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The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2007


by Jenni Dean Harte

The exact Saturn Neptune opposition may be behind us but the headlines rumble on. These two won't be in opposition again until August 2043 (whew) so a look at some of what’s still being thrown up is interesting, sometimes enlightening and occasionally entertaining. In recognition that the next Saturn Neptune opposition is decades away, let’s pay homage.

Bon Voyage Tony!

Tony Blair leaves town
After 10 years of a rather presidential Premiership, Tony Blair steps down. In a most appropriate signature for the handing over one of the most powerful political positions in the world, the transiting Saturn Neptune opposition falls across his Pluto at 21 Leo. Neptune swept him off the podium just 2 days after the final opposition. Game, set and match (sorry writing pre-Wimbledon).

Tony Blair: 6 May 1953, 6:10 BST, Edinburgh, Scotland, 55 N 57, 03 W 13. Asc 5 Gemini. Data: Caroline Gerrard.

Gordon Brown will have been at the helm for just days when this issue of Transit is published therefore not time for much to have occurred still, Gordon’s Sun is 1 Pisces and the transiting North Node will cross not long before Pluto reaches his Chiron at 0 Capricorn. Could make very interesting reading in 2008. This year’s eclipses (spring and summer) have been crawling all over his chart.

Gordon Brown: 20 February 1951, 8.40 UT, Goffock, Scotland, 55 N 48, 04 W 20. Asc 15 Aries. Data: Caoline Gerrard, from birth certificate.

Houses for sale
Where are the Workers? London’s business leaders are worried; of 126 firms polled by the Confederation of British Industry, three-quarters said they had problems recruiting suitably skilled employees and most expect the problem to get worse. Well, what did those captains of industry think would happen when they drove up the cost of housing in the capital? Those skilled workers have been priced out of living there…it was inevitable. Ironically, Saturn opposite Neptune also highlights the fact that London has the highest unemployment rate in the UK (but these are not the skilled workers employers need). With transiting Pluto square London’s Moon and IC the workers have been driven out. But Pluto will enter Capricorn soon and London’s 2nd house…prompting thoughts about the next item.

London (GLC): 1 April 1965, 00.00 BST, London, 51 N 30, 00 W10. Asc 30 Scorpio.

Taxing Information: There’s good news, top executives in the world’s biggest private equity firms agree that they need to pay more taxes, currently as little as 10%. Those who profit most from London’s booming economy agree they need to pay more, incredible! The UK’s Mars in Taurus trine Sun in Capricorn should benefit the workers these guys need to keep their ships afloat…we hope. The UK’s Moon in Cancer in the 10th says everybody’s gotta have a home and those extra taxes should be distributed more fairly to the capital.

UK: 1 January 1801, 00.00, Westminster, 51 N 30, 00 W 07. Asc 7 Libra.


I confess, finances don’t interest me much but new countries entering the world economic community interest me greatly. While Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have been getting the press, investors are turning to more exotic countries for high returns. Seems Mexico (tr Pluto trine natal Jupiter 28 Aries in the 10th) and Korea (Pluto in Leo conjunct MC trine Jupiter) could become as important as BRIC. More surprising, Turkey (a Uranus return and natal Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 5th) and Vietnam (Jupiter/Saturn May 2000 conjunct natal Jupiter in Taurus on the MC) are both on a growing list of strengthening markets.

South Korea: 15 August 1948, 12:00 (JST), Seoul, 37 N 33, 126 E 58.

Mexico: 31 Jan 1917, 16:00 (LMT) Queretaro, 20 N 36, 100 W 22. Asc, 18 Cancer.

Turkey: 29 October 1923, 20:30 (EET), Ankara, 39 N 56, 32 E 52. Asc, 8 Cancer.

Vietnam-Union: 2 July 1976, 8:30 (SST) Hanoi, 21 N 02, 105 E 51. Asc 22 Leo.

Old World Banking established during WWII is struggling in the increasingly global economic community, compounded by rising economic powers in China and elsewhere (see above) and shifts in cultures. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, conceived in 1944 and born 2 years later, with a mission to rebuild Europe after the war and reduce poverty world-wide, are facing a major revamp of some kind if they are to continue to have a relevant function. Paul Schultz, a former US Treasury secretary said, 'If the IMF disappeared tomorrow, I don’t think people would miss it very much.' Changing moods and realities in the global markets also put pressure on 20th century financial arrangements. One could say the old banks are in crisis. The World Bank with it's Sun at 4 Cancer will experience transiting Pluto opposing beginning March 2009 through November 2010. Saturn opposite Neptune, yes, but perhaps also Pluto at the GC, stirring the 21st century pot. Expect more following the Cancer ingress...a brave new world of finance.

World Bank commences formal operations: 25 June 1946, (9:00 EST used in absence of official time), Washington DC, 38 N 53, 77 W 02

Iceland flexes its financial muscles. If you think Iceland is all about hot springs, glaciers and Bjork, think again. Seems there’s lots of money swilling around Kaupthing, Iceland’s biggest bank and much of it is invested in the UK. Bankrolling retailers and entrepreneurs has been part of the incredible growth of the bank. Begun in 1982, a product of the liberalisation of Iceland’s economy and financial markets in the 1990’s, its leaders now are ambitious thirty-somethings. Investments worth billions of pounds have been moved around in sometimes risky ventures but those risks, so far, continue to succeed. In any case, transiting Saturn is astride Iceland’s Jupiter (which is conjunct it’s Part of Fortune) in the 11th, they’ve got friends in high places (and the bank). And natal Moon at 17 Taurus in the 8th, as well as transiting Pluto opposite their Sun Saturn conjunction No messin’ these guys can handle money..

Iceland: 17 June 1944, 14.00 (+0), Reykjavik, 64 N 09, 21 W 51. Asc 2 Libra.

Russia's problems with alcohol
Russia’s Neptune struggle: 'Alcohol blamed for half of Russia’s premature deaths'. Russians are known for drinking prodigious amounts of Vodka and apparently anything else that will produce a buzz. Cleaning fluids, eau de colognes (yes really), anti-freeze...rankly anything with an ethanol content. In some shops these products are displayed on shelves with each other, not good marketing for the individual products but I suppose it makes it easier to find your 'fix' if you prefer to drink rather than use as originally intended. While all of this is funny in an abstract way, the fact is that Russia has one of the lowest life expectancies in an industrialised country - 59 for men and 72 for women. Russia’s natal Jupiter in Virgo is square Mercury/Sun in Sag in the 5th and trine Uranus/Moon/Neptune.

Russia Independence Proclamation: 8 December 1991, 17:45, Moscow, 55 N 45, 37 E 35. Asc 15 Leo



Lunations thru mid-August New Moon carry the theme of Saturn in Leo trine Pluto in Sag along with the Sun and Mercury. Venus, deciding that this fiery romp is much more fun than busy, organising Virgo, turns back at just 3 degrees and, looking over at Jupiter turning direct in Sag, returns quickly to Leo. If there’s a plan here (and in my opinion, of course there is) it seems we’re due to party hearty in August. But don't forget, the bill will soon come due and by the time Venus returns to Virgo (not til next issue of Transit) mighty Saturn will have taken up a two year residence in Virgo. Venus better tidy her room before she leaves for some fun in Leo or there'll be hell to pay come September.

There’s a Lunar Eclipse on 28 August at 5 Virgo accompanied by a Mercury Uranus opposition in mid-Virgo.

Who gets Hit: Sierra Leone takes a direct hit from this lunar eclipse and from the solar eclipse in September. This is likely to be a very unstable region as Uranus is involved in both eclipses. Ghana also receives both eclipses, the discovery of a huge oil field, much larger than expected, will change the economy. The May 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction fell on Ghana’s Mars in Taurus, exact. Haiti’s Moon Pluto opposition receives the 28 August eclipse. Nepal, The Phillipines, Mongolia (spring 2007 eclipses as well) are also activated. Expect news from all these areas late summer.

His Honour Blows a Legal Hurricane. Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in the Gulf states of the US in 2005. New Orleans, particularly hard-hit, produced the most memorable headlines but Mississippi was also battered. There are thousands of outstanding insurance claims with most claimants caught in a similar trap, was it wind (Neptune in Aquarius) or was it water (Moon in Cancer)? If wind the claim was honoured, if water there was a dispute and things dragged on. Two years later Judge LT Senter, backup judge, jazz trumpeter and unexpected hero has come to the rescue pleasing both insurers and claimants. All eyes are now on his continued judgements based on common sense and civility. Why now? Katrina made landfall with 30 Leo on the horizon. On 28 August, transiting Saturn will be at…30 Leo! And Katrina celebrates a solar return the very next day so the Sun is conjunct the Sun. Katrina’s S Node/Venus/Jupiter conjunction in mid-Libra in the 2nd house suggested that there would be some kind of balance regarding financial matters and Judge Senter seems to have pulled it off. New Orleans and other towns devastated by the hurricane are watching very closely.

Hurricane Katrina: 29 August 2005, 6:10 (CDT), New Orleans, LA, 29 N 57, 90 W 04. Asc, 30 Leo. Data: internet.

This is a droopy-pants-free zone!
Pull your pants up or go to jail, warns Carol Broussard, mayor of Delcambre, Louisiana, who intends to make it a crime to wear trousers that show underwear. Goodo. Frankly, showing your pants has to be the least attractive of all hip-hop fashions, unflattering at best and downright obnoxious at worst. Ron Price, a politician from Dallas, Texas says he’s fed up with people who walk the streets with their pants below their buttocks and their underwear exposed. Apparently other towns in Louisiana and Virginia have been unsuccessful with bans on sagging pants, pity, those drooping drawers may not be the most fastidious example of Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius but it is a fashion crime against the establishment (well, good taste anyway). Whether it will catch on (as I rather hope it does) remains to be seen but it’s gotta start somewhere. Men’s clothing, according to Michael Munkasey (Astrological Thesaurus), is 6th house stuff, therefore Virgo and Mercury related. Perhaps we’ll see results when Mercury in Virgo conjoins the Sun and the N Node in Virgo (and an eclipse), just before Saturn makes it’s Virgo ingress in early September. BTW, this news item was published 15 June as Mercury stationed Rx, funny, huh?

The rockin' Zimmers - my generation!
Rockin Rrinkles: At this year’s Isle of Wight Festival, the Rolling Stones blew the entire youth division off the stage. Knowledge of the Stones was apparently a little vague as most of the audience only knew them as part of rock and roll history. But, according to all the reviewers, their performance put all other performers in the shade. Saturn Neptune manifestations will NOT go quietly. Furthermore: The Zimmers! Astonishing, isn’t it, that a group of elderly people (no, not the Stones), an eclectic collection of 40 ordinary pensioners average age 78, recorded a version of the Who’s iconic tune, My Generation and have been receiving world-wide acclaim. Despite a lack of airplay (one DJ rejected the request saying 'old people smell of wee and they’re rubbish') in just a few days the single rose from 126 to 25 on the charts and they’re being heavily courted by media for performances and interviews. The project is totally Saturn Neptune, the brainchild of Tim Samuels a BBC journalist who decided to make a programme about the plight of the elderly. But once the decision was made to record (at Abby Road Studios, no less), it took on a life of its own. Note: recorded around end of February when the Rx opposition occurred, exact 28 Feb. Since none of us will be getting any younger (despite the best efforts of cosmetic surgery), there is much encouragement to be had from the Zimmers. Amen.

Saturn (reality) opposes Neptune (in an ideal world) What are the chances of winning the lottery, pretty small aren’t they? But what would you do if you did win? Here’s a joke. Wife comes home and shouts to husband, "Pack your bags, I won the lottery." Husband shouts back, "Okay but what do I need to take?" Wife, "I don’t care, just pack your bags and get out!"



All country charts: Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion