TRANSIT - the astrologers' newsletter January/February 2007

Jenni Dean Harte, a student of astrology since the 1960’s in Greenwich Village, NY and a Nichiren Buddhist since 1973, has been studying and working with astrology in England for many years with a special interest in mundane astrology. The author of the Astrological Association’s World News column in Transit since 1997, and a popular speaker, her fascination with modern world affairs is the dynamic behind her investigation and often irreverent reports of current events and news headlines.


The planets

2007 is off to a roaring start as Jupiter speeds his way through more than half of Sagittarius by the end of February. Radical fundamentalism and breathless philosophising continue but some sincere good cheer in the midst of it all is a relief as we recover from the hard assed, sorry, hard angles of 2006.

Of course, Saturn is backtracking to oppose Neptune, a major theme for the first 6 months of 2007 but well supported by it’s trine to Pluto. All over the globe, old structures crumble, as do old leaders and those past their sell-by dates and the new stuff and people take their places.

The UK’s 1066 chart continues to be very active, it’s so mutable and buoyant with Uranus in Pisces transiting the 12th house (finally moving away from natal Pluto who lives there) and transiting Pluto conjunct natal Uranus in Sag in the 9th.

Carry on Cosmic Pile-Ups: January and February 2007 experience the 4th and 5th stelliums at the New Moon. Since October 2006, the New Moons have been particularly potent with a pile-up of planets nearby at the critical degrees of the Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Cosmic messages are insistent.

The first New Moon of 2007, 19 January at 29 Capricorn, however, finds the inner planets starting to spread out. Mars is at 2 Capricorn but Mercury is already in Aquarius with Chiron and Venus exactly conjunct Neptune at 19, a real set-up for the 2 Feb Full Moon and the New Moon 17 Feb. Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are all strongly accented right from the start of the year…here comes the judge!


Litvinenko, Putin and Politkovskaya - connected?

Spy Stories: Britain was immersed in a proper spy story in the aftermath of the Scorpio pileup in November. A former Russian KGB secret agent, Alexander Litvinenko died a weeks after being poisoned with radioactive material--poison seems to be a traditional Russian method for killing. The investigation of his murder has already taken British police to Moscow, much to the consternation of Russian authorities.

This murder follows by weeks the assassination of journalist and champion of democracy Anna Politkovskaya, survivor of previous attempts, an outspoken critic of the Kremlin, Putin in particular and, I think, a greater loss. It’s a classic Russian drama made surreal by the fact that both victims were born on the same day, different years. Russia’s Mars at 7 Sag, exactly squares their natal Suns at 7 Virgo! Russia’s Solar Arc Pluto is currently conjunct it’s Mars and transiting Pluto conjunct SA Sun! Much Neptune, too. Russia slides back to old Soviet skulduggery but the Jan Full Moon may shake things up.

Litvinenko: 30 August 1962, Voronezh, Russia, 51 N 40, 39 E 10, no time. Died: 23 Nov 2006, 19:00, London. Politkovskaya: 30 August 1958, no time, New York, NY, 40 N 43, 74 W 00 (she born in NY, parents Soviet Ukranian, UN diplomats).

Killed: 7 Oct 2006, 16:30, time from local police, Moscow, 55 N 45, 37 E 35. Russia: 8 Dec 1991, 17:45 GMT, Moscow, 55 N 45, 37 E 35, Asc 15 Leo.

At the same time and providing light relief, but still a spy story, the remake of the James Bond movie, Casino Royale has been wowing them in the aisles (and the box office). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all involved in these spy thrillers, and in the case of the real Russian murders, so is Chiron.


Canary Wharf CCTV control room

Paranoia Strikes Deep! We know the UK is the most spied upon nation in the world, but this is special. A new surveillance system at the Canary Wharf complex, London is supported by an underground control room with 5 wall-to-wall monitors relaying CCTV information from around the entire site. Also, use of a sophisticated scanner that ‘sees through people and can distinguish Semtex from clay and cocaine from sugar’ should discourage bombs and major drug deals in those offices. The total intrusion in the UK covers everything from the contents of your supermarket trolley to what you’ve ordered online, to say nothing of the CCTV coverage on the street. Science fiction no more Big Brother watches everything! …what happened to privacy? The fuss about identity cards seems like a moot point. They’ve already got us covered even if we don’t leave the house! Pluto in Sag at the GC, Saturn opposite Neptune…fer real!


When Venus met Pluto: On Friday, 8 December 2006 Venus and Pluto conjoined at 26 Sag 9. This is a difficult, often troublesome personal combination (it’s a bit intense) but ‘out there’ the recent conjunction, near the Galactic Centre, ignited ill-will towards female sex workers—tho’ society is becoming more sympathetic to their problems. In the southern city Shenzhen, China, (an open-ish city) the authorities began a two-month crack down on prostitution. Shenzhen, birthplace of China’s recent economic reforms has money and sex trade and plenty of both. In a move resembling the Cultural Revolution 30 years ago, which nearly destroyed all the culture of China, 100+ prostitutes and a handful of pimps were publicly shamed, paraded before crowds and driven to jail, no trials involved. Uniquely, there was a public outcry objecting to women’s violated civil rights! Shenzhen, 22 N 39, 114 E 13 (-8).

L to R: Anneli Alderton, Gemma Adams, Annette Nicholls, Paula Clennell, Tania Nicol

Venus Pluto and The Ipswich Ripper: 5 Missing Women Found Dead: In England, this is the definitive story of the Venus Pluto wedding. A massive police hunt for the most prolific serial killer in modern times is underway. The first victim went missing 30 October with Neptune just direct and Mercury S/Rx 25 Scorpio. Her body was found 8 Dec, at 11.30am only hours after Venus/Pluto, 4am GMT, Mercury on it’s S/Rx position. And another victim was discovered a few days earlier, and 3 more bodies since. All sex workers, all supporting drug habits, none with evidence of sexual assault! 5 bodies in 10 days, Pluto and Neptune took many wives. Investigations may link to murders in Atlantic City, New Jersey! There’s a lot going on in the 1801 UK chart. 1 Jan 1801, 0:00, Westminster, 51 N 30, 0 W 07.

Editor’s note: Suffolk police arrested a man at 07:20 GMT on the 18th December, at Felixstowe (51N58 001E20)but later released him. On the 19th December, a second man was arrested, at 05:00 GMT in Ipswich; charged with all five murders, he is now awaiting trial.


Tom Cruise demonstrates Operating Thetan foreplay

Tom Cruise: A short article, Independent 5 Dec 2006. Tom and new bride Katie Holmes recently bought a house in East Grinstead, Sussex, for £2.5 million, a 10 minute drive to the British HQ for Scientology at Saint Hill Manor (bought in 1959 by L Ron Hubbard and world HQ til the 70’s). Residents aren’t impressed, there are other celebs in the neighbourhood, and one local commented, ‘We’re pleased that Cruise is coming here. Especially because there is a cesspit underneath his property. Basically, he’ll be living above a lake of sh*t.’ A whiff of Pluto, methink?. Fear not, new drains were being dug almost immediately…transiting Pluto quincunx Tom’s Taurus Mars

Tom Cruise: 3 July 1962, Syracuse, NY, 43 N 03, 76 W 09. No time. Data internet everywhere. Read on.

L Ron Hubbard torturing an innocent tomato

Scientology: Refused charity status in the UK in 1999, refused religious status in Germany and Belgium (well, it is a strange name for a religion), considered a cult in France, they still promote themselves as a force for public good (er, BS). Having obtained the original incorporation date it’s worth a look. Did L Ron Hubbard (a disgraced sailor) have astrological help? Pluto is transiting, exactly conjunct Scientology’s natal Sun so 2007 should be an interesting year for this organisation. Rant? No, I’ll just give you the info, enjoy.

Church of Scientology, incorporated as a non-profit organisation: 18 December 1953, Camden, New Jersey, 39 N 55, 75 W 07. Data: Wikipedia.

L Ron Hubbard: 13 March 1911, 2.01 (+6), Tilden, Nebraska, 42 N 03, 97 W 50. Asc, 20 Sag. Data Clifford


Mars/Jupiter at 5 Sagittarius: This conjunction brought headlines about the UK government’s struggle to meet the demand for airport expansion. The conjunction at the degree of flight, fell across the UK 1801 3/9th cusps. Data above.


Science Fiction or Scientific Reality? Did you watch BBC’s ‘Torchwood’ series? Their fictitious experiments echo science. It used to take time for science fiction to become practical science but the two coincide more and more frequently. The series has used several fascinating experiment plots, one of which brings the dead back to life and the ensuing problems Torchwood encounter. First the dead were revived for a few minutes, eventually the final corpse to be resurrected had to be killed, again.

So? In late October 2006, an article by Amanda Geffer in New Scientist, 26 Oct 2006, discussed the startling theories of a number of researchers, one of whose work even changed Stephen Hawking’s ideas about quantum physics. It was previously speculated that information—any kind of matter—was lost when drawn into a black hole, but maybe not. Apparently information (life?) is NOT lost down the rabbit hole, it may exist in more than one place at a time. It’s interesting from an astrological perspective wherein ‘as above, so below’ is a given. I may be mixing up my science but ideas are melting together and I’m not even convinced we need, or can justify, hard boundaries anywhere, anymore. The interconnectedness of everything is reality, so black hole or not, that swallowed information is still available in some form, wherever. As astrologers we get to think/talk about this reality all the time. The death of death’ may be closer than you think. Of course, it’s a relative thing ;) Einstein woulda loved this. Saturn, Neptune…Pluto and Jupiter in Sag will be promoting fantastic events. You are reminded to keep your seatbelts fastened.


Barak Obama, the only black member of the US Senate—traditionally white, expensively educated and even more expensively elected—announced he’s thinking about running for President (well, he did go to Harvard). I like the Times headline, 8 Dec, "Obama. He’s black and he’s not Hillary." no matter how you look at it, this is a historic moment in history. Hey, suppose the Republicans decide that Condie Rice would be a good candidate and the Democrats do select Obama, it would be the first time in the history of the US that both major parties would have black candidates for President of the United States!! Joke, she’s missed her window and won’t happen but these are strange times and anything could happen.

Obama's an interesting guy and he certainly has charisma, audiences give him standing ovations when he comes onstage… a JUNIOR senator only 2 years into the job! His fiery Leo planets definitely appeal but he’s also got a lovely Virgo Mars trine Saturn in Capricorn and people sense his practical, grounded qualities. Since his tob is unknown his Moon could be in Taurus or Gemini but I suspect a Gemini Moon trine his Jupiter just into Aquarius. Obama’s Sun, 12+ Leo trines the US Sag Asc, his Venus is conjunct the US Venus in Cancer and, now this IS interesting, his Saturn is conjunct the US Pluto. This man could ‘hold’ the US thru the transformation of political and corporate structures and the US is coming up on a Pluto return.

Barak Hussein Obama: 4 August 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, 21 N 18, 157 W 51. Data: Wikipedia.


Kofi Annan

Goodbye: Kofi Annan, the dignified, soft-spoken Ghanaian Secretary General of the United Nations since 1 Jan 1997. His last major speech in mid-December 2006 was a thinly disguised attack on George W Bush’s war on terror, unsurprising, his 18 Aries Sun sits right on the UN Asc. But his Mercury in Taurus opposed UN Sun and Mercury and he didn’t often SPEAK UP! At the end, Annan quoted Harry Truman, US President when the UN was born, “We all have to recognise, no matter how great our strength, that we must deny ourselves the license to do always as we please.” Go Kofi.

Annan: 8 April 1938, Kumasi, Ghana, 6 N 41, 01 W 35. No time. Data: UN bio.

Good Luck: to Ban Ki-Moon, the new Secretary General of the United Nations. This posting promises to be a very different relationship. His Sun, 22 Gemini is exactly conjunct the UN Moon and HIS Mercury is in Gemini. Woah, just saw him 1st time on telly, he’s funny, now what?

Ki-Moon:13 June 1944, Umsong, S Korea, 36 N 56, 127 E 41. No time. Data: UN bio. Sworn in 14 Dec 2007 and begins his new job 1 Jan 2007, NYC



Pinochet, who claimed he never tortured tomatoes

Good Riddance: General Augusto Pinochet of Santiago, Chile was a dictator, thief and killer who, luckier than most of his victims, lived to get old. During his 17 year rule more than 3000 people were killed or disappeared and his abuse of human rights is legendary. Despite his past, Nigel Lawson (ex-Chancellor during Thatcher’s reign) says he actually stabilised the economy so well that it’s a model of economic success…but only if you’re rich. Anyway, he’s dead, just days after celebrating his 91st birthday, with Mars, Jupiter and Mercury conjunct his Sun.

Pinochet: 25 Nov 1915, 19.30, Santiago, Chile, 33 S 27, 70 W 40. Asc, 16 Gemini. Sorry, I forgot this data source…don’t shoot the messenger.

Died: 10 Dec 2006, 16:15 (+5), Santiago. Data: Military Hospital spokesman.


What the NASA Moon Base could look like


Good Grief! At the Full Moon 4 Dec (in the US) NASA announced its plans and timetable for a permanent outpost of one of the Moon’s poles. It will take until 2024 to prepare for a 'fully functional presence.'A brilliant result for the Full Moon symbolism at 13 Gemini/Sag. All the planets were direct on the day.



All country charts: Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion