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The Astrologer's Newsletter - January/February 2009

World News

by Jenni Harte

Solstice Map 21 December 2008, 12:04 UT is not a serene picture is it? And we could use some serenity. Sigh. With Mars conjunct the Sun conjunct Pluto the potential for danger can't be ignored. Mars in Sag carrying on the hyper-judgemental theme, the Pluto leftovers of strident opinions, big brother control freakery (which ain't over by a long shot), international and internal bickering governments and fundamentalist programmes all temporarily revived for apparently Last Chance Saloon opportunities which could have dire consequences. The Sun Pluto conjunction won't waste a moment increasing insecurity about existing belief systems of all kinds, particularly those we hold in high regard. In uncertain times all our insecurities will obviously be revealed on a personal as well as global level. But it's a given that we'll have to jettison anything that has outlived it's sell-by date. There will be no point trying to hold on to anything that's already served its purpose and lots of pain in continued attempts to revert to 'the way things were.' Still, the desire to sort out the stinking debris of consumerism, fundamentalism and authoritarianism, coupled with the need to support those at the bottom of the economic ladder, and those on the middle rungs as well, will be paramount.

Saturn Retrograde at the New Year. On New Year's Eve Saturn stationed Rx still wanting what he wants in Virgo, sort it out! You will be tested. Our shifting age had the brief but sturdy support of Jupiter trine Saturn right through last autumn's credit crunch kickoff crisis and we should probably be grateful. So New Year Saturn stations Rx and on 5 January Jupiter moves out of earth at speed and enters Aquarius joining Chiron and Neptune, Mercury and the nodes. This is new territory, all nations now having to work/or not together to get us all over those hills of change (and the odd mountain range or five). Pluto in Capricorn says, as ever, this is non-negotiable y'all and frankly, there couldn't be a clearer remedy for what ails us, do the right thing (also see Saturn in Virgo above). Hmm, simple but not easy, like almost everything that actually works. Could this perhaps be good news, slowing the pace of transformation long enough for us to maybe wrap our heads round, uh, things (good luck with that).

Jupiter enters Aquarius on 5 January, it's ingress will bring cries for fair play and equality for all throughout the international community. The Greek riots last December began after a 15 year old boy was shot by the police and the incident set off days of riots and demonstrations that also vented simmering anger about the state of the Greek economy, education and jobs. Actually those gripes could be said to be true of every country in EU but for the time being the entire world is working its way through some intense unbalanced realities, and of course, that's where all the strife came from in the first place. The ‘fat cats' of industry, former Wall St Masters of the Universe and politicians around the world have been having their collective butts well and truly kicked but many of them are still collecting financial rewards far beyond anything they deserve, while regular folks trying to support their families struggle to pay the bills and, desperately hang onto/or find jobs. Then again, 2009 could be the year when activists in the UK and elsewhere heavily promote a Bill of Rights, or am I too optimistic? Jupiter will be in Aquarius until January 2010.

Eclipse Season, Who Gets Hit: The first solar eclipse of 2009 is at 6 Aquarius 30 on 26 January conjunct Jupiter. The following countries all have Jupiter in Aquarius near the Eclipse degree: Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Portugal, Montenegro, Serbia, Saudi-Arabia, Sierra-Leone, Tanzania (1961).

The first lunar eclipse of 2009 falls at 21 Leo exactly on 9 February conjunct Chiron and Neptune. These countries get a direct hit: Bahrain (Sun), Pakistan (Sun exact), India-Ind (Sun), Monaco (Asc), Egypt-Rep (Pluto), Libya (Pluto),Tajikistan (Venus), Jamaica (Mercury), Congo (Uranus), and Sierra-Leone (Uranus) and others. All country charts from Campion's Book of World Horoscopes.

Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe once had respect based on his then revolutionary activities to emancipate his country but since taking over government control he has totally destroyed his prize. He has ruined everything from it's productive farms to it's anyway inadequate water supplies. Now, in another fit of hubris, he declares Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic to be over (mid December) because he doesn't want any more outside intervention. Just gimme the useful drugs and f**k off, he seemed to say. At the same time, Zimbabwe introduced new $500 million note—about enough to buy about 8 loaves of bread! It is the country's Saturn return from hell. Yet Mugabe, who is clearly insane, hangs on? Transiting Neptune stations Rx opposite Zimbabwe's Mars-0-Node in late May 2009, other signs also suggest he'll struggle to keep power from then.

A Zimbabwean $50 million dollar note

Zimbabwe: 18 April 1980, 0:00 (EET –2), Harare, 17 S 50, 31 E 03, Asc 1 Aquarius 38.

Greek Riots Elsewhere described as the first credit crunch riots, the shooting of a teenager triggered nationwide riots for days in December. The demonstrators said they wanted to express their grief at the death of a fellow pupil but an anarchist website had added to their numbers within 24 hours. Social revolt has changed in Greece with housewives, elderly people and businessmen now joining the protests as well as unemployed youth and academics. A variety of motives including the poor economy and lack jobs spur them on. Still others are committed to violent action, attacking and rampaging through banks and foreign businesses. The youngster who was shot was simply the trigger. The Greek chart most active during the 26 January solar Eclipse is chart 137 (BWH) the 26 January Solar Eclipse falls exactly on natal Uranus at the top of the chart. The unrest may take some time to settle down, this chart has natal Sun conjunct MC conjunct Uranus with Mercury at 29 Aquarius. Greece-Kingdom: 3 February 1830, 12:00 (LMT –1.35), Athens, 37 N 58, 23 E 43, Asc 2 Gemini 16. The chart for Greek Democracy, meanwhile shows transiting Uranus exactly conjunct natal Jupiter, transit Saturn opposing, 3rd to 9th house. Greece-Democracy: 24 July 1974, 4:00 (EET –2), Athens, Asc 13 Cancer 08.

Here Comes Trouble: 5 December 2008, a bad day for the accused: First, OJ Simpson, one time US football hero, found guilty as Pluto rolled into Capricorn opposing his Venus at 1 Cancer 21. Transiting North Node opposed his Saturn/Pluto and transiting Jupiter in Capricorn opposed his Mercury. On 5 December he was found guilty as transiting Sun-0-Mars and transiting Chiron squared his Jupiter. With, the Saturn Uranus opposition across his Moon, defendant Simpson copped a mealy-mouthed plea, telling the court, “I didn't know I was doing anything illegal,” okay then, he was just retrieving personal property, with thugs and guns. He will go to jail for at least 9 years. There are many who thought he got away with the double murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman although he was acquitted in 1995. Revenge is a dish best served cold they say, 13 years later Nicole and Ron's families finally feel revenge, I mean justice, has been served. OJ Simpson: 9 July 1947, 8:08 (PST +8), San Francisco, 37 N 46, 122 W 25, Asc 25 Leo. Data: Clifford (BC)

Boy George demonstrating his legendary good taste in fashion
Also on 5 December, Boy George who seems to be guilty, in the main, of a lack of self control on numerous levels, was found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male escort. His struggles with drug addiction and lack of judgement are well documented. He does the victim thing to the max but with Chiron in Pisces in the 12th house it seems he just can't help himself. In the event, he was also found guilty on 5 December with transiting Pluto opposing his Moon in Cancer. On judgement day transiting Moon was in the 12th conjunct his Chiron. His sentence will be revealed in January. George O'Dowd: 14 June 1961, 2:30 (BST –1), Bexley, England, 51 N 26, 00 E 10, Asc 3 Taurus 19. Data: Clifford (BC)

The US of A: As President-Elect Obama takes office, the US is contending with major aggro, like everywhere, frankly but it was their sub-prime mortgage debt selling schemes that triggered the collapse of the world's economies. With transiting Saturn conjunct US Neptune opposing Uranus and squaring US Mars and transiting Pluto in Capricorn about to oppose the natal stellium in Cancer in the 7th house, its relationships with everyone, everywhere are going through massive transformation. The good news is it's about real change. The bad news is it hurts.

Chchchchchanges: Following his election in November on the day of the first exact Saturn Uranus opposition, Barack Obama's transition team immediately looked like creating the most inclusive, transparent presidency ever in America. He hadn't even been inaugurated when he began reaching out to US citizens and actively seeking out voices and thoughts of Americans in preparation to ‘hit the ground running' in January. It's looking good, so far he's walking the talk.

Investing billions of dollars in public infrastructure works around the country, developing new jobs in the green industries and a focus on an overhaul of the nation's abysmal health care system are key to Obama's plans to put America back to work in the industries of the future. Investment in green industries and hybrid cars are also promising, sustainable developments. All those billions being spent to create new jobs with a future could catapult America's ‘can-do' reputation back into the world spotlight and, at the same time, refresh the entire global economic system. We will all learn (even those who don't already) to respect this man of the moment.

Loved this from The New York Times, 12 December 2008 (seems like a long time ago already, doesn't it?). Survey Asks: Internet Access or Sex? 46% of women and 30% of men would forgo sex for two weeks rather than give up internet access for the same period—I so get that!

A reconstruction of  Nicolas Copernicus, from his remains
Hair's the Thing: Researchers said 21 November 2008 that they had positively identified the remains of Nicholas Copernicus, the Sun at the centre theorist (along with many of his contemporaries). The discovery was made by comparing DNA from a skeleton and hair found in one of his 16th century books, thus ending centuries of dispute about his final resting place. Forensic facial reconstruction of the skull found in 2005 buried in a Catholic Cathedral in Frombork, Poland definitely resembles existing portraits of Copernicus, broken nose, eyebrow scars and all. Buried in an unmarked grave his remains have now been confirmed as authentic. Interesting transits. A Chiron return at 17 Aquarius, transiting Neptune nearby exactly conjunct natal Mars to the minute, 21 Aquarius 33. Transit Saturn Uranus opposition on his Pluto and more. Funny what comes up! RIP. Copernicus: 19 February 1473, Torun, Poland, 53 N 02, 18 E 35. Data: Wikipedia

The World's Director of Time Dr Dennis McCarthy, Chief, Earth Orientation Parameters Branch, Time Service Division, US Naval Observatory, Washington, DC. Whew, quite a handle and it's real. Dr McCarthy is the guy who's responsible for regulating the atomic clock in Washington by making the leap second adjustment every four years to account for Earth's wobble and keep our timepieces accurate. There's NO birthdata anywhere for him as he has Top Secret clearance but he MUST be a Saturn Pluto man, as for the rest, sweet f/a. I was just tickled to know there was a Director of Time and wanted to share J.