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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008

Freudian Hanky-Panky

by Mike Harding

In an interview given in 1957 Jung made the claim that Freud was having an affair with his wife's sister, Minna Bernays, who lived with the Freud family at 19 Bergasse, giving as evidence a conversation that he had with Minna herself. This claim has always been hotly denied by the Freudian circle, and Jung was branded as ‘schizophrenic’ for voicing this opinion. Some years ago the Freud historian Peter Swales presented evidence to support Jung's claim, and similarly was branded psychotic by the director of the Freud Archives. However, another researcher, Franz Maciejewski recently unearthed the register of the Schweizerhaus, an inn in Maloja, Switzerland that records Freud and Minna booking in as man and wife on August 13th 1898. The astrology is fascinating. Much is taking place in Freud's eighth house, with Pluto sitting on his natal Moon, and Mars not far off. But the prize for Best Transit must go to Venus, which is exactly on Freud’s Mars.

As ever, transits to Freud’s midpoints also have a thing or two to say, with transiting NE=MO/MA=VE/UR, MA=VE/AS=MO/NE, and UR=SO/MO=VE/MA=NE/AS. Taken together, they give a good description of deception, desire and, especially Uranus on the Sun/Moon midpoint, a surprising intervention in a male/female relationship. However, Maciejewski's discovery has also shocked the world of psychoanalysis, which has so long denied that Freud could be subject to ordinary human failings, particularly so as Freud's central demand of anyone entering his form of therapy is that they are totally honest about their sexual behaviour…

To read an interview with Dr Franz Maciejewski, which is the reference for this information, see

I have not managed to locate Minna Bernay's birth date, but Freud's wife, Martha Bernays, was born on 26th July 1861. Note that this happens to be the same day of the year as Jung’s nativity.


Data: Freud, 6th May 1856, 6:30pm LMT, Freiburg, 19e51,49n38

Checking in on 13th August, 1898 at Maloja, 9e41, 46n24