a primrose path of unfulfilled dreams, too. Jupiter in the U.S. first house does seem to say that the American population will have high hopes for the future, and for their place in the world, justified or not by actual circumstances.

Saturn was right on the cusp of the U.S. ninth house at 24 degrees of Leo on November 8th 2006 when the results of the mid-term election were confirmed. Saturn on the ninth house cusp could show that the war in Iraq and the needless expenditure of lives and money lost, was truly the reason the mid-term elections went to the Democrats, the party opposite to the Republicans, the party that was currently in power.

Saturn is a hard taskmaster, and it may be the American people had to learn a hard lesson about the real situation going on abroad. Saturn enters into Virgo on September 3, 2007, and is going to be in the ninth house for the next 2 and a half years, so more lessons may be on the way in 2007, since Saturn is opposite the U.S. Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius off and on in 2007.

Venus goes retrograde on July 28, 2007, in 2 degrees of Virgo and will be back and forth over the U.S. ninth house cusp. Again, more lessons and more backtracking on the U.S. relations with foreign countries will be in the news, and it could be that the females of the species will be the leaders in making foreign issues known. A committee to investigate the reasons why the U.S. entered the Iraq war in the first place, could be headed by a woman, and come into play at around this time.

Venus conjuncts the tenth house cusp on November 9, 2007, and a woman may appear to be in the forefront of the U.S. Presidential contest, which should be in full swing at that point, since the Presidential election will be held in November of 2008.

Transiting Uranus will be between 11 and 18 degrees of Pisces in 2007 and located in the third house of communications and the mind. Transiting Uranus will be trine to the natal U.S. Cancer Sun at 13 degrees. Uranus is a planet of change and excitement, and even with all the goings on abroad, the American nation should have a lot of celebrity tabloid news to keep it going collectively, and to provide plenty of water cooler chit-chat. New ideas should proliferate, along with new inventions.

As for George Bush and Company, who knows? Transiting Mars conjuncts the U.S. Mars of 21 degrees of Gemini on September 12, 2007, starting a new Mars Return for the U.S. Mars will be in the seventh house of partnership, and open enemies, until April of 2008, due to Mars going retrograde in Cancer on November 16, 2007 at 12 degrees of Cancer, one degree away from the U.S. Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees. It seems likely that some Mars like situation will bring itself to the table during this time, but due to the retrograde motion of Mars, let us all hope that the final stages of a disengagement to the war in Iraq may be one of the items on the table.