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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008

David Fisher's Data Corner

Deborah Kerr
There was always something of the "prim English lady" (Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn in Virgo) about actress Deborah Kerr (usually pronounced "Carr") who died 16th October 2007, even though she was born in Scotland. Having appeared in notable British films such as Major Barbara and Black Narcissus, she moved to Hollywood in 1947 where her attempts to change her image failed, in spite of some torrid love scenes on a beach with Burt Lancaster in From Here To Eternity. her best known role is that of Anna Leonowens in The King And I in 1956. For many years before her death she had been suffering from Parkinsonís Disease. She was nominated for an Oscar six times and was eventually awarded a special Oscar in 1994.

DEBORAH KERR-TRIMMER: 30th September 1921; Glasgow (55N53 004W15); 7:40am BST (06:40 GMT)


When Keith Simpson followed his father into the medical profession, he didnít want to be a GP. His name came to the forefront of forensic science when he took on the Dobkin case: the skeleton of a woman was found in the ruins of a bombed church and by examining her teeth, he managed to identify her. Simpsonís work on this case led to the culpritís execution, the unfortunate man being the woman's estranged husband. Indeed, Simpson became the pioneer of odontology (forensic dentistry). In the ensuing years he was awarded many prizes and honours, a CBE and eventually a knighthood, and took part in many high-profile murder cases. He became the first to identify what became known as Battered Baby Syndrome, and he lectured around the world. He died from a brain tumour on 21st July 1985.

CEDRIC KEITH SIMPSON: 20th July 1987; Brighton (50N50 0W08); time not known. The Encyclopedia of Forensic Science by Brian Lane (Headline 1992) p 371. Simpsonís autobiography Forty Years of Murder gives the same data. It is worth noting that Simpsonís two great contemporaries in forensic science were also born with the Sun in Cancer - Francis Camps, b. 27th June 1905, and Donald Tears, b. 1st July 1911.