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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008

Council News January 2008


19-22 September at Staverton Park Conference, Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Join us to celebrate our 50th birthday and 40th annual conference at this beautiful venue with bountiful facilities. The fantastic range of speakers include Lynne Bell, Bernadette Brady, Geoffrey Cornelius, Darby Costello, Robert Currey, Martin Davis, Ben Dykes, John Etherington, Sasha Fenton, Liz Greene, John Green, Mike Harding, Michael Lutin, Chris Mitchell, Alan Oken, Lindsay Radermacher, Luis Ribeiro with Helena Avelar, Komilla Sutton, Sue Tompkins and many more!

To book, please see the main AA website. The online shop is not yet able to take bookings for the conference via the website, but a booking form is available on the website to print and either post or fax to the conference coordinator, Caroline Moroz, at:

The Astrological Association, BCM 450, London WC1N 3XX UK

Tel: +44 (0)20 8625 0098, Fax: +44 (0)20 8625 0097



Next AA Event Day

Our next AA Event Day workshop will be held on Saturday 23 February 2008, at the Theosophical Society in London, with Bernadette Brady on Predictive Techniques: Stage II.  Please contact the office at for further details and to book your place.


Date to Remember

The AA’s 50th Birthday will be celebrated on Saturday 21 June 2008. Please keep the date free! More information will be in the next journal mailing.


2007 AA Conference at Wyboston Lakes – Report on Delegate Feedback

Thank you to all our members who attended this year’s conference at Wyboston and a very big thank you to those of you who completed the feedback forms. One hundred and seventy people attended and sixty-eight forms were received. The feedback forms are your way of letting us know what you liked or did not like: invaluable information when planning future conferences and events.

Overall the conference appears to have been a huge success, with over eighty-six percent describing themselves as very satisfied with the conference as a whole. A major success was the superb venue, with the majority of responders rating it excellent in terms of lecture rooms, accommodation and food. In every category, on a scale of one to five with five being excellent, over eighty percent rated the conference centre as four or five. One person described it as ‘the best venue in years’, while another summed up the feelings of many delegates with the comment ‘So much better than staying in student accommodation’.

The same ratings were given to conference organisation. The few reservations expressed concerned the service at dinner on Saturday night, which was considered slow, and the traffic around Cambridge. Some very helpful suggestions were also made which will be considered when planning future conferences.

Despite the slow service experienced by a few delegates, the Saturday night conference dinner was well attended, considered a success, with favourable comments about the food and the after dinner speech by Bernard Eccles. Following suggestions from delegates last year, the disco was on a smaller scale than usual.

The most popular speaker was Rick Levine, closely followed by Bernard Eccles and Judy Hall. The pre-conference masterclasses with Darrelyn Gunzburg and Sue Ward also proved very popular, with Sue being described as stimulating and Darrelyn fascinating. Bernard was also considered better than dancing as after-dinner entertainment. Thank you again to everyone who contributed.


Launch of the AA’s eLetter, Directions

The AA is launching Directions, a free monthly e-newsletter. This short newsletter keeps you informed about upcoming events and developments within the AA. It will be sent to all members and recent members who have given us their email address – non-members are also welcome to subscribe.

As an AA member, you should have already received your copy of Directions, provided you've given us your latest email address. If you haven't, and would like to, please send an email to < href="">, or use the link on our website at to sign up. If you like our newsletter and have friends who aren't AA members who may be interested, you'll find a link on the bottom of the newsletter that you can use to forward it to them – and they're welcome to sign up too!

We're using a secure email system developed by a company called Constant Contact to send out our newsletter; it's very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, and you can rest assured that your email address will not be passed to anyone else and you won't end up on any more spam lists as a result!


Is Your Membership Due for Renewal?

Renewal notices are now being posted with the Journal, so please look and see if there is one for you. If so, please support the Association that supports astrology by renewing right away and encouraging your friends to join too.