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The Astrologer's Newsletter - March/April 2008

Sophia Centre News

by Nick Campion

The Third Post Graduate Conference


The Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution
Plans are underway for the third Sophia Centre graduate conference on 12-13 July 2008. Although hosted by the University of Wales (in Lampeter) the venue, as in previous years, is in the elegant surroundings of the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution, 16-19 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN.

Speakers, titles and abstracts to date include:

  • Crystal Addey : Oracles, Ritual and Astrology in Porphyry's Philosophy from Oracles
  • Liz Greene : How the Kabbalah came to Britain: the Hebrew roots of the Victorian occult revival
  • Darrelyn Gunzburg : A Civic Palimpsest: The fresco paintings of the first floor Salone of the Palazzo della Ragione, Padua, Italy
  • Rob Hand : The Uses of Medieval Astrology
  • Peter Kebbell : Druidry before Stukeley: early 18th century views of the ancient priesthood
  • Garry Phillipson : Defining the Divinity in Divination
  • Ian Davis : Dane Rudhyar - Seed Man for a New Era?
  • Jennifer Fleming : Entering the Matrix: A Contemporary Cosmological Journey
  • James Frazier : Jung and Synchronicity
  • Maurice McCann : Was Alan Leo's Reform of Astrology a Symptom of the Birth of Modernism?
  • Chris Mitchell : The Development of the Zodiac.

The cost is £25 to attend one day or £35 to attend both days (including a vegetarian buffet lunch and refreshments). A booking form is downloadable from, as is information about the programme and places to stay in Bath. All inquiries should be sent to Nick Campion,

MA teaching is now underway, with twelve students signed up. The next intake will be Autumn 2008 and applications should be submitted by July. Details are on-line at