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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008

World News

by Jenni Harte

Greetings and Happy New Year Stargazers the holidays are over and the next real break isn’t until Easter so I hope you enjoyed yourselves cause it’s down to business now for sure.

Pluto and Jupiter have met in Sagittarius and within days, the Sun and everything nearby made a simultaneous break for Capricorn with Mars in Cancer hovering, waiting for opportunities to oppose them all. First though, Pluto in Sag digs right down to the muck at the bottom of the barrel, the stuff that cultivates new beginnings and throws up generous handfuls of the stuff for our inspection and our considerations are mandatory, there are ultimately no compromises with Pluto. Hence heightened expectations and how could it be otherwise? This is a time of massive transformation for people and the planet. We’ve used and abused Earth’s resources—payback’s a bitch. Pluto in Sag released fiery demons, exposed paedophile priests, transport systems struggle around the world, preachers inspired hate not love and folks everywhere got up and moved to another part of the planet, leaving carbon footprints all the way.

The Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Sag is a fitting signature of a changed airline industry which saw the demise of worldwide branded airlines, and the coup de grace, the end of pleasurable travel. Draw a line under cheap international communications, too, overvalued comms companies in a cutthroat competitive market meant death to most of them but Jupiter describes the now standard global linkup and we pay and pay. As 2007 wound to a close, the question in the UK is high prices of housing, food, petrol, utilities—of everything—the pressure is well and truly on…on homeowners, on landlords and on the banks that lend the money (to each other) for it all.

December New Moon Headlines:

The following headlines were from just a couple of pages in the ‘Business & Media’ section of the Observer on Sunday 9 December, the day of the New Moon. And each one of them picks up a theme, sometimes repeated, described by the aspects of that lunation.

Water Becomes the New Oil

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Airbus is in for a Bumpy Ride

Venture Capitalists Go on the School Run

The Plumber Returns with a Pipe Dream

Liquidity Worries Grow Over Property Funds

Credit Crunch Brings Private Jet Market Down to Earth

With Jupiter leading the pile-up in Capricorn on 19 December it all rumbles on and we’ll be reminded of these events throughout 2008, particularly around the end of January when Pluto first touches base in Capricorn. He won’t linger though, only getting to the earliest degree of the goat-fish before he turns back to Sag by June and all of the above headlines will be back, bigger and scarier than ever.

NASA chart of global warming
As the Moon's nodes made their move from Pisces/Virgo to Aquarius/Leo, the Climate Change Committee met in Bali under hot sunny skies from 3 to 15 December trying to thrash out a proposal for tackling the biggest global problem. As expected, the United States (and several other countries) were reluctant to agree specific targets and almost rendered the meeting useless. Pressure on the US finally resulted in a last minute agreement that the US would join the consensus but this was just for the wording of the proposals, much remains to be seen as far as actual commitment to reductions in CO2 emissions. Widely reported as a ‘success’ the conference left greens unhappy and thinking people worried about the lack of ‘real’ plans as yet there are no specific targets although the problems associated with global warming are already shockingly apparent. The Moon moved from Libra on 3 Dec, starting with an apparently genuine attempt to work harmoniously, to a conjunction of the Moon and Neptune at 20 Aquarius. Yes, the people of Earth were very much being considered but Neptune has a way of confusing or drowning or dissolving what's being considered. It was an unprecedented opportunity for a more creative approach but this is, after all, global politics on the world stage. Oh yeah, what WAS the carbon footprint of 11,000 international delegates making their way to the conference? It’s madness, innit? Anyway, the CCC agreed to continue to meet to agree, that’s all really. Moon/Neptune anyone?

Economic Meltdown? All eyes are on financial markets as the tumbling US dollar, tumbling house prices and tumbling mortgage approvals are dragged along (and down) in the wake of global banking whoopsies. Pluto and Jupiter have upped the ante in this global crisis, climate change too (see above) and water wars (see below). Don’t expect improvements any time soon, we’re being forced to accept that our consumer driven (global) economy, has been thriving on the ‘never never’ but now that credit is tight that’s over for the ordinary consumer as well as the banking industry…this is a reality check and expect many more. Saturn opposite Uranus trine Mars sounds like recipe for long term upsets and surprises. Do you, like me, see parallels between the final days of the mighty Roman empire? The rich spending so much money that ordinary people are priced out of even the least attractive areas of our major cities. The rich and their conspicuous consumption making a joke of our attempts to keep up with the Joneses—we can’t, and neither can the Joneses. All that money being spent on bling and multiple residences and cosmetic surgery (an expensive and dangerous plea for permanent youth) and their children dressed as mini-mom’s (or dads), or worse, vice versa. Pluto in Capricorn’s gonna sort us out, oh boy.

Anticipating Pluto in Capricorn: Buried (sorta) on page 2 of the Observer’s Business section (16 Dec), was a headline I would have thought was front page stuff ‘Buyers circle as UK nuclear assets are put on the block.’ The government, it says, has appointed investment bank Greenhill to privatise the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)!!! Yes, the UK’s ageing nuclear facilities are being offered up as part of a decommissioning/clean-up deal (go Pluto) worth about £200 million. No matter how you slice it or dice it, this is an alarming trend—privatisation in yet another industry—as decommissioning and cleaning up nuclear sites leave state control and become private commercial interests. UK water, gas and electricity companies are private, often foreign, ownership as is increasingly the case around the world. On the one hand, this might be seen as progress on an international scale, on the other hand encroachment on basic, state-owned facilities, by foreign money could be the thin end of the wedge placing control of our utilities into the hands of those who’s only concern is profit.

Water--The New Oil? H2O and its availability or lack thereof is growing in public consciousness. As noted in the last World News, China’s already running out and other countries are quickly realising that if they don’t respond with some practical applications, pronto, they’re running out too. Climate change or no, we all need water and developing nations can ill afford to pay for what they once took for free from rivers and lakes (before global warming dried ‘em up). This is a massive issue which will dominate headlines from now on. Mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune continues for a few years yet. When Uranus enters Aries in 2010 this topic really comes to the boil.

Luxury retailers are nervous as high spending City-types, various non-dom Russian oligarchs, over-paid athletes and (largely lucky) hit-making pop musicians amongst others may be hanging a bit tighter onto their cash now that the trend for flashing bling is fast becoming vulgar. But the last gasps were obvious in the extravagant holiday adverts for goods only the hyper-wealthy can afford (does the world really need a cocktail that costs £35,000?). Good taste aside, the welcome downturn in excess is finally beginning to bite even those who can afford to keep spending. Not that that includes anybody I know. Of course, ordinary high street dealers have been feeling the pinch since last autumn

Executive Aggro: All talk in the New Year will be of executive heads rolling as profits everywhere slip and in 2008, a new twist…those golden parachutes (you know, where they pay huge sums to execs who fail), that have infuriated everyone from shareholders to the woman in the street will begin to shrink at last. Capricorn is about taking care of business, literally--getting the job done. The thought that money would be wasted on anything but productivity will pall in the light of a tightening financial environment…and a trine to Saturn in Virgo, of course. Online shopping Christmas 2007 will go down in history as the year when record numbers of shoppers stayed well away from the holiday crush. Instead of traffic jams, expensive parking and stress, consumers enjoying another glass of wine and comfy slippers at their home computers while still making serious progress on their holiday preparations. Uranus in Pisces square December’s pileup in Sagittarius and opposing Saturn in Virgo led to more discrimination about how best to spend one’s time in the cold, dark, wet weeks in the run-up to Christmas. Venus in Scorpio wanted value for money and that included ease of shopping, trine Mars in Cancer, working it from home seemed like a very good idea indeed. Retailers dependent on footfall traffic will be cryin the blues, talking about the huge drop in customers they didn’t see this past holiday. But as the Christmas Eve Full Moon closely applying to Mars opposite Pluto, Jupiter tightly conjoined with the Sun and Mercury could mean big spending at the last minute. The question for retailers is, will it be enough?

Russia: Paranoid, mistrustful and suffering from an inferiority complex…whether they need to or not! Vladimir Putin’s stepped aside from leading the country, having given the okay to his protege to take the reins. Fabulous wealth has been created for many during Putin’s terms in office but for the average citizen, daily life gets worse and worse. Paranoia seems to guide 21st century Russia, no surprise with Venus and Pluto in Scorpio mistrust comes naturally but now exacerbated by 2P Venus now exactly conjunct natal Pluto (oligarch aspect, too) and 2P Mercury square natal Chiron rising in the 12th. Transiting Jupiter will surge across Russia’s stellium in Capricorn (N Node, Uranus, Moon and Neptune) in the 5th and 6th houses by the end of February, The New Moon on 7 February conjunct an Aquarium stellium in the 7th will stir the pot of Russian partnerships, particularly for technology, as well as increasing dissatisfaction with living conditions for most citizens which may trigger demonstrations as transiting Uranus, at 17 Pisces, squares Russia’s Mercury-0-Sun in Sag. February looks to be a very unsettled month.

Russia Independence Proclamation: 8 December 1991, 17:45 GMT, Moscow, 55 N 45, 37 E 35. Asc 14 Leo 14.

james Watson
James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, Watson, who implied that Africans are less intelligent than whites last October was forced to retire from his position as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island. Then he allowed his genomes (a map of his genes) to be published on the internet. Analysis revealed that 16% of his genes are likely to come from an African ancestor, 16 times more than the average white European, and a further 9% are likely to have come from an Asian ancestor. This story was published on 9 December with transiting Venus exactly on his Moon and the transiting Sun and Moon on his Saturn in Sag with transiting Mercury closing in…open mouth, insert foot! Elementary Watson.

James Watson: 6 April 1928, Chicago, Illinois 41 N 51 87 W 39 (no time). Data: Wikipedia.