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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2007

World News

by Jenni Harte

This issue of Transit marks the beginning of the end of Pluto in Sag. Summing up years of fundamentalist rhetoric, clashing belief systems in everything from banking to religion, and the smug righteousness of those who think theirs is the only way. We're still learning, sometimes because we have no other choice. Jupiter will enter Capricorn mid December just after meeting Pluto in Sag and Pluto follows in late January. Traditions all around the world will be inspected, found wanting and vigorously challenged. While we're learning what comes next, events will overtake our expectations. It's a whole new world, get ready.

Al Gore and UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change team win Nobel Peace Prize for contribution to international recognition of global warming. 'They' may have stolen the US election from him but even Al Gore's enemies now admit he's done a rather good job of bringing climate change to the top of the international agenda. On 12 October with transiting Pluto on his Jupiter in Sag in the 5th house and transiting Uranus on his Mercury, Gore and members of the UN team, were awarded the top peace prize. Gore said he will donate his share of the $1.5 million prize to the Alliance for Climate Protection but he would not answer questions about running for the presidency.

Al Gore: 13 March 1948, 12:53 EST (+5), Washington DC, 38 N 54, 77 W 02. Asc 4 Leo.

King Juan Carlos of Spain
Spain: Weary of Juan Carlos? A Mars return hits the monarchy and the people of Spain show signs of hostility towards the crown. How quickly they forget Franco and that Juan Carlos enabled democracy immediately on his assumption of power. Although the people of Spain love Juan Carlos, clashes with separatists in Catalonia and the Basque region are re-igniting, they wonder what the monarchy is for. In fact, even those who declare themselves juancarlistos, the question keeps popping up. And there's transiting Neptune squaring Spain's Nodes at top and bottom of its chart, plus transiting Pluto and Mars hitting natal Mars at 0 Cancer 49, that's a lot of pressure. In the King's chart transiting Pluto is working it's way towards his Mercury at 1 Capricorn (hmm) as transiting Mars opposes his Venus and conjoins his Chiron 3 times by February. Transiting Jupiter may be the redeemer, it reaches his Venus before the end of 2007, perhaps the people will remember how fond of him they are.

Spain (Juan Carlos): 22 November 1975, 12.45 CET (-1), Madrid, 40 N 24, 03 W 41. Asc 4 Aquarius.

King Juan Carlos: 5 January 1938, time unknown, Rome, Italy, 41 N 54, 12 E 29.

Congo experiences the worst epidemic of rape in the world as civilians are at the mercy of heavily armed groups who's survival is based on raiding villages and kidnapping women for ransom. The Rastas, a ragtag group said to be the remnants of Rwanda's militant Hutus who fled their country in 1994 after committing unspeakable acts against the Tutsi's, are described in one report as ‘specialising in freelance cruelty.' A Canadian consultant working with aid groups said, 'Sexual violence in Congo reaches a level never reached anywhere else. It is even worse than in Rwanda during the genocide.' A tight conjunction between natal Pluto and Venus at 6-7 Virgo, squares natal Mars at 8 Gemini. Transiting Saturn, Venus and the North Node are all sitting on these points as I write (mid October). The justice system and military of Congo are said to be barely functioning, transiting Pluto astride natal Jupiter and this while Solar Arc Neptune is still more than a degree away from natal Jupiter. The dissolution of governance continues.

Congo: 15 August 1960, 0.00 (CET -1), Brazzaville, 04 S 16, 15 E 17, Asc 25 Taurus.

Burma: Peaceful demonstrations against high fuel costs escalated into countrywide pro-democracy demonstrations against the government. For weeks, the marchers, including a huge number of Buddhist monks, were allowed to protest without interference, with the web at the centre of information. Then, on 26 September government responded with brutality . Monasteries were ransacked, thousands of monks and nuns were taken away and demonstrators were shot on the streets of Rangoon. What a disappointment for those who hoped Burma was ready to have a go at democracy. Sadly, government let the online revolt roll on just long enough to collect data on the demonstrators and their websites, then pulled the plug, shut down the internet and began the violence. It's reported that most monks were released by mid-October but many people are still missing, assumed dead. The transiting South Node was conjunct Burma's Mars, transiting Venus conjunct natal Saturn, (exactly) and Burma was in the midst of a Jupiter return and it began so peacefully. All this occurred shortly after transiting Mars opposing transiting Pluto picked up Burma’s Uranus in the 7th and transiting Uranus sitting on the IC square natal Jupiter, in the end volatility ruled. Meanwhile, Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s democratically elected leader and the symbol of Burma’s peaceful struggle for democracy, continues to live under house arrest, her release, after 18 years still denied by the authorities.

Burma: 4 Jan 1948, 04:20 NST (-6.30), Rangoon, 16 N 47, 96 E 10, Asc 10 Sag 41.

Aung San Suu Kyi: 19 June 1945, Rangoon, time unknown.

China is in a period of fantastic growth and it's economy is roaring ahead but that may not be such a good thing. Although the rapid development of new cities promises future wealth, there's a problem the Chinese have address or it will all be for nothing...China is running out of water, fast. Most of China's water is in the South and in order for it's expansion to continue at the current pace, they'll have to bring water to the North. But they're polluting what water they have and damming up rivers that have provided water for the people and irrigation for millennia with associated problems, that Chinese government typically ignore. Transiting Neptune currently forms a T-square in Communist China's chart, opposing natal Pluto and square Venus in Scorpio in the 10th. Uncharacteristically, there's no way to hide this situation.

Communist China: 1 October 1949, 15:15 CCT (-8), Peking, 39 N 55, 116 E 25, Asc 6 Aquarius.

Latin American Dictators are beginning to realise that their easy days of retirement in political asylum could be coming to an end. Exiled leaders around the world but especially in Latin America, are on notice following the extradition of several former heads of state, including Alberto K Fujimori sent back to Peru from Chile, to face charges of corruption or human rights violations. Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti and Venezuela are discussing methods to force former leaders out of exile, perhaps focused by the September eclipse which fell over South America with the Sun and Moon in exacting Virgo along with Saturn, opposed by Uranus in Pisces, these dictators are not victims but Pluto in Capricorn may produce mixed results when judgement time arrives.

Polish flag flies over British shop
Polish Immigrants Flee Violent Britain That was a headline on page 17 in the Observer 7 October and it's true, many young Polish women in particular have been violently killed in the last couple of years. The first few years after they joined the EU in 2004, Polish plumbers and builders were highly sought after, good workers and cheap they quickly found an eager market for their skills. The UK Neptune is exactly conjunct Poland's Asc (looked like an ideal place) and Poland's Neptune is conjunct the UK Sun. Poland's Sun is opposite UK Pluto and Poland's Pluto is opposite the UK Mars. Great if you're looking for a hardworking plumber. Not so great if you're on the nasty end of these and numerous other telling contacts. 16,000 people from European states, including Poland, left the UK in 2006 after living here for more than a year, the previous year only 3000 went home. But according to records, Poles are also responsible for 10% of crimes carried out by foreign nationals in London. The immigration boom from Poland is nearly over.

Poland: 24 August 1989, 13:05 CED (-2), Warsaw, 52 N 15, 21 E 00. Asc, 19 Scorpio.

BBC mug
Britain's mighty BBC is going thru a massive transformation as the behemoth of broadcasting is being cut down to size from within and without the organisation. Could that be Pluto at work, sounds like it but transiting Mercury S/Rx in the 2nd house opposite the Beeb's Mars was involved too. License fees are stuck (as far as the Beeb's concerned), budget cuts of £100 million are planned, public service programmes are threatened, thousands of jobs are being axed and directors fear for their positions. The final straw seems to have been the TV show where dicey editing appears to show the Queen in a strop leaving a photosession, not the case it turns out and with other scandals including fake phone-ins, heads are rolling. This is a period of meltdown for the Beeb. With almost identical angles (and Sun) to the UK, the BBC represents not only the nation but the nation in the world. Again, transiting Pluto moving into Capricorn will constantly activate this transformation. And that Rx Mars, hovering over the BBC's North Node on the MC and opposite the BBC's Sun, things will be a lot more heated through March 2008. It's change or die time.

BBC: 1 January 1927, 0.00, GMT, London. Asc 7 Libra.

What a Waste! In the 1980's when personal computers first became available to the public (yes, there was a time when PCs didn't exist), it was widely predicted that their introduction would signal the beginning of the 'paperless office'. Hmm. At the time I was working in the computer software industry and I laughed out loud at the suggestion. Instead, I said, we'd have twice as much paper, the original version and the print-out. Some 25 years later, on 15 October as transiting Jupiter hit the UK Mercury in the 3rd, it was widely reported that UK workers print an 8 mile high stack of paper every year. There was more about wasteful practices in offices but this headline made me laugh, not about the waste, mind, just the ridiculous idea that we'd ever give up our hard copies - 'they' could pull the plug, you know. But please recycle, waste is no joke.

UK Housing Market Slows The business of real estate has been hit by 5 interest rate rises since August 2006, (Jupiter in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo) tightening of credit and the introduction of Home Information Packs (HIPS), all of which have dented consumer confidence. No wonder, with house price to income ratios at record highs, affordability is the bottom line. The UK's Moon at 20 Cancer trine Neptune in the 2nd house is unreliable and emotional but it's also the focal point of a Yod, quincunx both Mercury in Sag and Venus in Aquarius, housing issues may be the most popular topic of conversation for the past 2 decades and is the great gamble anyone (theoretically) can play. Mars in Cancer transits UK MC 3 times between October 2007 and late March 2008, house-builders, angry homeowners, hard-working property developers, fearful buy-to-let speculators and other Mars/Cancer acronyms will make news early in the New Year when Mars returns to Gemini for a few months. Non-dom taxes, the increased death duty limits and more will repeatedly make headlines but Christmas may bring difficult news when the Full Moon at 2 Cancer runs into Rx Mars trine UK Pluto in Pisces.

The Paris-based Rugby match between enemies England and France ended with a victory for England, secured by the spectacular Jonny Wilkinson. As Mars hovers over the UK's MC, they might even make it to the World Cup final. Wilkinson has interesting contacts to the UK chart, his Uranus exactly conjoins UK Neptune at 19 Scorpio, his Neptune is very near UK Mercury in Sag and he, like the UK, has Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in early Leo. He's a real talent and a total star and with transiting Uranus conjunct his South Node, he's doing a job he really understands and brings surprise and delight to his fans.

Jonny Wilkinson: 25 May 1979, Frimley, England, 51 N 47, 00 W 45, time unknown. Go Jonny.


Out With the Old (the Beginning of Things to Come)

UK Politics: The Liberal Democrats are looking for a new leader as of 15 October and will probably have found one by the time this is published. Ming Campbell resigned as transiting Sun hit the Lib Dem Moon, transiting Neptune was conjunct LD Mercury (to the minute!) and transiting Mars opposed Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Neptune all in early Capricorn…and that stellium begins at 1 Capricorn so when Pluto arrives we'll be seeing some dramatic activity in that party next year and beyond. Ming is apparently too old, didn't seem to be enjoying his job very much, didn't come off well in media and has been the continuous butt of ageist jokes since he assumed the helm. As the Tories storm ahead in public polls (which change almost daily) and Gordon Brown settles into his job as Prime Minister, the LD's are still looking for the more photogenic, media-savvy, dare I say, youthful leader they think they need. With transiting Uranus sitting on the LD Sun anything could happen, including the melt-down of the party. Jupiter enters Capricorn, first hitting LD Uranus followed by the Christmas Eve Full Moon opposing all those Capricorn planets.

Liberal Democrat Party: 7 March 1988, 0.00 GMT, Westminster, 51 N 30, 00 W 09. Asc 23 Scorpio.

Record Labels on Their Knees What do Prince, Radiohead, and Madonna have in common? They're all moving away from traditional recording industry companies. They're introducing their albums online, Prince gave them away free, Radiohead sells for whatever the listener wants to pay and even Madonna is dropping Warner Brothers and going with a promotion company, Live Nation. While record companies lose money (and are suing everyone in sight), artists are marketing direct to their audience. The times they are a'changin. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception, square Jupiter, opposing Saturn, it's been a lumpy ole year for the industry…artists are doin it for themselves. Oh yeah, all change.

Spiral Galaxy
The Galaxy Zoo project (transiting Neptune in Aquarius title or what?) organised by professional astronomers who asked the public to help map the night sky were 'stunned' when they received millions of hits in a few days and were consequently able to classify galaxies in the universe in months rather than years. Surprise…despite traditional (there's that word again) assumption amongst astronomers that galaxies would spin clockwise or counter-clockwise in equal numbers, the survey shows that most bodies, gas, dust, stars and planets prefer to rotate anticlockwise as viewed from Earth. To double-check data, the same images were shown to thousands of amateurs and found they were actually rather good at classifying millions of images, that 'random people' were as good as professional astronomers at identification. In the event, Dr Lintott from the Oxford University team says early results suggest "you will have to throw away the standard model of cosmology."