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The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2008

David Fisher's Data Corner

I make no apologies for devoting this edition of DFDC to three extremely dangerous men, all of whom were recently sentenced to life imprisonment.


Colin Norris
At his trial which began on 16th October 2007 in Newcastle Crown Court, Colin Norris was charged with murdering four elderly women with insulin injections and with the attempted murder of a fifth woman. Four of the offences took place at Leeds General Infirmary and the other at St James' Hospital, Leeds, all between 27th June and 11th December 2002, before Norris returned to his native Glasgow. All five patients were awaiting hip operations and insulin was not part of their treatment. At the trial it was revealed that Norris had a callous disregard for elderly patients (Mercury conjunct Venus opposing Saturn), male and female. On March 3rd 2008 the jury, by a majority of 11 to one, found him guilty on all five charges and he was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years.

Levi Bellfield
Levi Bellfield is a huge man, a wheel-clamper and former hight-club bouncer who derived thrills from trailing young, female, blonde bus passengers in his car. In February 2003, 19-year-old student Marsha McDonnell was bludgeoned to death with three blows from a hammer-like instrument, after getting off a bus a few hundred yards away. Then one night in August 2004 22-year-old student Ameli Delagrange had a few drinks in a Twickenham pub and took the bus home. She got off at the wrong stop and Bellfield attacked her as hse walked across Twickenham Green. Although the murders finally landed Bellfield in court, they are thought to be the tip of a very large iceberg, and there were other young women who survived Bellfield's attacks. In fact, Bellfield’s criminal career started at the age of 13, and one of his ex-wives believes he has attacked at least a hundred women.. She said that Bellfield had constantly battered and raped her during their marriage but she had been too terrified to tell the police. It is now believed that Bellfield may have been responsible for the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler who disappeared near Walton-on-Thames on 21 March 2002 and hasn't been seen since.

Steve Wright
In the space of six weeks towards the end of 2006 five women who were prostitutes were strangled in Ipswich. Steve Wright admitted to the police that he had known all five women but the fact that they had also been murder victims was just a coincidence. Yet the forensic evidence against Wright was impressive, and fibres on the victims’ bodies was impressive. Traces of his DNA was found on three of the victims, and fibres on the bodies matched those found on Wright’s clothing and in his house and car. Like Bellfield, Wright practised his murder techniques on one of his ex-wives, and on more than one occasion neighbours had to rescue her from his grasp. Wright was not given a minimum term in prison; he will never be released.


COLIN NORRIS: 12th February 1976; Glasgow (55N53 4W15); 7:14pm (19:14) GMT. Caroline Gerrard quotes birth certificate.

LEVI BELLFIELD: 17th may 1968; Isleworth (51N28 0W20); time not known, Crimewatch Special programme BBC1 12 March 23008

STEVE WRIGHT: 24th April 1958; Erpingham, Norfolk (52N52 1E14); time not known. True Detective Summer Special (Forum Press, 2008) p.14