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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2007

The Suzi Harvey Library

Astrologer Suzi Harvey has very generously donated a large number of books to the astrological community locally. Currently these books are all in Bristol - not all of them have been catalogued yet, but we’re well underway. At some point, some of these books are likely to be housed in Cheltenham, and Arcturus Rising (in Bristol) and Aquarius Severn (in Cheltenham) will liaise to come up with a convenient way of lending them out.


As a provisional measure, the system for borrowing books will work as follows:

1. You must join the library. This entails completing a short form with your name, address and telephone number.

2. To borrow a book, you will need to provide a refundable deposit of £10 per book. This can be cash, but ideally would be a cheque guaranteed with a cheque card. This cheque will not normally be cashed; it will only be cashed if you do not return the books after four months and we are unable to contact you to resolve the matter.

3. You can borrow up to three books free of charge for a month. Overdue books are charged at the rate of £1 per book per month.

4. There is no central collection or return point currently; to borrow a book you must reserve it by phone or e-mail, and collect it either from Chris Mitchell in Bristol by prior arrangement, or at a specified Arcturus Rising meeting. We are hoping to extend this to Aquarius Severn meetings and Bristol School of Astrology classes in the near future. Returning the book is also by prior arrangement from Chris Mitchell, or may be returned at any Arcturus Rising meeting. The books are therefore at present only available to those within reach of Bristol.


Our library catalogue is online at - browse through this to decide which books you would like to reserve. Or you can contact Chris Mitchell (below) for a printed list.

To reserve a book, contact Chris Mitchell at