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The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2007

Council News July 2007

Conference 2007

Astrological Association Conference

Applying Our Astrological Crafts

7– 9 September 2007

Wyboston Lakes (18 miles from Cambridge)

If you have not already booked the annual AA Conference, please call or email the office as soon as possible to secure your place (details below). This is the first year we have moved out of Universities – the conference will take Place at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre, located in beautiful surroundings which include a lake, 4* accommodation, endless activities and state of the art technology! The venue provides 4* cuisine, with unlimited fruit, refreshments and biscuits around the clock.

We have a superb line-up of speakers who will talk on subjects on the conference theme Applying Our Astrological Crafts. An example of some of the talks are:

Babs Kirby 'A Psychotherapist’s Approach to Children’s Charts' Babs will discuss how she works with children's charts, which is always as part of a synastry with the parents. The parents' charts show their capacity to understand their child, and Babs’ aim is to help them give their child space for his or her individuality to grow and develop.

Rick Levine 'The Magic of Astrology: art, craft, and science' When art and science push the limits, the results are perceived as magic. Reality is interpreted differently by the left and right hemispheres of the brain, producing the gap between art and science. Einstein demonstrated the interrelatedness of time and space. The craft of astrology bridges these opposites to create magic.

Alexander von Schlieffen 'POP: Power of Projection'. Projections are often based on experiences that memory transforms into powerful images. Sometimes projections represent something we are longing for in the future. Following their seductive power can help us to find our own way but it can also guide us straight into nowhere land. How do we find out? How can astrology help?

Graeme Tobyn 'Decumbitures and Medical Horaries: what are they and how do you read them?' Using examples of Culpeper’s charts and his own horoscopes drawn from herbal practice, Graeme Tobyn will demonstrate how astrology can be used to diagnose and prescribe.

Judy Hall 'Saturn and Soul Growth: the karmic potential in your chart' Esoteric astrology looked on Saturn as the ‘ring-pass-not’ beyond which only the initiated could progress and the ancients looked on Saturn as the soul. This practical workshop will explore Saturn in the birthchart as an indicator of the karmic deficits and challenges and the perennial wisdom carried by your soul.

For the full line-up, see the conference brochure, or visit the Website for further details:

AA Office

Local Call Rate Tel: 0845-1259153  International Tel: (+44) (0)20 8880 4848



Silent Auction

If anyone has any items that they would like to donate or contribute to the silent auction that will be held at this year’s Hertfordshire conference, please get in touch with Kate Czerny at or James Brockbank at

The AA's New Website

Over the last six months, Andy Gray and his support team of Glenda Cole, Chris Mitchell and Frances Clynes, with contributions from the rest of Council, have been working hard on the redesign of the AA Website. The first phase went live at 23:29 on 22 June 2007, with refinements planned throughout the rest of the retrograde Mercury period. Over the coming months, be prepared to see the site transform as we build upon this work to launch a new and dynamic experience based on the requirements of members. We hope you will find that the site will be more responsive to what is happening in the world today, so keep this on your daily watch.

The address remains, so that, for many of you, your bookmarks will not be affected. For those of you who are still using as your point of reference, please visit the new site and adjust your bookmarks accordingly. The site will be kept complete, running in parallel for a short while as the new site is established.

The new site will be subject to continuous improvement and evolution. It has been designed to be fluid, adding new features and capabilities early and often to respond to demand and to provide a better experience for members and visitors to the site. We will be encouraging you to collaborate and contribute within that experience.

So, please feedback your comments on the site's look and feel and navigability. Does it address what you want to see here? Tell us what you want to see, it may already be on the roadmap or it may be something that we need to address. We would be grateful if you could indicate your age group in your feedback (under 30, 30-55, 55+) as we want to be able to tailor the site to address the widest audience.

Is your membership due for renewal?

Renewal notices are now being posted with the Journal, so please look and see if there is one for you. If so, please support the Association that supports astrology by renewing right away and encouraging your friends to join too.