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The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2008

Comings, Goings & In Transit

By Val Dobson


We finally have a birth-time for Barack Obama. To combat rumours that he isn't American by birth, the US Presidential hopeful has just (as of 12th June) released a copy of his birth certificate. This gives the data 07.24PM AHST (GMT - 10.00); 4th August 1961; Honolulu, Hawaii (21N18 157W51). (Hawaii has never observed Daylight Savings Time and GMT -10.00 has been the time zone for the island since 1947.) AS: 18Aquarius, MC: 28Scorpio.

We have the data for new London mayor Boris Johnson! The indefatigable Annabel Herriott has informed me that a new biography of Boris Johnson (Boris: The Rise of Boris Johnson by Andrew Gimson) gives his birth data: 19 June 1964; New York, USA;14.00 hrs. (presumably the time zone is EDT, +4)



Regular readers may remember my article in the November edition about the October 1957 Windscale accident. As I pointed out, a catastrophic nuclear melt-down was largely prevented by the quite heroic actions of Tom Tuohy, the plant's deputy general manager at the time. Tom Tuohy died on March 12th this year, at Newcastle, NSW, Australia. According to his obituaries, he was born 7th November 1917 at Wallsend, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (55N00 001W31).

Albert Hofmann, the "father of LSD", died from a heart attack on April 29, 2008 around 9 AM in Basel, Switzerland. A pharmaceutical chemist, he spent several years developing and synthesising lysergic acid diethylamide in the Sandoz laboratories in Zurich, but only discovered its hallucinogenic properties on April 16th 1943 when he accidentally spilled some on his hands. He was born January 11, 1906 in Baden, Switzerland (47N29 08E18) at 15:00 CET (-1). Source: himself.



Chinese Earthquake: 12 May 2008, 14:28, CCT (-8:00); Szechuan, China; 39°N55', 116°E25'

The data for China is: 1 Oct 1949, 15:15, CCT (-8:00) Peking; 39°N55', 116°E25'